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Ways To Ensure Better Communication In Your Relationship

Ways To Ensure Better Communication In Your Relationship

Building better communication in a relationship can often save you from a lot of pointless fights. Here are some tips that can improve your love life.

Good communication is an essential part of a healthy relationship. Improving communication with your partner helps build a stronger connection, enhance positive emotions and makes conflict easier to deal with. You also need good communication in your relationship in order to feel safe and comfortable with your partner and to build an effective support system between the two of you. If you struggle to talk to your partner or want to get to know them on a deeper level, here are some simple ways to ensure better communication in your relationship:

Active Listening

Listening is arguably the most important communication skill and is essential for a positive relationship. Active listening requires a genuine interest in what the other person has to say, so you should be curious and receptive. You should give your partner your undivided attention and avoid judging or talking over them when they’re speaking. When having a conversation, an active listener should respond enthusiastically, be supportive and give constructive feedback. A good way to practice your listening skills to ensure better communication in your relationship is to let your partner speak for ten minutes without interruption, only asking questions about anything unclear. You should then do the same and you’ll both learn a lot about each other while being able to speak freely.

Ways To Ensure Better Communication In Your Relationship

Express Your Feelings

Arguments in relationships often arise from hidden emotions and unresolved issues that aren’t expressed, as pent-up frustration can lead to explosions of anger. A good way to ensure better communication in your relationship is to openly express your feelings in a non-judgemental and non-confrontational way. You should use “I” rather than “you” statements, as your partner may become defensive. When expressing your feelings, you should explain why you feel the way you do and tell your partner what your needs are. If need be, you should make a clear request so that your partner knows what you want from them and they can decide whether they can meet your needs. Even if you think you’re being over-sensitive, or you’re worried that your boyfriend will think you’re just jealous, it is always best to be honest with your partner!

Don’t Make Assumptions

A lot of unhealthy verbal communication occurs as a result of negative thoughts and making assumptions about your partner. When you’re in a long-term relationship, you may think you know your significant other inside-out and can anticipate how they’ll react in arguments or particular situations. However, if you make assumptions about someone, you may fail to learn what they really think and build a negative impression of them. Instead, you should assume the best of your partner, ask questions and communicate with them in a way that shows you value and respect them. This will make them more likely to treat you well in return and will help ensure you have positive communication in your relationship.

Make Small Talk

As well as having deeply emotional conversations and discussing important issues, it is actually just as important to talk about everyday things and details which may seem insignificant. In reality, it is the more mundane and fleeting moments between partners that impact their relationship and improve emotional ties. While you may think that asking about their day seems simple, it can make a difference because it shows the other person that you care about them and that you have a genuine interest in what happened during their day. You should also make small talk to get to know your partner’s likes, dislikes, interests, and opinions. This way you’ll learn the little details that make them who they are and talking about anything and everything with your partner ensures better communication in your relationship!

Ways To Ensure Better Communication In Your Relationship

Spend Time Together

A crucial part of any romantic partnership is spending as much quality time together as possible. The closeness that comes from having regular bonding time, promotes honesty and trust and makes talking to one another much easier. Whether you like going for walks together, having a meal out or just watching a movie together, these shared experiences improve both non-verbal communication by promoting affectionate gestures like hand-holding, while also giving you something to talk about later. This has to be one of the easiest ways to ensure better communication in your relationship!

Be Aware Of Your Body Language

Communication isn’t just about talking and actions can speak louder than words. If you’re actively listening to your partner, you should make eye contact when they’re speaking, nod and smile to encourage and support them and avoid fidgeting as it will seem like you’re not paying attention. You can also show your partner affection by using non-verbal gestures such as cuddling, kissing them on the forehead or holding their hand. If you end up having a heated discussion, you should make sure you are speaking to each other on the same level, so that one partner doesn’t over-power the other, avoid defensively folding your arms and avoid aggressive finger-pointing as that will only make the situation worse! Being aware of your body language is a vital way to ensure better communication with your partner!

Admit When You’re Wrong

When you’re in a relationship, it is important that you take responsibility for your actions and apologize for your mistakes. You should remember that no-one is perfect and there is no shame in admitting you were wrong. Partners who communicate effectively have no difficulty admitting their errors, learning from what they did wrong and moving forward constructively. If you do something wrong, don’t get defensive and be sincere when apologizing. You should explain what happened, why you did what you did and then reassure them that you’ll behave differently next time. It is also crucial that you don’t lie to your significant other, or hide things from them. Even if you’re not proud of something you’ve done or a habit you have, it’s better to be open and tell them first hand, rather than them finding out later! This is a sure way to ensure better communication in your relationship!

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Ways To Ensure Better Communication In Your Relationship

If Something Is Bothering You…

If something in your relationship has upset you or made you angry, you should find the right time to talk it over with your partner, when you are both undistracted and calm. You should also discuss serious matters in person as text messages can be misinterpreted and miscommunication can worsen the situation. Also, remember that your partner is not a mind reader, so you’ll have to speak up if something is bothering you, otherwise your partner can’t change it. It is important to explain why you’re upset, making sure to be specific and suggesting a way to resolve the situation.

You should also try to focus on one issue at a time and avoid attacking them with confrontational “you” statements, as this will make your partner defensive and less receptive. Instead try to start with “I feel” and take a step back and breathe, rather than immediately snapping back. If the issue is only minor, you could also consider forgetting about it, as there’s no point starting an argument over something insignificant. However, if your partner asks you directly, you should always tell them what’s wrong. Dealing with conflict calmly and directly is a great way to ensure better communication in your relationship!

These are some simple, but effective ways to ensure better communication in your relationship. They will hopefully encourage you to talk to your partner more and deal with conflict constructively. If you and your partner are failing to bond with each other, then your current relationship might not be the right one for you, but these tips may help you to work through some of your issues and improve your communication! Happy dating 🙂

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