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10 Ways To “Fake It ‘Till You Make It” To Your Dream Career

You know that dream life you’ve always wanted to live? Well, what would you say if I told you it was one step away from you. You are always one move away from living a different life. Below I’ve shared some of my favorite tips to help you “fake it ’till you make it” to your dream career. 

1. Act Like You Own It

The number one tip to faking it till you make it to anything in life is to believe in it and act like you own it. So show up and make sure you carry yourself like you belong there. Remember Andy in Devil Wears Prada? She is the Queen of faking it until you make it. (Just skip the part where she shows up and has no clue what she’s doing.). Walk in and capture the rooms attention and make everyone around you believe YOU are the one and only perfect person for this job.

2. Study It

Okay, yes, I do want to teach you how to “fake it till you make it” but you need to have some knowledge to back it up. Here’s one thing people don’t want you to know, you don’t need to go to an Ivy League to study this career in order to be the best at it. Luckily, we live in a time where you can take a crash course on almost anything instantly and have enough knowledge to walk into a room and own it. So study up at home so that you know what the f*** you’re talking about when you get there. 

3. Network

Everything in every career and walk of life is about who you know. So, get good at first impressions and suck up your hatred for small talk because this will get you far. As soon as you master getting people to know your name and squeezing your way into company events you probably weren’t invited to, everything will fall into place. The majority of the big names you know and love in your career path have gotten there through someone elses word about them. 

4. Fill Your Resume

This is where the bitch work comes in. Any little job you can get that even slightly relates to your dream job will look good on your resume. You want that thing to be filled to the brim with jobs that show that you know how to do all the things they need you to do. These jobs don’t have to be glamorous and filled with big name companies. Working at a coffee shop can teach you a lot about time management and customer service and your employers will note that.

5. Dress The Part

I hate to say it, but we live in a judgemental world. People will judge you from the second they lay their eyes on you. So, you better be prepared to walk into that office in something that screams “I am confident that I’m the best you’re going to find.”. They’ll notice, and not only that, you’ll make your mark in your fellow colleagues’ minds that you are a bad bleep. 

6. Take Notes

Learn from other people’s mistakes so you don’t have to be the one to make them. Pay attention to what happens around you in everything you do until you get to where you want to be so that other people’s mess up can be what gets you to the top. I know it sounds mean, but it’s not, it’s just how you learn. Plus, if you’re the one who gets caught getting screamed at by the boss, I can promise you, none of your co-workers will be caught making the same mistake you did. 

7. When in Doubt, Say Yes

Say yes to everything and figure it out after. You never want to be the employee whose hand needs to be held. So if you have questions, do your best to figure out the answer and wear out all options before reporting back to your boss. Show them you have common sense and great problem solving skills so their trust in you can skyrocket.

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8. Be Polite, Always

It’s easy to get a big head on your way to the top, but remember, you can fall right back to the bottom just as fast as you climb up. So, be nice to everyone around you because they’ll be the people that will have your back if you need it. Don’t get cocky, ever.

9. You Are Replacable

Sounds harsh, I know but if you always keep it in the back of your head that there is always someone who wants this job just as bad if not more than you do, you’ll never let yourself slack off. In big industries there are always twenty backups that look and work just like you do. Find the things about yourself that most people don’t have and wear them on your sleeve, baby, because that will be what makes you irreplaceable. 

10. Don’t Give Up

No career is as glitz and glam as it looks from the outside but people do it because they love it. Don’t give up on your dreams even when they feel impossibly out of reach. Everyone who is where you want to be has felt that before and usually, when you’re ready to give up is the moment you’re closest to your big break. So, believe in yourself and don’t let those doubts sneak into your mind. The people living your dream life are only there because they knew they would be. They didn’t let their doubts hold themselves back. The biggest tip to get exactly what you want from this life, is to remind yourself that whatever you want can be yours because you deserve it.

Just remember, you are always one step away from your dream life. Yes, follow these tips, but if you don’t stop believing in yourself, you’ll end up getting there no matter what you do. Attract this into your life, baby! Comment down below what your dream career is!

Jenna Summer

Jenna Summer is twenty-something spending her days exploring New York City and chasing her dreams. As a recent graduate from The American Musical & Dramatic Academy, Jenna has been spending her time in the city itching to perform. She has performed Stand Up Comedy at many comedy clubs around the city as well as performing in sketch shows and cabarets with Upright Citizens Brigade and Others. During her time in school, she also fell in love with writing. Her goal is to be able to use her voice to inspire, entertain, and make people laugh.

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