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10 Ways To Exercise Without Feeling Like You’re Working Out

10 Ways To Exercise Without Feeling Like You’re Working Out

Take a look at these ideal ways to exercise that will not make it feel like a chore. You will love these different activities.

You know those days where going to the gym literally feels like the last thing you could ever possibly want to do? Those days when you call and make a dentist appointment instead of working out. Sometimes you really just can’t get yourself to go sweat for an hour, and hey that’s okay! But even on those days, it’s important to have some sort of activity thrown in. Listening to your body’s needs is vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, so next time you need a rest, make it an active rest day with some of these ways to exercise that don’t feel like a workout!

1. Take a hike

Find some local trails, put on your boots and get out there! You’ll be so amazed by the beauty of your surroundings that you won’t even notice or care that you’re sweating.

10 Ways To Exercise Without Feeling Like You're Working Out

2. Dance your heart out

Whether it’s in your living room with the blinds drawn or at the club on top of a table, dancing is a great way to burn some calories unknowingly. Put on some tunes and throw away your inhibitions while you get jiggy with it!

3. Let your anger out

If you ever feel so mad that you could just hit something, this is for you. Try kickboxing at home to relieve some stress. Just picture your boss’ face in front of you and jab-cross-jab until you feel better.

4. Walk your dog

Or your cat, or your hamster, or call up a friend and take a walk around the block. This is a great opportunity to finally listen to that podcast your coworker has been raving about or catch up with an old pal.

10 Ways To Exercise Without Feeling Like You're Working Out

5. Ride your bike

You’ll have to venture back into the depths of your cobweb infested garage for this one, but it’s worth it! Dust of your old bicycle and take it for a spin. It’s a great way to see your city from a different perspective and if you can, try riding to work instead of driving! This is one of the ways to exercise that is scenic and serene.

10 Ways To Exercise Without Feeling Like You're Working Out

6. Take a dip

Swimming doesn’t have to mean endless laps at your gym’s pool. Take a note from your youth and just splash around! Do a handstand and flip around in the water like you did when you were a kid. It’s also a great way to get outside and have fun this summer.

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7. Watch your niece/nephew for the day

Kids are endless sources of energy. Always running around like chickens with their heads cut off. But you know what’s great about kids scrambling around like maniacs? That gives you something to chase! Plus, maybe some of their energy will rub off on you!

8. Chill out

Slow down and take some deep centering breaths on your yoga mat. You don’t even need to go to a yoga class. Just run through a couple sun salutations by yourself or look up a restorative yoga flow online. Yogis have such good bodies for a reason!!

9. Pick up a new sport

Surely, you played a sport in school. Whether it was soccer or tennis or softball, you can get back at it! Go get your old equipment and head to the park to see how good you still are. You could even join a league and make a couple friends in the process!

10. Clean the house

Kill two birds with one stone by cleaning and working up a sweat! A vacuum cleaner can get pretty heavy after a while and there is nothing like going at a stain on the carpet to get your heart rate racing. This is one of the best ways to exercise that will get other stuff done at the same time.

Which of these ways to exercise are you going to try? Let us know below.

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