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5 Ways To Exercise That Aren’t Going To The Gym

5 Ways To Exercise That Aren’t Going To The Gym

5 Ways To Exercise That Aren't Going To The Gym

Are you someone who loves finding new ways to exercise, but dreads going to a gym? You are not alone. Plenty of people want that rush of endorphins, just not in front of a audience at a public gym. So, if you want some exercise time that won’t be the same old weight lifting, or treadmill running, then check out these five ways to exercise that aren’t going to the gym.

Pole Fitness

New ways to exercise are popping up all around, so you no longer have to settle for going to the gym. If you want to get a full body workout that will kick your muscles in the butt, then try a pole fitness class. The class sizes are typically only a few people to allow everyone space, and if you want some female only time, these classes are usually women only! Pole fitness workouts feel more like a dance class and have plenty of stretching and cooling off time.

There is also music playing the whole time, which really gets you into it. Don’t knock it until you try it, and you just might get the full body work out you have been missing. Plus, if you want to learn some sexy moves, this is the place to go!

5 Ways to Exercise That Aren't Going to the Gym.

Yoga or Pilates

These classes are usually offered in gyms too, but there are now a large number of studios dedicated specifically for these work outs. The class sizes are smaller, and there are different class types for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. The relaxed atmosphere is definitely better than that of a gym, and there is sometimes incense burning and soft music playing that will help you get in the mood. This is a great way to try out something different, but don’t forget that these are not easy workouts. Just because the routines are based around stretching, you will leave sore!

5 Ways to Exercise That Aren't Going to the Gym.

Dance Class

This is no new way to exercise, but it is an a great option that many don’t utilize. Skip the gym and hit up a dance studio instead! There are so many different styles of dance like lyrical, contemporary, hip-hop, jazz, or even burlesque. There are many styles to choose from, and you can switch them up every once and a while to help mix things up. Each one will have a different feel, and new techniques. So, keep things interesting and join a local dance studio.

5 Ways to Exercise That Aren't Going to the Gym.

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Martial Arts

These classes can be great ways to exercise to get out some stress and learn how to kick some butt! It won’t be the same routine of weight lifting and cardio, and you will be able to learn some mindfulness skills too. Plus, for those of us that want to learn some self defense moves just in case you should ever need them, you can kill two birds with one stone.

5 Ways to Exercise That Aren't Going to the Gym.

Stay At Home

If you want to get a good workout, but don’t want to exercise at the gym, then why not stay at home and release some endorphins? Get yourself a set of weights so you can lift while at home, or if you’re able to purchase some larger equipment, then make room for a machine that will allow you to get a good routine in without leaving the house. This is great for anyone that doesn’t like to be seen while working out, and it also cuts down on travel time, as well having a shower near by for afterwards. You can’t beat that!

5 Ways to Exercise That Aren't Going to the Gym.

Finding new ways to exercise can be time consuming, but this list will get you well on your way. Learn some new moves, without having to head to the gym, and get in a good exercise while having more fun. Which one sounds the best for you? Let me know in the comments!
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