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10 Ways To Get Noticed By Your Boss

10 Ways To Get Noticed By Your Boss

Getting noticed by your boss is what many of us want so we are able to move up in this world. To have them look at you and respect the person you are is nothing but a true fulfillment inside! Here are 10 ways you will for sure get noticed by your boss!

1. Work harder than the person next to you

We all understand that working hard is what makes the world go round, but actually doing it is what will get you noticed by your boss. Life is not a competition between you and others, but what others have is the ability to show us is that we can work harder than the person next to us.

You have to remember that if you aren’t working your hardest, there will be someone who works harder, faster, more efficiently. It’s all about learning what works for you and using it to your best ability. If you work hard, you get noticed no matter what. 


2. No gossiping

Gossiping could be the death of you if you aren’t careful with it. In fact, you shouldn’t even gossip in the first place. By not gossiping with others you will be noticed for the capability to act respectively toward your colleagues. It is an immature act to gossip and you will be seen as disrespectful. You could even get fired for how much you do so inappropriately. 


3. Be kind to all

A lot of people believe that to get work done, you have to be rude or mean to those around you but that’s just not the case. Being kind to everyone means you show respect to others and yourself. People feel that they can approach you at any time. Kindness is so underrated in this world, but it can take you so far. There are so many people who are not kind to one another. So be kind just to be kind, but realize that your boss with notice how awesome you are for doing so.

4. Work fast

Our bosses are always in crunch mode. They need to get a lot of things done in a short amount of time always. If you can’t keep up with their requests then you can imagine that they will start looking for someone else to fill the position. It’s all about making things easier for them. The more you can help out, the better they will view you.


5. Take the initiative 

Look at your work as an opportunity to show your boss that you can handle things on your own terms. If you really want to get noticed, it’s time to start doing what needs to get done without your boss babysitting you. If they have to babysit you, no one will ever take you seriously. Push yourself to learn more, to be more. Ask questions when you don’t know something but learn from it quickly so you are able to do it on your own.


6. Go above and beyond

We all have the daily tasks that we have to accomplish, but if you can go above and beyond what you must get done then you will be noticed for sure. Only do this after you have finished any tasks that must get done first. Once you do that, work on the things that could be done but wasn’t assigned. The more you can do the more you are seen as a valuable asset. For example, organizing your filing system may seem like a very tedious job to do, but in the long run, it will help anyone who is looking for a specific file saving more time and money. Boss’s love that the most!

7. Stop asking your boss questions

Asking questions is definitely important, but it’s best to not always go to your boss to ask those. If you have a co-worker you could go to, start off there. Asking someone on your same level will not only open communication in a better light between you and your coworkers, but it will also help you been seen in a more positive mind frame as well. Boss’s have a lot of tasks to do, and they don’t want to be bothered with the little things. If you can figure things out on your own, being noticed will be a given for you. 


If asking a co-worker about a problem you can’t seem to figure out, and depending on how complicated the task is, you can always look up how to achieve the goals that need to be accomplished. You can do this by reading a book, or searching online just to name a few examples.

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8. Be on time

Being on time is never overrated. It’s actually one of the most single most important things you can do. Being on time means being at least 5-10 minutes early. The reason being is that when you are earlier than when you actually need to start, you can get everything situated before it’s time to start. You can go to the bathroom, put your lunch in the fridge, put your coat away, etc. It’s all about being ready, and if you aren’t when it’s time people will start to fully express their annoyance towards how they must wait for you. Show your boss that you are worth their time, not a waste of it.

9. Give credit to your coworkers 

There will be times when your boss may say thank you for a task you didn’t do yourself or maybe not all of it. That’s when you need to speak up and tell them who actually accomplished it. By doing this you show maturity and respect for your other co-workers. Your co-workers will most likely respect you more as well if they see that you do this and will in return do you the same for you in the future. Be the leader your boss is looking for.


10. Tell your boss where you see yourself going

Boss’s are the boss for a reason and can pick up on a lot of things, but they aren’t mind readers so they can’t pick up on EVERYTHING. If you want to be noticed and move up in your company, then you need to tell them so. A great way to have this conversation is by having a one on one conversation about where you stand and what you need to do to get to the next level. They will appreciate that you want to grow and will be more than will to help you do so. Having weekly or monthly meetings with your boss will help you progress in the right direction. They will start to look out for you and find which direction is best suited for you. 


How do you plan to get noticed by your boss? Comment down below and let us know!

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