10 Ways To Instantly Fix A Bad Hair Day

I’d say more days than not I have a bad hair day. It’s either greasy, frizzy, flat, tangled beyond repair, sticking up in absurd places or some combination of all of those. It’s rare that I wake up and don’t have to fix my hair in some capacity. However, there are some days when simply brushing or messing with it for a few minutes does nothing to help the situation. On those days you have to call in backup to really address the bad hair day. For those extra terrible days where nothing seems to be working for your hair, here are 10 things that are guaranteed to rescue you from a bad hair day!

1. Dry Shampoo to the Rescue

Dry shampoo is a savior for bad hair days. If your hair is greasy, spray some in your roots, rub it around and bam! All better! If your hair is looking a little flat and lifeless, spray some dry shampoo in it to give it a little texture and volume. A lot of people use dry shampoo daily, regardless of whether it’s a good or bad hair day because it’s that amazing!

2. Change it Up

If your part is looking excessively greasy – because let’s face it, you probably can’t remember the last time you washed your hair – then adjusting where your part is can help fix the problem. If you wear a middle part, try pushing it over to the side. If you already wear a side part, switch sides. This can help hide the grease while also freshening up your look!

3. Add Some Curls

On those days where your hair is looking lifeless, spending even 5 minutes styling it can make a huge difference. Just go around your head and throw in some random curls here and there to give it some body. After you’re done, run your fingers through the curls to make them more natural so they blend in with the rest of your hair. Surprisingly adding some volume to your hair can save you from a bad hair day!

4. Embrace the Crazy

For all the curly girls out there, sometimes all you can do is take the frizz and run with it. Take your lion’s mane and make it even bigger by teasing the roots and adding more texture and volume. If anyone asks, it’s supposed to look like this!

5. Throw it Back

If running with the craziness is a bit out of your comfort zone, try a messy bun instead. It’s a more contained madness, but it still lets your natural texture show through. Plus, a good messy bun gives you an effortless and carefree look even if it took you 300 tries to get it to look just so. Messy buns are total saviors because they’re an acceptable bad hair day look!

6. Slick it Down

Have the grease work in your favor with a slicked back ponytail! These are great for the office or a fancier affair because it gives off a sophisticated look even though it’s just your dirty hair being disgusting! Go for a high pony for more of a “baddie” look or a low one for more of a professional vibe.

7. Braided Babe

French and Dutch braids work perfectly at hiding almost every bad hair day possibility. They disguise grease, frizziness and conceal any cowlick. They’re also great because you can really customize them to be whatever you want! Have one or multiple braids. Have them go all the way to the end or have them end in a ponytail or a bun. The possibilities are really endless!

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8. Statement Hair Clips

One of the most popular and unique hair trends recently have been using bobby pins as a bold hair accessory. This could be a cool way to pin back your bangs on those days where they absolutely will not cooperate. Just add a design with bobby pins and you’ve got a trendy hairstyle on your hands! This is a really good way to pin back greasy hair, yet play it off like you’re not really having a bad hair day.

9. Hero Headbands

This is one of my go-to bad hair day fixes. Headbands, and more recently scarves tied into your hair, are great ways to tame even the wildest hair. These are particularly useful for people with a bohemian style because they tie in so wonderfully with those clothes!

10. Stick a Hat on

If all else fails, just completely cover your hair with a hat. Thankfully, there are so many cute hat trends happening right now. You can pick a retro baseball hat, a nice floppy summery hat, newsboy caps, berets and even fedoras are popular right now! No one will ever know what’s going on underneath because you’ll look so stylish!

What other tips do you have for someone having a bad hair day? Let us know in the comments below!

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