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5 Ways To Get Longer Hair For This Summer

5 Ways To Get Longer Hair For This Summer

Real ways to get longer hair this summer! Long hair is back in style and we have some helpful ways on how to get longer hair for this summer that is sure to impress.

It can be a lot of work to get long healthy hair. It takes time, effort, and care. Getting longer hair for this summer is worth it though. We have created some helpful tips to get longer hair this summer.

1.) Air Dry

The most common cause of dry unhealthy hair is because of heat from blow dryers. A lot of people like to blow dry their hair in the morning so they can style it and go about their day. This causes your hair to dry out, and dry hair causes split ends and split ends cause breakage, which causes a short haircut to remove all the dead hair. What you should do is wash your hair the night before and let it dry overnight. This way, you don’t have to damage your hair from the heat of the blow dryer and your hair stays hydrated. This way your hair grows longer.

2.) Curl When Wet

Another way to get longer hair is to curl when wet. A curling iron damages your hair just as much (if not, more) than a blow dryer does. So, to avoid this wrap your hair in curlers at night after you wash it. Your hair will dry in big loose curls and it stays hydrated and healthy, promoting hair growth.  You can also do french braids at night if you want tighter curls in the morning. Note, braids take longer to dry so prep accordingly. If you have to take them out before they fully dry, use a moisturizing curling cream to put in so your hair stays curly and doesn’t frizz.

5 Ways To Get Longer Hair For This Summer

3.) Don’t Over Wash

Over washing your hair can also dry out your hair because you strip it of its natural oils when you wash your hair. Another way to get longer hair in the summer is to wash your hair every 3-4 days (if you have an oily scalp you may need to wash more frequently). Be sure to use a good quality conditioner, we suggest one that helps with split ends since they are the first step to hair breakage.

5 Ways To Get Longer Hair For This Summer

4.) Gentle Brushing

Another way to get longer hair this summer is to brush your hair gently. Most people start from the top of their head and brush all the way down, this causes bigger knots and breakage due to the pulling. You should start from the bottom of your hair and brush the knots out from bottom to top. Brushing the knots out that way make the knots become smaller and you have less pull on your hair.

5 Ways To Get Longer Hair For This Summer

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5.) Vitamins

Another tip for longer hair this summer is to take vitamins. Your hair needs certain nutrients to help it stay healthy so it can grow. Nutrients like biotin, vitamin D, and Zinc. Good hair vitamins will contain all (if not more) of these nutrients. You can find these hair vitamins at your local drug store, vitamin shop, grocery store, and even some makeup stores like Sephora and Ulta. Always talk to your doctor first before you start taking hair supplements. Just to make sure none of the ingredients are harmful to your body and that it is safe to consume.

5 Ways To Get Longer Hair For This Summer

There are many ways to get longer hair for this summer. Do it the right way by keeping your hair healthy! Healthy hair grows and grows, but dry damaged hair just breaks and there is a point of no return when damaging your hair. Don’t get to that point, use these helpful tips this summer.

Keep us up to date on your hair growth story! Let us know what you have tried and tell us about your results down below!
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