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5 Ways To Give Your Room An Upgrade

5 Ways To Give Your Room An Upgrade

With the advent of COVID-19 this year and the quarantine that followed, we are spending more time in our houses than ever. Because of this, you would obviously want your bedroom to be the best it can be, so that this period of isolation can be comfortable and maybe, at times, enjoyable. Here are 5 ways to give your room an upgrade.

1. New bedspread and linens

A new bedspread is a sure-fire way to change the look of your room while also making your bed more comfortable. Something about sleeping on old linens that have been washed several times is a bit uncomfortable. Getting a new bedspread to not only change the look of your room but make your bed more comfortable is a no-brainer. Try to go for a neutral colored bedspread. That way, when you choose to redecorate your room, you don’t have to be constrained to match a patterned bedspread. My favorite is an all-white bed-set with a white comforter on top. This looks very put together and simple but can match with any room decoration. Also, you can bleach your sheets to keep them extra clean without ruining any color. Overall, getting a new bedspread and linens are a great way to upgrade your room, both from an appearance standpoint and a comfort standpoint.

5 Ways To Give Your Room An Upgrade

2. Decorate the walls

Filling your walls up with decoration sounds daunting and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Keeping your walls decorated is all about showcasing who you are and your vibe. The most cost-effective way of creating decorations is to make your own art. Yes, not everyone is an artist, but art isn’t difficult to make. Go pick up some watercolors from the grocery store, choose your color scheme, and create a series of watercolor abstracts that add character and color to your room. This is a satisfying yet effective way of creating decoration for your room because you are in complete control. Another option that is more expensive and requires a large commitment is to repaint your wall color. If you hate boring white walls, this is the option for you. Choose a color that you love that matches the vibe you are going for and paint your walls. You can also turn one of your walls into an art wall, where you fill up with art that you paint. This is another cheap but effective way of decorating your room. Overall, filling your walls with decoration is a great way to upgrade your room and create a new look.

5 Ways To Give Your Room An Upgrade

3. Add some tech

Adding some tech to your room is a great upgrade to your space and makes it easier to control. These can get kind of expensive, but investing in a few of these items will give you room a smart-home feel. Firstly, you can purchase Bluetooth outlets that connect to your phone. This will allow you to plug certain things into them, like a lamp, and then be able to control it from your phone. You can also purchase Bluetooth light bulbs that can be controlled from your phone. This will allow you to adjust the brightness, color, and on/off from an app. Some bulbs also come with built-in Bluetooth speakers that allow them to play music. It basically gives you a sound system in your room! A cheaper way to tech out your room is to buy the famous “Tik-Tok lights” off of Amazon. These are wireless remote controlled light strips that attach to the perimeter of your ceiling. This is a great way to give your room some color and change the vibe based on the color you choose. Overall, there are plenty of ways to tech out your room that extends far beyond this list. While expensive, this is a sure-fire way to give your room a great upgrade.

4. Create storage and organize

Creating storage in your room is easier than it sounds and is perhaps the most useful upgrade on this list. All over your room, there is unused space that can be used for storage and organization. This most notable is under your bed. Now, if you’re like me, you probably stuff things under your bed every now and then when you need to “clean up” quickly, but there is a much more efficient way to use this space. You can buy under-bed storage bins from Target that can be used to store clothes from the winter season and vice versa, store textbooks, or anything that you don’t frequently use but need to keep. This is going to be particularly useful for those who live in tight apartments and storage is scarce. By storing things under the bed rather than in the closet, you then have extra closet space that can be used to store things that won’t fit under the bed. Overall, there are plenty of ways to increase storage in your room and as a result, create a more organized environment. This upgrade to your room will give you extra space to store whatever you need.

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5. Create a zen feel

Having a room that you can come back to at the end of the day (or quarantine in) and experience peace and relaxation is imperative. Too many people have rooms that don’t feel like a home and I believe they are missing out on the benefits of a zen bedroom. All of the above tips play a part in giving your room a zen feel, but there are a few things that you should fill your room with to complete the transformation. Fairy lights are an extremely cheap way to give your room some soft light at night that can be used to showcase the decorations on your wall. They create a calming environment and allow your room to dimply lit at night as opposed to pitch black. Another great way to add a zen feel to your room is to fill your room with your favorite candles. The light from the flame and the scent they emit will instantly upgrade your room into a personalized oasis that is a safe-haven from the outside world. This is perhaps the most important upgrade, as it completes the idea of making your room a safe place for yourself. Of course, explore beyond just candles and fairy lights to make your room just right for you.

5 Ways To Give Your Room An Upgrade

Are you looking to create your dream room? Do these tips help? Let us know in the comments below!

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