8 Ways To Have Healthier Skin If It Starts Acting Up

Some people make skin care look like a breeze or are just born with perfect skin. Getting healthier skin is honestly difficult though, especially when you have such a busy schedule and can’t find time to fit in a care routine. Here are 8 quick and easy things you can do to take care of your skin.

1. Hydration Is Most Important

Everyone knows drinking H20 is important but sometimes people don’t realize how important it is for healthier skin. Drinking water will keep your skin on both your face and body hydrated making it less irritated and dry. Get a big water bottle to have with you at all times so you don’t forget or make up excuses that the water fountain is too far.

8 Ways To Have Healthier Skin If It Starts Acting Up

2. Remove Your Makeup Before Bed

Yes, we all want to go straight to bed after a long night of partying or whatever but no matter what, try and fit in at least 10 minutes to remove the makeup you wore. You can take the time and wash your face with cleanser and what not but if you feel like you’re about to collapse into bed, invest in some makeup removal wipes which makes removing makeup so much easier and quicker. When you sleep with makeup on, you’re putting the oil and dirt from the makeup onto your pillow and pushing it more into your pores. Remove your makeup and your healthier skin will thank you.

3. What You Eat Matters

Just like hydration, it’s obvious that eating is important but depending on what you eat can get you healthier skin. Try and go on a month cleanse and don’t eat processed and oily foods. Oily foods are the worst because not only are you putting the oil onto your fingertips and then touching your face, but the oil is also going inside your body which will affect your skin. Add in some healthy fats that can be found in vegetables and natural sugar from fruits. Some foods to try adding into your diet include avocado, oranges, and dates.

8 Ways To Have Healthier Skin If It Starts Acting Up

4. The Sun Can Be A Danger

During the summer the sun is so nice and sometimes we are too much in a rush to put on sunscreen but if you want healthier skin, you have to make time to do that. If you don’t use sunscreen your skin will burn, be red, get extremely dry, and can even get you sick. Put a small bottle of sunscreen in your backpack or purse so you have it wherever you go and can quickly apply it and save your skin.

5. Invest In Some Quality Products

There are a lot of products out there for healthier skin. You can either find a way to not use them or you can just go buy some. I suggest doing some research into the product you are getting and go for one that’s a higher price which means better quality. Beauty gurus are always suggesting products they use and some of them aren’t even that bad of a price. Also, some products aren’t meant for certain skin types so make sure you research that or talk to the beautician at the shop.

6. Another Reason Why Sleeping Is Good

Your body needs rest and when you’re fully rested then you are on your way to healthier skin. You know those eye bags under your eyes, it most likely is from not getting enough sleep. Yes, in college it can be hard to get a full night’s sleep but it’s important to really try.

8 Ways To Have Healthier Skin If It Starts Acting Up

7. Think About the Materials That Touch Your Skin

There are some materials that can be bad for your skin. If you wear rough clothing that itches your skin, it’s probably your skin telling you that it doesn’t feel good and you should switch the material. The best material to try is satin, especially on your pillows as it doesn’t absorb the oils on your face and have you sleeping on a nice clean pillow each time.

8. Clean What Touches Your Skin

This is very important for healthier skin because if you don’t clean what you use on your face, like your makeup brushes, you’re just getting makeup and dirt on your face. Things that should be cleaned if you want to stop getting so much dirt on your face are your brushes, your pillows and blanket, and especially your hands.

These tips are quick and easy and can fit into anyone’s schedule. You can do all of them or just one. Just remember that to get healthier skin, you need to be patient. If you have any skin product recommendations, comment them below.

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