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15 Ways To Get Moving Post-Quarantine

It’s understandable if your lifestyle has gotten a little bit sedentary while you’ve been in quarantine. Gyms and fitness centers were among the non-essential businesses closed for safety precautions, and there’s only so many home workouts you can do without getting bored. 

But in many places, stay at home measures are coming to an end just in time for summer, so there’s no better time to get moving and start exercising again. 

Finding motivation to start exercising again can be tricky, but finding new and exciting ways to get moving can help with that. Here are 15 ways to get moving again after being in quarantine for the past few months.  

1. Go for a hike

There are tons of great places to go hiking all over the country. It gives you the opportunity to get outside and see some new places while also getting some exercise in. One of the good things about going for a hike is you can practice social distancing while still exercising outside. 

Hiking is a good way to get moving while also staying safe. 

2. Try a yoga class

You can take a yoga class without having to leave your house. There are plenty of free yoga classes online for you to do, which comes in handy if you’re still looking to social distance or you’re just trying to see if you like yoga enough to commit to a class. 

If you are looking to get out of the house, there are class offerings that allow you to take yoga outside, like yoga on the beach or in a local park. It’s a way to enjoy the summer weather while still enjoying yoga. 

3. Go for a run in a new place

Do some online research to scope out the best running spots in or near your hometown. Running’s not for everyone, but having some new scenery can inspire you to try it. You can look for running trails in different lengths so you can find one that fits your needs. 

4. Swim laps in a pool

Whether you swim in a local pool or you have a pool in your backyard, swimming laps is a great way to get moving. Summer days can get pretty hot, so swimming laps lets you cool off while still working out. It’s a fun and different way to get a cardio workout into your routine. 

5. Play a workout video game

Maybe it’s been years since you’ve powered on your Nintendo Wii and played some Wii Fit, but it’s never too late to get back into it. Wii Fit comes with yoga workouts, strength training, cardio exercises, and flexibility training, so you can be sure you’re getting a well-rounded workout. 

There are other video games you can use to get a workout, too. Games like Just Dance can give you just as good of a workout, especially if you take it seriously. 

6. Find a drop in dance class

I think everyone’s wanted to get up and dance at least once in their life. You don’t need to be a pro ballerina to make dance part of your workout. 

See if any of your local dance studios in your area offer drop in classes. Most times, studios will offer adult ballet or modern classes. If you’re looking to workout with a partner, give ballroom dancing a try. Dancing is a fun and unique way to get back into exercising. 

7. Set up an obstacle course

If you’re a fan of TV shows like American Ninja Warrior, then this might be the workout for you. Try setting up a mini obstacle course in your yard. It doesn’t need to be an extreme parkour course or anything, just something to challenge you a little bit. 

If you’re looking to take your workout to the next level, invite some friends over and turn it into an obstacle course challenge. Workouts can be more fun when you have other people to motivate you.


8. Go rock climbing

Rock climbing gyms are a good place to go if you’re looking to shake up your workout. It’s a good way to work some different muscles and pick up some new skills along the way. 

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9. Bike around your hometown

Take a ride on your bike around your hometown, just like when you were a kid. Do you have a favorite bakery, ice cream shop, or convenience store somewhere in your hometown? Add some extra motivation to your workout by rewarding yourself with a treat. 

10. Walk around the mall

Working out doesn’t always have to take place in a gym. You can get moving just by walking around the mall. Even if you don’t buy anything, browsing the stores and window shopping can give you something to do while you get your steps in for the day. 

11. Kayak in a nearby lake

If you live near a lake or a creek, see if there’s a service that’ll let you rent a kayak. It’s usually around $10 an hour, and it’s a great way to exercise and explore some new places on your own. Kayaking can be a good exercise for your mental health as well as your physical health. 

12. Give rollerskating a try

Rollerskating has been a growing trend recently, especially on TikTok. The good thing about it is it’s a trend that you can take part in. Find a pair of skates on Amazon and try your hand at learning how to rollerskate at home.

Or, if you don’t want to commit to buying a pair of skates, head to a local rink and just skate around there for an hour or two. 

13. Try a barre class

Barre class is a good workout option if you’re looking for something ballet inspired without having to go to an actual dance class. One of the benefits of a barre class is that it’s low impact, so you can get a workout in without putting stress on any existing injuries you may have. 

Some of the benefits of barre include increased flexibility and range of motion in different muscle groups. 

14. Follow along with a workout video

Workout videos are a great way to get moving from your home. There are plenty of videos out there to fit your workout needs, including yoga videos, high impact workouts, and cardio videos. 

15. Stay motivated with a workout challenge

Nothing motivates you to get moving quite like a workout challenge. Find a challenge that fits your needs online. Maybe consider documenting your journey on social media or getting some friends on board with you to hold you accountable. 

How will you get moving after quarantine? Let us know in the comments!

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