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5 Ways To Fill Time During A Boring Summer Day

5 Ways To Fill Time During A Boring Summer Day

summer day, 5 Ways To Fill Time During A Boring Summer Day

Sadly, this summer is on track to be one of the most boring in recent memory. The reason is fairly obvious, no one wants to travel during a global pandemic and risk contracting COVID-19. But, this does not mean we should settle for a boring summer. For those days when life is relentlessly monotonous, here are 5 ways to fill a boring summer day.

1. TV Show and Movie Marathon

TV is an obvious way to be entertained on a boring day. With Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube available through the internet, there are endless options for hours and hours of entertainment. My favorite way to fill several days with entertainment is to start a TV series with several seasons. This will keep me occupied for more than enough time before I can find a new show or movie. A way to make this a bit more fun (on a budget) is to find a mini projector to plug your phone or computer into and project your show on whatever wall you want to watch on. My favorite is the ceiling because I can drift off to sleep while watching my show. This also means you can take your content outside to watch. All in all, any form of video entertainment is going to be a great way to fill a boring summer day. Don’t be afraid to change up how you view your shows to keep things interesting!

5 Ways To Fill Time During A Boring Summer Day

2. Clean

We all need to do it, and a boring summer day is the best time to do it. Yes, cleaning, is something that doesn’t sound like a fun way to spend a summer day. But if you’re not doing anything else, you might as well! Especially with COVID-19 going around, keeping a clean environment at home can’t hurt. Take this time to get in those untouched areas that are hardly ever cleaned like behind your bed, behind your toilet, and behind/under any large furniture. This will prevent bigger problems from forming like dust mites or ants. Also, you can deep clean your entire fridge. This means cleaning out expired food, dishwashing the detachable shelves, and wiping down all surfaces. Deep cleaning your bathroom is another no-brainer. Bleaching your sinks, shower, and toilet will ensure everything is deep cleaned. Overall, this is a great way to fill time while making your space more cleanly. And with COVID-19 going around, cleanliness is imperative.

5 Ways To Fill Time During A Boring Summer Day

3. Reorganize

Reorganizing is another sure-fire way to not only fill time but also improve your living space. You can just pick up where you left off with cleaning and begin reorganizing because it is much easier to reorganize from a clean slate. The bathroom, kitchen, and bedrooms are all great places to reorganize and take back whatever space you have lost to clutter. Another place that is probably overrun with clutter is the closet. Take this time to go through all of your clothes, and whatever you don’t wear frequently, consider selling or donating. That alone will clear plenty of space to have a more organized environment. You can also consider purchasing organizing tubs to conserve space while also reorganizing. Overall, reorganizing is a great way to spend a boring summer day or days. It is something that has to be done eventually and now is the perfect time to do it. And nothing is better than that gratification when you finish reorganizing your entire house. It’s scientifically proven that this will make you more relaxed in your living space, and during these stressful times, relaxation is never a bad thing.

5 Ways To Fill Time During A Boring Summer Day

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4. Cook

If you do not know how to cook, now is the best time to learn! Eating out is most likely not an option for you and even if it is, it’s not the safest thing right now. Cooking is not only a great way to fill time, it is obviously extremely satisfying because you get to eat. Find some recipes on the internet that you want to create. My favorite way to find recipes is to look up “copy-cat” recipes of some of my favorite dishes from restaurants or fast-food joints. These recipes are going to show you how to create a similar tasting dish, but at home, and much cheaper. Next, head to the grocery store and pick up all of the ingredients that you need. Then, you can get to work! Even if you don’t understand how to do everything the recipe calls for, look up YouTube videos that show you how. Soon enough, you will be a seasoned chef that can recreate all of your favorite restaurant dishes at home. Cooking is a valuable skill and while eating out is fun, it is very expensive. Learning to cook will be a huge money saver for the future. Of course, it’s also fun and will be able to fill an entire summer day. 5 Ways To Fill Time During A Boring Summer Day

5. Self care

Finally, self-care is essential all-year-round, but during those busy times of the year, it can be quite hard to fit self-care into your everyday routine. These boring summer days are the best time to learn how to best care for yourself. You can use this time to experiment with skincare routines, mediation/prayer, and exercise. Self-care isn’t always the Instagram worthy pampering routines. Self-care is anything that makes you happy and puts you at ease. Use this time to find ways to be creative like songwriting, poetry, painting, or playing an instrument. The point is to fill this time of boredom with the things that fulfill your passions and make you happy. You will be surprised by the new passions and hobbies you can pick up that will bring you several days of entertainment. Overall, self-care is imperative no matter what time of year. But with this period of quarantine and summer months, branching out to find new ways to take care of yourself will pay off, and cure boredom, perhaps for the whole summer. When regular life resumes, you will be equipped with new ways to manage your mental health and keep yourself happy.

5 Ways To Fill Time During A Boring Summer Day

Are bored this summer? Do these tips help? Let us know in the comments below!
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