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5 Ways to Elevate Your Dorm Room on a Budget

One of the most exciting parts about starting college is getting to decorate your dorm room to match your personal style. However, dorm decorating can get pretty pricey as you need to shop for a whole new bedroom, so here are 5 Ways To Elevate Your Dorm Room On A Budget that will surely make your dorm the new hangout spot!

1. Wallpaper

Nothing is worse than when you move into your dorm and there’s so much blank space on the walls, not to mention that awful paint color against the harsh lighting. This is why adding wallpaper is one of the fastest and easiest ways to spruce up your new space! Afraid it’ll cause damage? Most wallpapers designed for dorm rooms are reusable and easy to remove, leaving the walls the same as how you first found them. You can also customize your walls by adding fun posters and pictures of your friends on top of the wallpaper. There are many options to chose from when picking out wallpaper for your dorm room. If you want something a more neutral look that will go with any color scheme, try a white brick wallpaper like the picture below. Feeling like adding some more color? Use a bright colored wallpaper with fun, crazy prints and pair with a simple, solid colored bedding. The options are endless when choosing a wallpaper, and will make your dorm look like it’s straight out of a magazine. Don’t forget to overlap your new walls with some cute string lights!

2. Bar Cart

Nowadays, bar carts have become the ultimate college necessity if you like to go out. Not only do they look cute, but are the perfect ways to organize your alcohol while also acting as room decor. Not a drinker? Try making a coffee bar cart instead with your favorite mugs and a Keurig! You can add a display of with sugar packets, spoons, and cute straws. No matter how you chose to utilize your bar cart, it’ll surely be the perfect touch to your dorm room or college apartment. There are so many fun ways to decorate your cart, such as with various different glasses, bottles, ice buckets, trays, and more. You can also add plants, photos, and cute neon light displays to lighten up the space. Keep in mind you don’t need an expensive, fancy bar cart to get the job done. You can easily use any table with shelves or an inexpensive 3-tier cart with wheels. You can also take a trip to your local thrift store to find a cart or decorations to add on top! For the glassware, check out the dollar store for cheap wine glasses and shot glasses. The best part about having a bar cart is getting to customize it to your liking. Good luck decorating!!

3. Clothing Rack

One downside to dorm rooms is having limited closet space, especially if you have a large wardrobe like most college students. The perfect solution to this is adding a clothing rack to your space! Clothing racks are useful, but also a great way to show off your latest purchases to anyone who steps foot into your room. You can choose from so many different racks online at low prices. If you want to match your dorm room, try color-coordinating your clothing on all the same hangers to keep an aesthetically pleasing look. Racks vary in all different shapes and sizes so be sure to measure your space before ordering a rack. Feel free to hang any bags or other accessories on your clothing rack as a way to display your best finds. If you want to decorate your rack even further, try wrapping string lights around the top of the rack or hanging curtain lights behind it. Clothing racks will free up space in your closet while keeping all your clothes looking organized and easy to access.

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4. Layered Rugs

Whether your dorm floors are tile, carpet, or wood, adding rugs is a must to tie in your dorm room all together. One of the easiest ways to elevate your space is by layering different rugs to add texture and a homey-vibe to your dorm. Start by choosing a rectangular rug that matches your room aesthetic, then top it off by layering with another smaller rug. You can go for a fluffy, faux fur rug, or a fake animal printed rug. If you are going for a bohemian look, try finding a rug with bright colors and unique patterns. Rugs may be one of the pricier items to accessorize your dorm room with, but they’re definitely a staple piece used to elevate your space. You can find rugs at almost any furniture store, or get them delivered to your dorm through Amazon. Another great thing about buying rugs is that they will last for your whole college experience, so choose wisely and be creative!

5. Funky Mirrors

Everyone needs a mirror in their dorm room, so instead of buying a boring, basic one, opt for something more unique. Funky shaped mirrors are not only eye catching, but the perfect way to elevate your space. Whether it’s a makeup mirror or floor length mirror, funky mirrors are great for capturing your OOTD. You can look for ones to hang on your wall or a stand up option. If you’re looking for more wall decor to fill up space, you can search for small, stick on mirror decals. They sell these in basically any shape you want such as hearts, stars, hexagons, or circular designs. Most dorm rooms are on the smaller side, so placing multiple mirrors around your room will make your space feel more open. The best part about shopping for small mirrors is that they are usually pretty inexpensive. Don’t be surprised when everyone stops by to check themselves out and take the perfect mirror selfie!

Now that you know the best budget-friendly ways to spice up your dorm room, it’s time to get shopping!

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