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7 Ways To Get Over A Break Up

7 Ways To Get Over A Break Up

Knowing how to get over a break up can be difficult when you're still coping with your lost love life. But we have some tips on how to handle it!

Relationships can end in many ways, whether it’s through a text message or an argument about something dumb. Let’s face it, going through a break up sucks! We usually slump around and eat a tub of ice cream to mend the pain. There are other ways to overcome a relationship and move on. You can decide to work on yourself or improve relationships with friends and family. If you’re experiencing a break up, don’t worry there are plenty of soul mates and hook ups to either ruin or better your life. Here are 7 ways to get over a break up.

1. Block Your Ex On Social Media

Blocking your ex on social media is NECESSARY after a break up! Let’s be real, some guys tend to go out and party after being the dumper or dumpee. Who wants to see an ex-boyfriend (that you aren’t over) dancing on another girl? Seeing that will make you feel worse and overthink about everything that happened during the relationship. Just block the person on all social media. When you’re ready to finally accept things didn’t work then you can unblock them. Its better to act as if they don’t exist than watching their every move. Most importantly certain images and post on social media are interpreted differently in everyone’s eyes. This is a crucially important way to get over a break up!

2. Get A Makeover

Go treat yourself to a new look! There are plenty of options to switch your look up,whether its cutting your hair, experimenting with makeup and buying new clothes. If you have long hair, be bold and cut it short! Switching up your look will bring your confidence levels higher and attention when you decide to enter the dating world again. Please, do this only if you are financially stable to spend some money without draining your bank account.

3. Spend Time With Your Friends

This advice is dedicated to those who forget about having friends, when they’re in a relationship. It’s necessary to hang out with your friends, especially if you neglected them when you were taken. Your friends are the shoulders to cry on and confess that your ex was trash. This is a basic way to get over a break up.

4. Cry It Out

We all love a good cry session. Let all the emotions out and the tears run down your face. Its ok to cry, some people think it makes you weak but it doesn’t. It’s better to cry it out than bottle up your emotions and have a breakdown at the wrong place and time! Grab your tissues and have a film playing in the background while you cry. I personally recommend watching Avengers Infinity Wars, just imagine your ex as Thanos and he’s using the infinity stones aka your feelings and love to destroy the world.

5. Work Out

Picking up a workout routine is a perfect way to get over a break up! Whether it’s joining crossfit or practicing to run a marathon, you’ll have other things to worry about than heartbreak. You’ll build endurance and improve your health. Most importantly, that revenge body will make your ex jealous and realize they’re missing out on an amazing person!

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6. Go Out!

Put your best party outfit on and head to the clubs! Go get lit with your girlfriends and be carefree. You’re finally at the point where anything you desire can be done without someone’s approval or affecting their feelings. Yes, there’s a chance you might seeing your ex, but it’s important to show them that breaking up isn’t affecting your life! This is a fun way to get over a break up.

7. Ask Your Ex For Closure

Getting closure can actually satisfy your thoughts of why the relationship failed. We tend to blame break ups on ourselves, it’s actually because our ex’s couldn’t handle the pressures of being with someone who has their shit together. Set up a meeting with your ex and talk about the reasons why things didn’t work. Once you come to a mutual agreement, you can either part ways or be friends. It’s important to know your worth and realize there are millions of people out there waiting to meet you!

Are there any other tips that can help someone get over a break up? Comment and share with your newly single friends!
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