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10 Ways To Help Your Hair Grow Longer And Stronger

10 Ways To Help Your Hair Grow Longer And Stronger

10 Ways To Help Your Hair Grow Longer And Stronger

Growing longer, stronger hair is a major feat for many people. There can be a number of factors that can effect your hair growth, but there are also a ton of ways to get yourself the hair of your dreams. Follow these 10 ways to help your hair grow longer and stronger and you will have your fantasy mane in no time!

1. Up Your Protein

If you want to make your hair grow longer then you need to give it what it needs to do so. Your hair is,  essentially, dead protein. So, if you want to more of it, then you should start adding some more protein to your diet to work from the inside out. Add a protein shake, bar, or just make sure to get it from your regular meals to make sure that your hair has the material it needs to grow longer.

2. Wash Less Often

Growing hair needs your bodies natural oils to remain healthy, so you need to keep them around a little longer if you want to grow hair longer and stronger. The oils coat the hair and protect the hair follicles, so if you wash them off in the shower everyday, the ends of your hair will end up splitting faster. Instead, wash your hair every other day if you have straight hair, and only a few times a week for curly hair. And, on your non-wash days, brush the oils from your head to the ends of your hair to coat the entire strand of hair with the oils.


3. Use Coconut Oil

This natural elixir is magic in a bottle for those of you who want to your hair grow longer. Coconut oil is great for the hair and it smells great! Just spritz your dry hair with it and run your fingers through your hair to move it from scalp to tip. Your hair will feel healthier, grow longer, and it will give it a nice shine.

Those with curly or kinky hair need to make sure to do this often, not just on non-wash days! Your hair shape makes it difficult for the natural oils to get to the ends of the hair, so you need to hydrate the end of the strands to give it help for the hair to grow longer.


4. Sleep With a Braid or Bandanna

If you want long hair, then obviously, you want to keep what you already have. Well, sleeping with your hair down or in a ponytail (never!) will pull out strands every time you toss and turn. Putting your hair in a loose braid will keep that from happening as often and is a great hairstyle for after your coconut oil routine because it will allow it to soak in all night. A bandanna will do the same, and if you have short hair it is the only option! Plus, if you have curly hair, you are prone to losing more hair because it can catch easily. So, make sure you are keeping what you already have on your head while trying to grow it out.

5. Trim Religiously

If you are trying to grow your hair longer, then you may feel like this is counter productive. Why cut off part of what I am trying to make grow? However, not trimming your ends regularly will allow for split ends to form. Once the hair splits, there is nothing you can do to fix it. The only way to avoid this is to cut them off before they move up the hair further. Schedule a trim for every six weeks or so to make sure this doesn’t happen. If you stay on top of this, the hair that grows in will be healthy and split ends free!


6. Don’t Dye

This may seem like an obvious no-no, but so many of us have gotten used to changing colors or keeping up with our favorite look. This will hurt your hair growth a lot, and if you want your hair to grow longer, you need to stay away from anything that will cause your hair to break. Hair dyes will not only cause breakage, but the upkeep will continue to do so. Do yourself a favor and wait until you have hit your hair goal before you reward yourself with a fresh dye job.

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7. Beat The Heat

To make your hair grow longer, you want to give it the best chance possible, and adding heat to the equation is hurting that possibility. Heating products like flat irons or curling irons will cause hair breakage on top of the natural breakage that can occur from everyday hair-styling. The heat will literally burn the ends until they break. So stay away from heat at all costs, and if you must use them, always keep a heat protecting product handy to help reduce the damage.

8. Keep Your Hands Off

Growing your hair longer is a long process, so this might be a difficult feat. But the more you touch your hair, the more it will mess with it. If your hands are dirty, then it can dull the shine. Or if you touch something with any type of chemical, like a face wash or toner, it can change the color of the hair. Which, as you know, is something to stay away from! So, leave your hair alone and let it do it’s thing.

9. Take Supplements

There are a ton of different products that will guarantee to help your hair grown longer and stronger, but all you really need is biotin. This supplement is basically just like a vitamin but it helps with hair and nail growth, and it is also good for your skin. Invest in a bottle of biotin pills and take as directed to give your body an extra boost!


10. Be Patient

The truth is: there is no magic solution to making hair grow a foot in a year. It takes time, but if you get impatient and end up going back into old habits of heat styling and washing your hair everyday, then you will be your own downfall. Remember, you are in this for the long haul, and know that the small victories mean something. It will take months to really see progress, and during the awkward in between stages you may be tempted to chop off some length. But learn to get passed those stages, and know that you are doing everything right. Read books, catch up on all your favorite Netflix series, and keep yourself busy and the time will fly by.

Growing your hair longer can be tough because it is such a long process, but if you follow these ten tips, then you will give your hair the best chances of reaching your goal. Get the long hair you want by helping your hair to grow longer and stronger. Which tip works the best for you, let me know in the comments!