Uninspired? 12 Ways To Get Your Inspiration Levels Up

Whether in quarantine or not, it can be easy to get lost in everyday routines and lose inspiration to work and complete life goals. While finding inspiration differs for every individual, these 12 activities can help get your motivation up. 

1. Participate in a Hobby You Have Never Tried

By participating in a hobby you have never tried, you may find that you have interests different from what you already know. Along with this, it is interesting to try out what your friends or others in your life like to do. Rather than sticking to a routine, change it up. Inspiration is everywhere, and you won’t find it if you do the same things over and over again every single day. 

2. Skillshare

Skillshare is a website in which users provide online classes for people for relatively inexpensive prices. The website even offers a trial in which you can take your first class for free. If there is something you have always wanted to learn, but never gotten around to trying out, or simply do not have time to take an in-person class, Skillshare is the perfect alternative solution. You can learn directly from your home and explore nearly any skill you want, as the website has thousands of users ready to teach others. By expanding your skills, you might find inspiration through these classes and the new activities you will have to partake in to learn.


3. Read an Inspirational Biography

While reading a book might sound boring and not that interesting, many biographies hold stories of inspiring people who affected positive change in the world, or who built their life up from the bottom to become respectable, talented individuals. Find an experienced person in your field of interest and research whether or not they have a biography. If they do, read it to motivate yourself in that line of work, and by the end, you will possibly be inspired to do more after recognizing your full potential. 

Uninspired? 12 Ways To Get Your Inspiration Levels Up

4. Talk to People you Admire

Talking to people with interesting life stories is an easy way to get inspired without having to put in much work. Simply find someone whose hard work and drive you find admirable, and then inquire about how they got to where they are today. 


5. Watch Ted Talks

While this might sound like a weird or boring way to get inspired, Ted Talks are actually the hub of inspiration and motivation. Ted Talk’s mission statement reads, “TED is a global community, welcoming people from every discipline and culture who seek a deeper understanding of the world. We believe passionately in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and, ultimately, the world.” This shows the purpose of each Ted Talk is meant to be inspiring to every individual no matter what you are doing in life, where you come from, or who you are. Many Ted Talks are also very interesting to watch and feature people who have completed unique life goals.

Uninspired? 12 Ways To Get Your Inspiration Levels Up

6. Change Your Environment

While this might be hard to do during quarantine, changing your environment is an easy way to get inspired even if it means simply rearranging your room. By switching up your surroundings you might find inspiration in redecorating or hanging out in your new space. 


7. Carry a “Random Thoughts” Notebook

Whenever you think of an idea or random thought that is interesting, make sure you write it down in a notebook. This will give you a place to always refer to any previous thoughts you had and get inspiration from old thoughts you might have left behind. Writing will help stimulate your brain to fully develop the ideas that you have. 

Uninspired? 12 Ways To Get Your Inspiration Levels Up

8. Watch a Documentary

If you are not interested in reading a book, then watching a documentary can be a good alternate source of inspiration. Documentaries provide not only intriguing information on a specific subject to the viewer, however, this type of film can also shine a light on important issues in modern-day society. By watching this style of movie, you might be inspired to take part in a cause you previously never heard about, or put more time into your individual goals like those on the screen before you had to do to enact real-life change.  

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Uninspired? 12 Ways To Get Your Inspiration Levels Up

9. Give Back

Often times people find themselves lacking inspiration because of their loss in human connection. Participating in service is a beneficial way for both you and your community in which you can boost your inspiration levels. Some ways to give back might include volunteering at your local soup kitchen, or making meals and passing them out to the homeless in your town. Whatever it may be, service is a way to find meaning in your actions, along with gaining inspiration from those who have little to nothing. 


10. Listen to Different Music

Music is a good way to stimulate the brain both intellectually, and inspirationally. Listening to music from a different culture, or genre can generate new ideas in your mind more easily. Specifically, the genre of lo-fi music is meant to relax the mind, and increase one’s ability to focus. Defined by Medium Magazine, “Lo-fi comes from the term “low fidelity”, which in its simplest terms is the opposite of Hi-Fi or “high fidelity”. It’s an aesthetic of music that captures the imperfections during recording and production, often with the sound being “low quality” compared to contemporary standards.” Try listening to this music style to find some direction and stability in your thoughts.

11. Take Some Time to Yourself

By spending some time alone, you are able to think through your emotions, thoughts, and passions to find what inspires you most as an individual. This is best done in a distraction-free area. For example, go for a walk every day outside, and take note of your observations and thoughts, or sit in your room and meditate for an hour uninterrupted.

12. Research 

This mechanism for sparking inspiration might sound boring, but it can actually be quite helpful. Take part in researching a topic that interests you, and learn absolutely everything there is to know about it. This will let you educate yourself about something you have been intrigued by, but never taken the time to study, while also hopefully igniting an inspirational flow of thought. 


What are your go-to ways to get inspired? Let us know in the comment section below!

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