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5 Ways To Get Plumper Lips Without Lip Fillers

5 Ways To Get Plumper Lips Without Lip Fillers

5 Ways To Get Plumper Lips Without Lip Fillers

There are two things I’m really particular about when it comes to my beauty routine: my mascara and my lips! The former is easy to do (I use a great eyelash volumizer to get the job done), but the latter takes a bit of practice.

I love to plumper lips look but not to the point that I want lip fillers—something about this procedure just scares me. So, because I love fuller lips but don’t want to go through any sort of procedure, it was high time to look into ways I can get a plumper pucker by changing up my makeup routine. Did I have any luck? Definitely!

It just so turns out that there are a couple of changes you have to make to the way you apply your lipliner, lipstick, and concealer to get the job done. With these hacks, you can achieve plumper lips any time of day, for whichever occasion you’d like—no need to go to a clinic to get the job done!

Have I got you wondering what I’m talking about? If so, then you don’t have to wait to know any longer. Here are 5 natural ways to get plumper lips with getting fillers—yes, you’re moments away from the Kylie Jenner lips, I promise!

1. Use Concealer

The next time you’re doing your makeup, be a bit generous with your concealer and dab it all over your lips. Just take it a little bit over your lip line. This technique does two things: It will make sure the color of your lipstick is more true to what you see on the stick and it will also make your lips look like a larger canvas for you to work with.

5 Ways To Get Plumper Lips Without Lip Fillers

2. Exfoliate With A Toothbrush

A toothbrush isn’t just for your teeth. Take a spare brush and brush off all the flaky skin on and around your lips. You want to ensure that your lips aren’t flaky and dry before you start applying your favorite lippie. Exfoliating your lips will also help the rosy color shine through, giving you healthy-looking and plumper lips without much effort.

5 Ways To Get Plumper Lips Without Lip Fillers

3. Draw Over Your Lip Line

So, add this step into your routine in addition to the concealer trick!

Once you’ve put concealer over your lips, outline your pucker just above the lip line, using your preferred lipliner. Then, fill in using the lipstick of your choice. You’re deliberately making your lips larger with this technique, but no one’s complaining! Before lip fillers were a thing, let me tell you that a lot of celebrities used to take this route, included our beloved Kylie Jenner.

5 Ways To Get Plumper Lips Without Lip Fillers

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4. Conceal Your Mouth AFTER Applying Lipstick

Understand that concealer plays a big role in getting plumper lips. This is trick #3 using concealer: After you’re done lining your lips and using your preferred lipstick, go over the perimeter of your mouth with a thin brush dipped in your concealer. You will instantly notice the difference this technique makes—your lipstick will pop and automatically make your lips look plumper!

5 Ways To Get Plumper Lips Without Lip Fillers

5. Use A Highlighter On Your Upper Lip

No, not the entire lip! Once you’re done working with your lips, take your highlighter and dab a little bit of the glittery good stuff to the middle of your upper lip, right below your cupid’s bow (the space between your nose and upper lip). You will notice how quickly you’ll achieve that plump lip look with minimal effort.

5 Ways To Get Plumper Lips Without Lip Fillers

Have you tried any of these techniques? If so, which one worked best for you? If not, then which one seemed the most interested? Let us know when you try them out!

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