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10 Ways To Have The Best Dorm Room On Campus

10 Ways To Have The Best Dorm Room On Campus

Looking for ideas on how to decorate your college dorm room for school this upcoming school year? Well we came up with 10 ways to have the best dorm room on campus. Keep reading the article to find our what they are.

1. Hang Up a Tapestry

Tapestry’s have become almost like every girl’s dorm room essential. You can find one in almost any girls dorm room. Tapestry’s alone can add so much to a room because of it patterns and colors. There are so many different types and sizes to choice from. You are bound to find one that will fit your style and most importantly, your rooms aesthetic. I would recommend buying these online where you’ll have the most options and choices to choose from. You can buy these at retail websites such as Urban Outfitters and Target. You can also get them from a vendor through websites such as Amazon or Etsy (they’ll be a bit cheaper here). Once you get your tapestry you can either hang it on your wall or drape them from your ceiling. I’ve also seen people connect multiple different tapestry’s with different patterns and draping them from your ceiling. That will be perfect for someone who is trying to a achieve a bohemian type of aesthetic.

10 Ways To Have The Best Dorm Room On Campus

2. Hang Up Pictures

Not only do physical photographs allow you to feel like you have a little piece of home with you, it also looks super cool in your dorm room. This is a very cheap yet great way to decorate your room. It only takes a few cents per picture to develop photos. Depending on how many get you’ll find yourself only spending $10 and under to potentially decorate your entire wall. You can develop pictures straight from your phone or a camera if you have one. Walmart is one place that provides this service but you can also look up places near you if you don’t have a Walmart close by. Photo’s are typically developed instantly, so the process is super quick. Once you have them you can decorate them on your wall in a cool shape such as  a heart or you can simply line them up in a row.

10 Ways To Have The Best Dorm Room On Campus

3. String Lights

These come in so many different colors and sizes that will be perfect for your dorm room. Some of the different types of string lights include Christmas lights, fairy lights, and colored lights. These are very easy to find and can be found at nearly any store. One way you can hang up your string lights is along the walls around your room. This works perfect for when you need some light but necessarily want the brightness of your traditional ceiling light. It will instantly create a great and comfortable vibe. Another way you can hang up your string lights is wrapping them around the framing of your bed. This looks super cool because it will adds a nice touch to your bed and overall room. This also works as a night light if your don’t like sleeping in complete darkness.

4. Plants

Plants add such a peaceful and calming vibe that will look great in a dorm room. The more plants you have the better! I personally just like the look of a room filled with plants. However, keeping up with real plants can be a lot of maintenance. If you don’t have experience keeping up with plants (especially that many) this may become a little tedious. To top it off, dorm rooms don’t always necessarily provide the best lighting either to keep plants. To solve that issue, you can always buy fake plants. Succulent plants are especially in right now and there are plenty of options (real and fake to buy). I would recommend checking Amazon for some cheap fake plants.

10 Ways To Have The Best Dorm Room On Campus

5. Posters

The kind of posters you have hanging up in your dorm room will say a lot about you. posters reflect your personality and the kinds of things you take interest in. Make sure to hang up posters that feel personal to you and if you have a whole lot of them, don’t be afraid to hang a whole bunch of posters up. If you are going to have a lot of posters in your room, would recommend playing around with different color schemes and sizes to achieve the best look! I also recommend Google searching your favorite movie or artist posters online to save the most money on them.

10 Ways To Have The Best Dorm Room On Campus

6.Fuzzy Rug

College dorm rooms are naturally pretty plain and lack liveliness. To get some of the life back and make your dorm room feel a bit more homey, I would really recommend getting a fuzzy rug. They add such a great addition to any room and come in many different colors. Regular living room rugs are too expensive and most likely won’t even fit your dorm room. However small fuzzy rugs are a trademark of back to school shopping for college student. You can find these at stores such as Walmart and Target.

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7. Lava Lamp

Oddly enough, this funky old school decor is coming back in style. Lava lamps are a cool addition to potentially add to your college dorm room this year because it is something that not everyone has. You can keep it on your desk and leave it on at night a night lamp. Lava lamps most certainly fit the hippie aesthetic dorm room, so if that is the look you are going for, I would really recommend investing in one.

10 Ways To Have The Best Dorm Room On Campus

8. Mini Whiteboard

 I don’t know about you but something about mini dry erase white boards scream back to school for me. They have dry erase calendar boards if you want an easy way to stay organized throughout the school year and they also have the plain whiteboards. The plain whiteboards are also great for planning but it also can be a fun addition to your room where your friends can sign and leave you little notes when they come to visit you.

9. Patterned/Colorful Pillows

College dorm room beds have a reputation for being uncomfortable. However you can make your bed a bit more comfortable by investing in a couple cute and comfy pillows. Feel free to mix different patterns and colors up. You can even match your pillows to some of the colors your tapestry.

10 Ways To Have The Best Dorm Room On Campus

10. Wall Mirror

This is more of an essential more than anything else but it is definitely a must-have in any college dorm room! It will also be easier for you so you wont have to share that mirror and the bathroom. the mirror will also be great for taking selfies with your friends when they come by

So here are 10 ways to have the best dorm room on campus. Are you planning on taking any of these tips? comment down below!

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