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10 Ways To Express Love Other Than Words

Contrary to popular belief, we all express love differently. This can cause problems when the person we are trying to show love to can’t recognise the love we are showing. As we all have different love languages, here are 10 ways to express love other than words in case the person you care about doesn’t receive love through words like you do!

1. A hug

This seems simple enough, hug someone to express love to them but many of us forget this is a simple and intimate way to do so. If the person you love thrives off physical touch try telling them you love them by hugging them and holding them instead of telling them!

2. A kiss

Another physical way to express love is to kiss that person. This won’t necessarily work if you are trying to show love to a friend but if you want to show your partner you love them a tender kiss is one way to express love other than using words.

3. A gift

Buying someone a thoughtful gift can send a persons love tank right to full! Take notice on how the person you care about responds to love and if they like presents and sentimental gifts, buy them what makes you think of them when you see it.

4. Take them out for a meal

Many of us associate a great deal of comfort with food. The same way animals are most vulnerable when they are eating, as are people without us realising. Express love to a person without words by planning and then taking them for breakfast, brunch or dinner. If you’re feeling generous pay for the meal but most importantly just enjoy the other person’s company.

5. Give them a song to listen to

Recommending a particular song for the person you have in mind to listen to is a great way to express love without using your own words. Whether it be a happy, upbeat melody or a more love struck, romantic beat music can speak for us when we either can’t find the word ourselves or know the person won’t benefit from them. Music is a great way to reflect on your relationship with this person and reassure them that they matter!

6. Go on a trip

If you are able to, taking a holiday or even a trip somewhere more local can be an option to express love to another person. By spending quality time with them you are letting that person know that you value and care for them deeply. It is also an opportunity to make memories with that person that you can always reflect on and hold dear to both your hearts. You don’t have to say I love you using your words, you say I love you by signifying how important that person’s free time is to you and your connection.

7. Give them your jumper

This is a more abstract way to show love to a person without the use of words. When you allow a person to keep your jumper or another article of clothing or ask for a piece from their wardrobe you are telling them through your request or your own action that you want to keep them close to you even when they can’t be with you physically. Clothing we were often can hold sentimental value and even carry our own scents and identities. So sharing articles of clothing can offer great comfort and says rather loudly that you want this person by your side.

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8. Hold their hand

Physical touch can be an electrifying way to tell someone you love them without saying it with your words. This doesn’t always have to be in the public domain as not everyone is comfortable with showing public displays of affection but simply reaching out to hold that person’s hand while you’re at home on the couch can be a sweet way to remind them that you love them. It doesn’t require any speaking but it still speaks loudly for you!

9. Ask them about their day

This is a rather simple and sneaky way to show love to someone. Asking them about their way and taking the time to listen intently reminds that person that you care about their experience and this means love for many people. The next time you want to say I love you but don’t want to say the words, ask that person about their day or about their experience and show that you care!

10. Make them laugh

If you can make someone laugh so much in the moment that their stomach hurts, There is no greater pain for a person, born out of joy that is. When you make someone laugh you show that their happiness is of value to you and that you want to contribute positively to their live. Nothing says I love you like I want to see you happy and I want to be responsible for some of your joy.

How do you show love to the people around you without the use of words? Let us know in the comments below your favourite way to express love!

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