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5 Ways To Get Over Summer Withdrawals This Fall

5 Ways To Get Over Summer Withdrawals This Fall

As we dive into the fall season, the blues over summer being over is bound to hit. You look at the empty beach, the abandoned pool, the iced coffees replaced with hot lattes, the swimsuits traded in for sweaters—it’s enough to make anyone a little upset inside. It means that another summer has ended and in order to get back to that time, we must make it through a brisk fall and frigid winter. But you shouldn’t feel sad during the autumn season. Here are 5 ways you can try to get over the summer withdrawals this fall!

1. Spend Time With Friends From School

A good way to get over summer blues to spend time with those you may not have been able to see all summer. The reality is a lot of our friends in college are not going to live close by. This is especially true if you go to a more global university or if you’re attending school further away from home. You can also do fun fall activities in your college town that you may not have been able to do back home. So instead of being sad about missing those beach days with your friends back home, look forward to all the new memories you’re going to make with your friends from school!

2. Focus on New Activities

The start of a new school year is the time for inventing yourself if you’re looking for a change. Therefore, a perfect way to get over the summer blues is to throw yourself into clubs at school. Finding activities that spark your interests make the time fly by because it’s what you’re truly passionate about. You won’t feel yourself longing for the days of sitting out in the sun doing nothing, because it feels better to be doing something at that very moment. So go hit up your club fairs as soon as possible!


3. Decorate Your Room in Fall Fashion

Even though your outer surroundings may look like fall, your inner decor may still be reminding you of warmer weather. Easiest fix? Decorate for the autumn season, including a festive fall wreath on your door, some cinnamon potpourri and maybe some candles of fall scents like pumpkin spice and maple pecan. When Halloween grows closer, you’re definitely going to want to put up some fun and spooky decorations as full. You can blast some tunes and even get your roommate or friends to help. You’ll forget that summer has passed and be more focused on how cute and welcoming your room looks!

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4. Travel to a Beautiful Destination

Summer does have its perks of being able to check out locations in warmer weather, the fall provides some equally unique travel destinations. Great fall vacation ideas like taking a hike through the Berkshires in Massachusetts, checking out Glacier National Park in Montana, or the heading out to the upper peninsula of Michigan for some pretty neat rock formations by the Great Lakes. Wherever you decide to go and regardless of how long, the beauty in these fall sights will leave you grounded in that moment in time and not missing the summer heat.


5. Take Part in a Fall Only Activity

While summer offers some the pleasure of going to the beach, watching fireworks, and all the ice cream you want, fall has some pretty cool events that are mutually exclusive to the autumn season. You should consider taking a weekend to go apple and pumpkin picking. Layer up and take a hike through the woods to check out the vibrant autumn leaves. Or maybe get together a group of friends and get spooked in a haunted house. Any of those activities will show you that fall has a lot to offer that summer can’t.

Can you think of any other ways to get over summer’s end? Let us know in the comments section!

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