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10 Ways To Embrace Winter Instead Of Hating it

10 Ways To Embrace Winter Instead Of Hating it

Winter is the worst. The absolute worst! It’s cold, you can’t walk outside without being attacked by wind, and falling on ice you didn’t see or just having week-old dirty snow get your socks wet. But there is something nice about winter; being cozied up at home when the snow starts falling, is very peaceful and makes you forget all the reasons you hate these cold months. So before it starts snowing and ice rules our streets, find ways to embrace winter so you’ll hate it a little less.

1. Get a Fabulous Winter Coat

Winter coats bring me comfort when it comes to embracing the cold. I absolutely hate being outside when it’s cold out. My entire body feels like its shutting down and just generally rejects being outside, so I started investing in coats that were both warm and fabulous. I’ve always had a huge love of fashion but I found that when it came to winter it was hard to stay warm and be cute. So I invested in a few basic coats, a black puffy one for when it’s super cold, an olive green, my favorite color and a big fluffy faux fur one, for extra fabulous occasions. Each is a different level of dressy and can be worn with pretty much anything in my closet. Anytime I put these on, I know I’ll be warm but they’re all also cute. My puffy one is from J.Crew so it can be dressed up or used to shovel snow mid-blizzard. I actually get kind of excited to go out in winter now knowing I can show off one of my cute coats, but I also know I won’t be freezing.


2. Invest In Cozy Essentials

Being cozy is my favorite thing of all time, regardless of season I just want to be cozy, so I’m an expert at cozy decor and essentials. Warm blankets, flannel pajamas, candles are all things that will make you feel comfortable in the cold and bring you a sense of warmth but also comfort. So when you’re stuck inside on a really cold day throw on your warmest clothes, light a candle and read the book you’ve been wanting to read for months. Cozy up on the couch and enjoy the fact that you get to have a peaceful day free from the cold. 


3. Warm Beverages

There’s a reason every Hallmark Christmas movie has a girl with a hot beverage in their hand in every single scene. Warm drinks are one of the best things about winter, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cider. These can be consumed any time of year but there’s nothing better than drinking a hot coffee while getting ready in the morning or relaxing at night with a hot tea. These will warm you up but also give you a much-needed caffeine boost. My life is fueled by coffee so I immediately get more excited about something knowing that coffee is involved. So before you go pick out a tree or go driving around looking at Christmas lights, grab your favorite hot drink and get ready for winter!

4. Soup

I don’t even think I should have to explain why soup is on this list, but its actually the only reason I am okay with winter. I’m looking into renaming winter, soup season so that we all will embrace it more. Soup is probably the most versatile and amazing food there is. Nothing is more of a comfort food than a warm cup of soup. Soup can be really good for you, depending on what kind you choose anything with broth will help you defeat the winter blues but also any colds you may have. 


5. Get a Winter Wardrobe You Love

Whether its a matching suit or matching sweatsuit, get a wardrobe you not only feel comfortable and warm in but also confident. With the lack of Vitamin D from the sun, winter tends to suck away our endorphins. Putting on something that makes you feel good will make being out in the cold more bearable. Even if you’re just running to the grocery store, you’ll feel better if what you’re wearing is something that you like. I love the fact that sweaters are basically glorified sweatshirts so anytime I’m going out I throw one of those on to ensure I’m warm but also feel good. I’ve invested in a lot of blazers for the occasion of going out so that I can wear it under my coat but still be super warm and put-together. 


6. Plan Winter Activities You Actually Like

I hate ice skating; I’m uncoordinated, it’s crowded, it’s entirely too cold to be outside that long so anytime people say they like winter because of ice skating I cringe. So, to get excited about winter, I try to play out the activities I actually enjoy. I love theatre and anything related to the arts and during Christmas-time there are so many musicals, plays, operas, ballets and orchestras in the area performing. I try to plan to see at least a few so that I’m not just cooped up in the house all winter. I also love looking at Christmas lights, so I’ll bundle up and just walk around the neighborhood or drive around to see bigger buildings in the city lit up. But if you enjoy ice skating, then do it! Find something you really like to do to build your excitement for winter. Or check out that art museum exhibit you meant to go to during the summer but were at the pool instead. It’s the perfect time to do things you’ve wanted all year but haven’t been able to do.


7. Do Something Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Even writing that was painful for me because I am the last person to venture out of their comfort zone. However, the so many times that I have, I have been so pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed whatever it was that I did. Volunteer at a homeless shelter, a nursing home, or write letters to hospital patients. Winter is hard on all of us but remembering that there are other people out there who it may be hitting harder and trying to do something positive for them will make both yours and their winter a little better. Go to coffee with someone you typically wouldn’t. Look at strangers and compliment them, but be genuine. Be a friend to anyone and everyone. Doing this will be awkward and uncomfortable at first but you’ll be surprised at how much happiness it can give you. 

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8. Plan A Trip

Maybe it’s just heading home for Thanksgiving or a quick weekend getaway to a cabin with your girlfriends, but planning a trip can really make your winter brighten up. Knowing that there’s something out of the ordinary can make the long days of routine seem less mundane. Even if it’s something super little, it can help boost your spirits and give you something to plan out. So instead of spending your nights watching the same TV shows, you can plan out what to do with your weekend in Chicago or what fun things you’ll do in your hometown that you can’t do in your new city. Make it an event and make it fun.


9. Invest In Yourself

“Self Care” has become a huge thing the past couple of years, it’s crazy that we have to remind ourselves to take care of ourselves, but it’s true. Winter creeps up on all of us and before we know it we all kind of get lost in the madness of holidays and other obligations that we lose track of ourselves. Taking time to relax, even if that means skipping out on drinks with friends one night, will do you wonders for self-care. Doing something that will make you happier and healthier is really what self-care is all about. Throw on a face mask if that helps, but it’s really about making sure you care about yourself every day; physically, emotionally and mentally. So stay home if you need time to recharge or if you need to reconnect with friends. Don’t let the darkness and cold of winter make you dark and cold. 

10. Celebrate The Beauty Of Winter

Winter can actually be super stunning. There’s nothing more peaceful than waking up in the middle of the night and peaking out your window and seeing a fresh blanket of snow. It’s quiet and calm and you feel like a little kid again excited about school being canceled and being able to play in the snow. As an adult, the wonderment of winter is lost as work probably isn’t canceled and we still have just as many responsibilities but we have to navigate six inches of snow trying to get to our cars. But when you’re at home on a Saturday night and the snows falling and you’ve got a good movie playing, winter can actually be amazing.


What’s your favorite way to embrace winter? How do you face the winter blues? Comment below and let us know!

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