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10 Ways To Have The Perfect Stay-cation

10 Ways To Have The Perfect Stay-cation

10 Ways To Have The Perfect Stay-cation

We can’t always travel to the exotic destinations of our dreams, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take some time off and explore the place we live and take a stay-cation. But how do you take the perfect stay-cation? It’s quite simple actually, especially since I’ve gathered 10 of the best ways to do it.

1. Stay In and Relax

If you don’t want to actually go anywhere, just stay in and relax! You can have a little spa night, read, tidy your space, or just chill on the couch and binge Netflix and/or youtube.

2. Take a Tour of Your City or Something in Your City

Be a tourist in your own city! Take a tour of your city to get to know the history and the architecture, you might be surprised by what you learn. If you don’t want to tour the city, take a tour of something in your city. Where I live there are tons of breweries to tour, or you can visit a museum and check out the exhibits.

10 Ways To Have The Perfect Stay-cation

3. Go for a Hike and Explore the Nature Around You

Getting outside can do wonders for your mental health, and we don’t always get to fully enjoy all of the nature our cities have to offer – especially in bigger cities. If there’s not a lot of nature around you, go for a walk in the city and actually look at the buildings and maybe do a little people watching!

10 Ways To Have The Perfect Stay-cation

4. Host a Home Movie Night – and Do it Up Big

Pull out all of your blankets and pillows, grab all the snacks you love and enjoy the night! You can do this solo, with your SO, or some friends. Make it a theme where you only watch comedies, or you put the names of movies in a hat and draw to figure out what you’re watching.

5. Stay at a Hotel in Your City Just to Get Out of Your Home

If you really need a change of scenery you can stay at a hotel nearby. This way you don’t have to pay to travel to a destination but you still get the feel of a vacation by packing and getting out of your place for a few days!

10 Ways To Have The Perfect Stay-cation

6. Host a Game Night and Invite Over All of Your Closest Friends

If you like board games, video games, or card games, you’ll love this. Invite people over and play whatever games you want! I love game nights, especially when there are great people and snacks involved.

7. If You Live in a Place Where you Can Get to a Body of Water, Make a Beach Day

There’s something peaceful about sitting on the beach and listening to the waves crash – so if you’ve been stressed, I highly suggest a beach day!

10 Ways To Have The Perfect Stay-cation

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8. Keep it Low-Key and Disconnect for a While

Keep it simple and unplug. Have a little social media vacation on your stay-cation. It’ll be good for you!

9. Use Your Time to Indulge in One of Your Passions

Read, write, paint, draw, play music, dance, whatever it is you love to do. You don’t always have time for your hobbies, so use your stay-cation to catch up on what you love!

10. Try Out Restaurants Around Town That You Haven’t Tried Before

This one is super easy and fun. You can make it a date night with your SO, a girls night, or a full group event. Good friends + good food = great memories!

10 Ways To Have The Perfect Stay-cation

These are just some of the ways you can have the perfect stay-cation, but I want to know what your perfect stay-cation looks like! Let me know in the comments below.

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