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10 Ways To Get Your Ex Triggered

10 Ways To Get Your Ex Triggered

Get your ex triggered if they've wronged you badly enough. Plain and simple. Here's how to upset your former SO who's now a big "NO"!

Get your ex triggered if they treated you like crap. We know that when a relationship ends the mature thing to do is let go and let live. It’s not becoming of us at all to show face at a guy or girl you’re not with anymore; and it certainly doesn’t show that we’re doing better as a person. But have you ever been done in by someone so badly that you just wanted to make them hurt a little? Just a little harmless punch on the arm for being a jerk?

If you say no, you’re definitely lying and are in denial. Maybe you’ve been hurt but wanted to be the bigger person so you never acted on it. This is usually the best way to go about it, with good morale and universal ethics. But occasionally there’s that one broken-hearted passion struck ex-lover who decides they’re just gonna trip and let their Ex have it. Well, here’s 10 ways they might get their Ex triggered AF.

Hot New Toy All Over Social Media

Social Media is a powerful tool, and the scorned ex will probably use it best when trying to get back at her back stabber. A couple of shots (photos) with the new and improved boy toy (even if you have to photo shop that shit) and the trouble starts. It doesn’t stop there. You go as far as to post in the groups and feeds that you know all of his/her friends will be in. Get involved in everything just flaunting away. You’re probably weirding the new Toy out but it’s totally worth it when your ex is getting heat from all their friends about how great you’re doing. They’ll definitely get triggered.

10 Ways To Get Your Ex Triggered

Mutual Spaces Off Limits

A genius idea for an ex with a weak ego. If they run into you at every place they used to love, and you’re with that someone new every time, eventually they’ll be tired of seeing you. It could be too awkward for them or whatever. You’ll get your ex triggered to the point where they won’t go to any of those places anymore. Just be as loud laughing and boastful of happiness as you can possibly be. You’ll feel better too.

10 Ways To Get Your Ex Triggered

Sleeping With The Enemy

The hurting lover who really wants to get their Ex triggered will probably go as far as sleeping with their Ex’s closest friends. This is truly savage. But I guess if your relationship ended because he/she cheated on you…it doesn’t sound so harsh.

10 Ways To Get Your Ex Triggered

Breadcrumbing The Game Player

Some Exs dump you then try to keep in touch. They’ll hit you with the “I still love you” texts, or the “hey I was just thinking about you and wondering if you’re OK.” Teach them a lesson about playing with peoples emotions by playing the game yourself. Text them back occasionally, but keep it simple like “yeah, I know what you mean” or “OK. I’m glad you told me that.” They’ll think you’re up for grabs, but you’re not. Because you’ll never meet up with them or say you wanna get back together. You’ll be breadcrumbing their ass. They’ll totally get triggered by this!

10 Ways To Get Your Ex Triggered

Netflix And Chill But Not With You

Sharing an apartment with a horrific person who totally broke your heart is stressful. Don’t think this is crazy, it happens. You break up but he/she’s gotta find a place or save money, so they’re still living with you. Or maybe they’re just coming over to pick up their stuff on a particular day. If you want to get your ex triggered, then “just so happen to have” invited another guy over to Netflix🍿 and chill❄️ at that exact time. If they’re jealous enough this will definitely work!

10 Ways To Get Your Ex Triggered

Dirty Little Secrets

Yes this is a reference to the awesome song by All American Rejects. However, a person scorned will not keep dirty little secrets for you. If you want to get your ex triggered for being a jerk, you let the secrets come out with the tears…

10 Ways To Get Your Ex Triggered

Petty Destruction

Petty is indeed what you call the things you do, when you destroy their valued items. Maybe it’s a CD collection. Maybe you know a password to an account and you go on and delete all their files. Petty. But hey, if they hurt you enough it’s hard to be the bigger person.

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10 Ways To Get Your Ex Triggered

Turn Their New Mate Against Them

This one is really far-fetched but definitely an option, if you’re capable. Warning:  this type of triggering is ridiculous. Find out who their new fling is and try to get a pic with them and someone else looking intimate, then shoot it back to them. Uuuuu. Not going to be fun…for them.

10 Ways To Get Your Ex Triggered

Get Your Sh*! Together

One definite way to get your ex triggered after they break up with you is to show that you’re better off without them. Only this isn’t a game, you really are. If someone is dumb enough to leave you when you were good to them, they don’t deserve you. You were perfect. But incase you need to tweak it a bit, get a makeover, lose some weight, look awesome all the time, and post about how wonderful your life is ALL OVER social media. Because it is now that you’re not with them.

10 Ways To Get Your Ex Triggered


Plain and simple. Travel the world. Show your ex that they weren’t the last big thing in your life, and hit the road and make new memories. Enjoy yourself to the fullest and not only because you want to get your ex triggered but because you can get past whatever turmoil they left you with. You’ll probably meet someone awesome out there anyway!

10 Ways To Get Your Ex Triggered

Have you ever felt the need to get your ex triggered? Tell me your awesome trickery in the comments below and share the laughs!
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