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8 Ways To Get Rid Of That Funk

8 Ways To Get Rid Of That Funk

Every in one of those moods where you aren’t feeling yourself? You want to feel better but don’t know how to get out of it? This may happen if you’re feeling down, stressed, maybe experience FOMO. Here are 8 ways to get rid of that funk. Sometimes it is hard to get rid of that feeling, but these strategies are ways to help you get back to feeling you.

1. Dance Party

A dance party is always a great solution to feeling like yourself again. Put on your favourite music, some noise-canceling headphones, close your bedroom door and have a dance! Upbeat, fun music is better to have a dance party, but sometimes a sing-along of your favourite sad songs is always good.

2. Catching Up With Friends

Dependent on your funk, sometimes catching up with friends is the best way to get rid of that icky feeling. Friends always know how to bring you up and put a smile onto your face. It is in the ‘good friend’ job description to be by your side no matter what is going on in your life.


3. Talk

If you are one to bottle up emotions and feelings inside of you, sometimes the best option is to talk. Talk about your feelings with friends, family and even a professional. Bottle up thoughts is never a good thing, as at any moment you could crack. Talking is a great way to get rid of that funk.

4. Meditation

Meditation is a great way to empty your mind. Meditation makes you focus on your breathing and nothing else. You may choose to take 5 minutes out of your day, to an hour. Meditation allows you to take a moment out of your day to be by yourself and ‘release’ that funk from your system.


5. Exercise

Exercise is a great method to get rid of a funk. Metaphorically, any exercise allows you to shake away that feeling. Your thoughts are preoccupied in the music you are listening to, the nature surrounding you or the feeling of ‘You can do this!’. Exercise gives you the opportunity to take you away from those thoughts, and maybe forget about them.

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6. Take A Mental Escape

Sometimes if you’re in a funk, maybe you just need to give yourself a mental break, take a mental escape to a different world. To do take this break, you can watch television, watch a movie or read a book. This transports you to a different world from the reality you currently are in. Sometimes, you may need that.

7. Social Media Break

Studies have shown social media is a real problem in today’s age. Social media contributes to the feelings of depression in young individuals. Not going on your phone, or social media for a couple of days can contribute to getting rid of that funk. If you can’t do that, restrict yourself on your social media usage daily.

8. Sleep

Worst comes to worst, if you can’t shake that funk you can always sleep on it. Sleep gives you time to settle your feelings, resulting in a new, fresh perspective to start your day again. Sometimes, the trigger to your funk may be tiredness. So, you may just need a good rest or a good sleep.


A funk is sometimes the worst feeling to have and you just want to get rid of it. These ways are proven to help get rid of those feelings. Let us know whether you try any of these ways! Share with us whether you any of these ways work for you?

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