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7 Ways To Give Your Dorm Room A Vintage Feel

The boring and basic nature of dorm rooms means that they can often feel like very sterile places. They lack any of the character that you might find in a normal home and making up for this through decoration is the priority of any student. So, if you’re looking for a way to make your dorm feel less plain, then why not inject it with some vintage vibes. Perfect for adding a homely feel, these decorations will help you to achieve the look.

1. Macramé wall hanging

Macramé weaving is an ancient craft which became very fashionable in the Victorian era. Today, it’s still in style, not only for it’s vintage look but also for the wanderlust that it evokes as the kind of object that one might have once picked up on travels across the globe. It’s also a great way to add texture to your walls, covering up the plain and boring white paint.

If you’re into crafts, there are plenty of tutorials for DIY macramé hangings online, otherwise there are equally as many places where you can buy one.

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2. Circular mirror

Circular mirrors are surprisingly versatile when it comes to giving your dorm room vintage vibes. Paired with geometric prints and shades of orange it can create a funky, 1960s/1970s look and make your room feel fun and retro. If that’s not quite the kind of vintage you’re going for then paired with rich prints it can create a more classical style.

Mirrors are also just generally a good way to open up your room by making the space feel larger and brighter.

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3. Vintage posters

If you have a favourite era that you are trying to channel into your dorm room décor then finding the right vintage posters can be a great place to start. Ornithological and botanical sketches call back to an antique, Victorian era vintage, whereas travel posters can be found with art styles characteristic of every decade during the twentieth century.

Whether you choose to frame them or not, posters offer a great solution for covering boring walls and with picture hanging strips instead of blue tack, you can hang them in a way that will neither damage nor mark your walls. Perfect for move out day!

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4. Records and record players

For ‘born in the wrong generation’ music lovers, records and record players can be the ideal vintage decorations to celebrate your favourite artists of the twentieth century. Album covers are often artistic and make for a great alternative to posters, but, if you want something a little different, the records themselves serve as a quirky and unusual decoration. 

Record players too can offer a vintage vibe to the room especially when they come in a bright, retro colour. Displayed on your desk they offer both decoration and practical purpose.

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5. Retro suitcase

Retro style suitcases can be a practical storage solution for anyone who is also looking for a stylish finish. Whether you choose to use them as under-bed storage or even repurpose them into another form of furniture, you can’t help but admire their cute and quirky design.

Real vintage suitcases can be expensive online so, unless you can afford to splash out, it’s best to go for something that’s just retro inspired. Otherwise, buying an old and battered case at a cheaper price and fixing it up for fun can be a more cost effective solution.

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6. Decorative bird cages

Bird cages add a whimsical vintage feel to any room, even if you’re not actually planning on keeping any birds in them. By placing candles inside you can turn them into a great corner piece for a desk or shelf, you can use them to replace a lamp shade or even keep plants in them.

The cheapest bird cages can be found at craft stores, usually intended to be used for wedding decorations, but there’s no reason why you can’t buy these and turn them into something that will work for your dorm room.

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7. Vintage page hangings

Old book pages or music sheets make for a perfect vintage decoration and there are plenty of ways that you can use them. On their own, framing a page from a favourite old book can look good, or creating a collage from torn up pages will also work.

However, the best way to use them is for a wall hanging. Either DIYed or bought from Etsy, Vintage paper wall hangings are the perfect way to add character to your dorm room.

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Let us know your tips for bringing vintage vibes into your dorm room in the comments below!

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Emily Logan

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