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5 Ways To Get A Celeb Level Workout While In Quarantine

5 Ways To Get A Celeb Level Workout While In Quarantine

Quarantine has given us all the free time in the world (sort of). Why not take up that free time to get your body in shape? With all the gyms being closed for a temporary period of time, it does not mean that you can still work out with no fancy equipment or money-spending needed!

Constantly getting very tired of sitting in front of a computer and doing virtual school and/or work every single day! Well, no problem – look no further than here!

Here are 5 ways to get a celeb level workout while in quarantine. 

1. Rumble (5 ways to get a celeb level workout while in quarantine #1)

Do you know celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, Selena Gomez, and Kendall Jenner? What do they all have in common? Here’s this: they all swear by the art of kickboxing in order to stay in the best shape that they possibly can AND help relieve stress from the day. Rumble has many studios in across the country (and that is wonderful when it is safe for all of us to go out again), but for now it has adapted its workouts to an online format so you can do your regular gym routine at home without any money spending or fancy equipment. 



2. Barry’s Boot Camp (5 ways to get a celeb level workout while in quarantine #2)

Want to challenge yourself even more to get yourself more whipped into shape in time for bikini beach season? Well have no fear! Be prepared for a tough yet very challenging all-around workout from biceps to abs with a workout from Barry’s Boot Camp! Their live stream classes are the best for getting you in tip-top shape, in which famed celebrity Kim Kardashian West swears by to. So, what are you waiting for? Check their stories on Instagram so you can see what is coming up next and how to get yourself in shape when you are in quarantine! 

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3. Dogpound (5 ways to get a celeb level workout while in quarantine #3)

Want to train like a model (yes, like the ones that you see on Project Runway or America’s Next Top Model)? Well, look no further than Dogpound! Every celebrity that you can know (and name) off the top of your head have trained at this dynamo of a place. With locations in New York City and in Los Angeles, you might be lucky to run into your favorite celebrities. Now, they are offering online, trainer-led workouts through both IGTV and live streams. This is the perfect opportunity to blow off some stream after a long day of online school and/or a long online work day. 

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4. Lululemon (5 ways to get a celeb level workout while in quarantine #4)

Most of you will know Lululemon as a company that sells athletic leggings for gym enthusiasts and athletes everywhere. You will basically see every single person wearing these type of athletic yet very durable leggings everywhere you go (yes, if it is even the gym or going out to eat at a restaurant somewhere). Are you a total gym rat and are disappointed that you cannot leave your house for a workout at the gym! Your problems and fears are now resolved! Lucky for you, Lululemon has a YouTube channel that offers many workout methods like yoga (which is a perfect method to use if you are someone who is very much stressed 24 hours, 7 days a week like myself, a junior in college). The best part of it all is that the yoga classes that they are offering to you are easily customized by both level and length. Along with that, they incorporate the methods of both meditation and breathing. Now, who does not want that? Sign me up, please and thank you!

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5. Peloton (5 ways to get a celeb level workout while in quarantine #5)

If you are like me – who does not have access to a Peloton bike and have no clue or an idea where to get one from, please do me a favor and do not fret about getting one. Do you want to know why I told you to not fret about looking for or getting a Peloton bike? Well, I told you this because Peloton has been very kind enough as to offer us many methods in order to put us in the best tip-top shape that we can be. Not only do they offer a variety of workouts on IGTV, but they offer a variety of workouts on their app. Want to switch up your daily workout? Need to work out on a little bit of everything in one day or over a period of time? No problem! They offer workouts guiding you through every single method ranging from strength to outdoor running to boot camps. Hey, and guess what? The app is free for only 90 days so you can have an opportunity to test it all out before fully committing yourself to it.

I’ll just admit it right now: As much as I love binging through a whole season of New Girl on Netflix when I have nothing to do, and as much as I have to do my schoolwork in order to graduate from college on time and to get good grades, sometimes it is good to go outside and to treat yourself to some physical activity every day. Please, and I plead you, do not get caught up in all of the stresses of the day. It is totally okay to take a break sometimes. It will not do you very well in the long run. Trust me on this concept, readers. 

So why not go outside, take a break, and set yourself a goal of whipping yourself in shape? No one is going to stop you from doing so nor are they telling you otherwise. 

Trust me on this, you will feel SO much better about yourself when you treat yourself to a workout and to focus on both your physical and mental health. It is so much needed while living in the chaos that we are in. 

Do you have a workout that you are loving right now? Any tips for the ones listed above? Have any workouts that you might be interested in trying? Sound off in the comments below!

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