5 Ways To Get Away With Cheating

5 Ways To Get Away With Cheating

Relationships are hard to maintain; whether you’re male or female there comes a time that you begin or have questioned your relationship. Should I stay or should I go? During these critical moments is when the universe throws you the biggest test in loyalty to you. Some choose to ignore, and others proceed with caution. What you decide is up to you and how much you value your relationship. However, through experience of both spectrums I’ve believe these are the top five ways to successfully cheat without being caught.

Here are ways you can successful cheat in your relationship

Determine your position

The second you decide that you’re going to cheat, you need to determine your position in this infidelity. What do I mean by that? You must decide on what you’re cheating for, such as: are you seeking another partner or are you just having fun, and you must be honest with yourself or you will get caught. Figuring out your position creates the standard, value, and time in the act. Your position determines the outcome in both relationships and is the primary factor in the next 4 ways to not get caught.

Create a time-frame

After you determine your position, you need to set a time frame for when and how long you will cheat. This is critical because when cheating no matter what someone will catch feelings in the long run; whether if it’s you or the other person. If you’re cheating for fun the idea is not to get in another relationship, so the shorter the better. If you’re a serial cheater this may not impact your ability to successfully cheat as much, but you still need to set a time frame to stop cheating with each person. Infidelities can get messy so setting a time frame gives you a platform to get in and get out with no one knowing or getting hurt and making the cheating a success.

5 Ways To Get Away With Cheating

Remain consistent

Most people are caught cheating because they’re unable to remain consistent. Their usual pattern changes and that sparks thoughts of their infidelity in their partners mind. Consecutively being inconsistent usually leads to their partner undergoing a silent investigation ending in their demise. Consistency is another form of timing; it is required that you time everything, even down to exact minutes. If you come home late from work once, no biggie but just know that cannot happen for another 3 weeks. Your infidelity will have to fit into your regular routine that way you remain consistent, for example; when you eat lunch at work that’s a perfect time to cheat. You may sacrifice your lunch, but that window of opportunity will go unnoticed to your partner and you can easily remain consistent. If you’re wife call your office, “he’s out for lunch.”

Have a good memory

Your memory will be the most useful source to successfully cheat. By remembering everything that involves your infidelity will aid you with staying consistent. The slightest failed memory can alter your entire thought process and particularly whatever lie you have said. Using your memory will also make lying or simply not telling the entire truth a lot easier. The memory is something you will have to keep forever if you’re going to be successful.

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Privacy is everything

Last but certainly not least is your privacy. You should maintain privacy in every avenue of your infidelity. Do not tell anyone you’re cheating, and do not leave a paper trail! If you’re texting, delete the messages and do not even save the persons number. In case they decide to do something random, there’s no recollection from your end of things. If your partner knows the passwords to everything, the best bet is to simply block the other persons number until you’re in the clear, and if they speculate than that’s where you make the position that you determine known. The beauty in cheating is that whomever you’re cheating with has no weight, meaning you guys don’t know each other well enough for them to question and if they do than the time with them has ended. Although if they’re fully aware of your partner they shouldn’t and probably won’t cross that boundary anyways.

5 Ways To Get Away With Cheating

Some say that it is natural for men and women to be unfaithful; particularly men. The second we begin to doubt our commitment seems like there’s a plethora of great options that are better than our current situation but is it really. The world did not open a new buffet of entrees, it’s the greed that we have as humans that only see what we don’t have instead of what we do. That guy or girl who seems perfect, isn’t and will bring along an entire new set of unwanted issues. We all have problems so whether your current relationship is good or not, cheating only increases the hardship no matter how much fun you’re having.

Would you rather cheat or break up? Have you ever successfully cheated in your relationship?

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