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10 Ways To Get Rid Off Insomnia

10 Ways To Get Rid Off Insomnia

From time to time, we all struggle with some form of insomnia.  Whether it is stress-related or simply having too much energy, falling asleep can sometimes seem impossible.  If you find yourself tossing and turning restlessly at night- don’t panic! Instead, try these ten tactics to lessen your insomnia habits and help you fall asleep quicker. 

1. Turn Off All Electronics

The light that comes off of all forms of electronic screens (phones, computers, televisions, etc.) can be extremely harmful to one’s eyesight. Even more than that, it tricks your brain into entering a state of prime awakeness. It’s extremely easy to get caught in a web of social media scrolling, pointless YouTube videos, or messaging different friends. By turning off your phone, with the exception of a sleep aid app or setting the next day’s alarms, you will find it much easier to fall asleep. You should keep it away from you and restrain from using it for about an hour before you plan on going to bed. 

2. Have A Light Dinner

If you’ve ever experienced being so full after a meal that you are physically incapable of moving, you’ll understand where I’m coming from when I suggest you only eat light meals very late at night. Try setting a specific time to cut off any more meal consumption, or wait a while after your last meal to begin winding down and going to bed. The most unexpected of reasons can cause you to deal with insomnia. Additionally, pick warmer meals that you associate with sleep or comfort!


3. Try Drinking Some Warm Tea

Anyone who has ever met me knows that I’m the biggest advocate for tea out there! The warmth and comfort that come from your favorite flavor of tea leaves, all poured into your favorite mug, is one of the most satisfying feelings in the world. Try to avoid stronger and darker black teas late at night (basically- nothing caffeinated!), and instead opt for something like Cinnamon, Lavender, or Chamomile. Compliment it with your favorite little pastry or cookie, and you’ll be feeling relaxed and ready for rest in no time. 

4. Separate Some Time For Winding Down

You can incorporate a lot of these different suggestions into this bullet point, and formulate a specific sleep routine that’s catered to your needs and interests. Making sure both your body and brain recognize that it’s no longer time to be active and awake is extremely important. Set aside time every night to go through your sleep routine, slowly calming yourself down until you’re tired enough to get into bed. 

5. Read Before (Or In) Bed

Just as long as you don’t pick a title that’s too thrilling, or is filled with too many cliffhangers, reading before bed might be the sleep solution you’ve been searching for. Keep your book by your bedside table, along with some sort of night light or reading light. Make sure the light isn’t too harsh, but bright enough so that you’re not straining your eyes to see. Read until they start to droop. Since you’ll already be in bed, you can quickly put everything away, and get under the covers. 


6. Don’t Force Yourself To Sleep If You’re Not Tired

One of the most useful pieces of advice that I’ve ever received when it comes to sleeping, is to not stay in your bed unless you’re actually using it. Basically, if your activity isn’t related to sleep or sex, don’t stay in bed! Especially if you’re restless and struggling to fall asleep! Go for a walk, do another activity, write in a journal- whatever you like, really. Just don’t stay there. If you do, you’ll stop associating your bed with sleeping, and that will make it all the harder to get rid of insomnia. 

5. Take A Nighttime Bath Or Shower

As easily as a shower or bath can wake us up in the morning, it can also help us get to sleep quicker at night. Don’t rush through your shower, instead find calm and relaxation in taking your time with your favorite scented soap, a hair treatment, washing your face- the works! If you’ve got a bath, you can get even more relaxed, by indulging in a pretty bath bomb, bath salts, a face mask, calming music, and candles to lighten up your surroundings. Either direction you go in, be sure to wrap yourself in a fluffy towel and slather on that moisturizer!

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6. Do Something Relaxing- Meditate, Exercise, Breathing

As you’ve probably gathered at this point, the key to getting rid of insomnia and achieving a proper good night’s rest, above all else, is relaxation. There are many ways to go about this- and are all relative to your likes and dislikes. Through things like online resources and guides, you can find ways to meditate, follow a guided yoga exercise routine, or ways to better steady your breathing. Try out different methods until you land on one that motivates you to sleep the most. 

7. Try Sleep Motivating Apps

The relaxing things you choose to try out can come from things like sleep centered apps. All app purchasing sites on phones have a load of different applications to choose from. Some incorporate the sounds of nature to soothe you, calm ASMR style story narrations, breathing patterns, and many other things! Some of the best-rated sleep apps out there right now include Calm, Headspace, and Pillow. Try them out and see if they’re a fit for you! 

8. Establish A Cozy Sleep Setting 

Your bed- the thing that offers you rest, relaxation, and the ability to recharge, is almost sacred at this point. So make it as comfortable as possible! Make it yours! If you’re into pillows, pile them on as high as they can go. Put up some fairy lights or thicker drapes depending on how much light you prefer. Have pictures of your friends and family nearby, and make sure your duvet and sheets are the comfiest materials you can find. If you’re in love with everything that’s around you, you’ll feel cozier, and sleep sounder. 


Never again struggle with insomnia! Cut yourself some slack and try to ease into a solid and healthy sleep schedule. With any of these tips as a jumping-off point, you’ll be drooling into your pillow before you know it. Let us know in the comments below if any of these tips worked for you! 

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