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17 Ways To Have A Safe Labor Day Party

17 Ways To Have A Safe Labor Day Party


One of the best ways to make sure you are safe this Labor day is to make sure that you are as far removed from people as possible, and that’s just a fact. So instead of going out, try having your Labor Day party virtually. Not only will this minimize the spread of COVID-19, which is intentionally deadly and debilitating no matter your age, but it will also keep the people around you safe. 

Make Sure To Stay Away From People 

Another important aspect of Labor Day celebrations this year that everyone should be keeping in mind is that, while it might seem hard to isolate away from the ones we care about it, it will do much more harm than good to see them right now. If you are the one who passes COVID-19 to your grandmother and she dies, or your little cousin Timmy who’s going through cancer treatment and he dies, that will make for one hell of an awkward family reunion next year. 

Do Not Invite Friends From Out Of State 

Not only is inviting people to travel from out of state a bad idea right now in general, but think about all the people that they will come in contact with on the ride up, who might have the virus, who will then pass all that onto you. 


Socially Distance 

Even if you absolutely have to see anyone for whatever reason right now, you should be doing it six feet apart and as carefully as possible. It might seem a bit awkward to have a conversation with the ones you’ve wanted to see for months now six feet away, but it’s absolutely a requirement. 

*17 Ways To Have A Safe Labor Day Party

Quarantine for Two Weeks 

Even if you want to see anyone, you’re going to have to quarantine yourself. Two weeks before you go to see anyone, then two weeks after. This will make sure that if you get it at all within that time frame, you aren’t passing it onto anyone else, and you are only harming yourself if you get sick from the spread. 


Bring Your Own Food and Drink

It’s near impossible to say who has been handling the food and drinks that you will be consuming when you’re at a party even when you’re socially distancing, so instead of worrying about it, just bring your own snacks, and that’ll be more than enough! Not only is it safer, but you’ll be saving the host a bit of money.

Wait Till it’s Safe

The fact of the matter is that it’s almost impossible right now to determine what exactly “safe” is. So when in doubt, wait it out. Sure, you could rush ahead and do it anyway, but we all know that’s just irresponsible at this point. No matter what sort of peer pressure you get from your friends and family, I can guarantee you that the party won’t be to literally die for. 

Have it Outside 

If you absolutely have to have a party or celebration of some kind, you must do it in a well-ventilated area that allows for enough space for everyone. So go outside. The weather is probably going to be nice enough where you can still do it and, if not, then raincheck it for another time. 


*17 Ways To Have A Safe Labor Day Party

Call Your Grandparents

As hard as these last few months and the months to come are right now, it’s probably way worse for those who don’t know how to use the virtual spaces we’ve created for ourselves. So take a moment out of your day and just say hi to your grandparents I can promise you it’ll make their day far brighter than you can imagine. 

Avoid Drinking

One of the worst things to do right now is to be careless in a public space, and drinking is absolutely no exception to that. Alcohol compromises your decision making to the point where you can be a danger to not only yourself but also others. And in a time where it’s upon all of us to be extra cautious and socially responsible this Labor Day getting drunk not only makes you look like an asshole but a drunken one at that. 


Leave the Fireworks to the Professionals 

I honestly’ don’t understand the appeal of having fireworks in your backyard, to begin with. They smell terrible, they are loud and disruptive, and they are particularly rude. Not to mention absolutely dangerous. So this Labor day, leave the explosions out of your celebrations. 

Learn the History Of Labor Day

 Very few people actually know why we have labor day, to begin with. So this year, instead of making yourself look like an idiot, actually learn a few things and research this history of how this day got to be here in the first place. The story of it is actually quite inspiring. 

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Celebrate With the People You Live with 

If having a party is something that you truly can’t possibly live without, then just having it with the people you live with. You can have a few beers together, have a nice dinner, and party together. There’s no need for the people closest to you not to be included in your celebrations. You’re going to live with them for quite some time in the future, so why not try to liven things up and boost everyone’s mood with a responsibly held party? 

*17 Ways To Have A Safe Labor Day Party

Get the Best Labor Day Sales Online

One of the main draws to Labor day is the sweet sales and discounts that you can get. But why do you have to step outside to get them? If you’re planning to splurge a little, instead of going to your favorite strip mall, try instead to support your local small businesses online. Black-owned and small local businesses are especially in need of a little cash flow, so put your money where it counts and support those who need it the most.  


Wash Your Hands 

I don’t know why this even needs to be said, but: wash your hands. Not only will cleaning your hands properly prevent the spread of disease, but it’s also just an essential part of personal hygiene, to begin with. Even if you’re not washing your hands, you’re probably pretty gross, and nobody wants to hang out with gross people. 

Wear a Mask

I do not care what sort of political or spiritual beliefs you have right now. And frankly, I probably never will. If you are not wearing a mask in your day to day life by this point, you are not only ignorant, but you’re also a dick. 

Don’t Have a Party

The fact of the matter right now is that parties shouldn’t be happening right now, no matter the occasion. It sucks, and it’s a terrible situation that we’ve been finding ourselves in, but you are not alone. Everyone is going through this right now, and that’s just the fact that we all have to suck up and deal with it. If you want to have a party, then prevent the spread of this lethal disease and hope you can have one in 2021.