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10 Ways To Effortlessly Come Off Sexy

Sexy is the new black, it should be a staple in everyone’s life. Do you know those people that just carry themselves in a way that is effortlessly sexy all the time? Well, I think we should all aim to be those people, because the secret is taking care of and loving yourself. Below I have my top ten tips to be effortlessly sexy in your day to day life not only when you’re alone with your partner but it all starts within you.


I guess this seems like a given, but confidence is truly the sexiest thing someone can offer. Even if you’re feeling insecure, fake it until you make it, baby! Look in the mirror before you leave the house and point out five things you love about yourself and let them stick in your mind all day. I am telling you for a fact that nothing is sexier than a person who knows exactly what they bring to the table and are confident in that. 

2. Power Colors

Figure out what color makes your eye pop or makes your beautiful complexion stand out. We all have a color that makes us stand out. If you don’t know yours already, I suggest trying out a bunch and taking a photo in each. You’ll know you’ve found the one when your face jumps out of the photo and you look like you’re glowing. Knowing your signature color also boosts the confidence levels in a person. So go find your color and show up in it when you want to feel extra sexy. A favorite trick of mine to feel sexy is to wear sweats of any color over lingerie in my power color. That way, if or when someone takes the sweats off, they will be awestruck. 

3. Focus on Style

Find the style that flatters your body the best. This goes for any style of clothing from sweats to lingerie. If you focus on wearing things that define your curves and draw attention to your best assets, you’ll look sexy AND feel sexy. As someone that doesn’t have a lot of hip definition I like to aim for a high leg underwear that will lengthen my legs and give me a bit more shape. A go to tip for feeling sexy is looking at yourself in the mirror and realizing what a bad bitch you are. Any person would be lucky to see you looking this good. 

4. Hydrated Glowy Skin

My favorite sexy looks involve minimal effort so I never rush to throw on makeup. Luckily, I’ve learned you can look equally as sexy without makeup. So, before you go out, throw some moisturizing products on your face. This will make your face look super glowy and hydrated which will give off the vibe that your skin is super healthy. Healthy skin is sexy. To add a little oomph- I like to brush through my brows to make them extra fluffy, and throw on a little mascara. Boom! Your skin looks glowy, your lashes are long, brows on fleek, and you look sexy as hell. 

5. Painted Nails

Painted nails are the lazy girls’ hack to look very put together. If you hate going to get your nails done and don’t have the patience to do your nails at home, find a few minutes in your day to brush on some top coat before you walk out the door. Top coat is definitely noticeable even though it’s simple and easy. Your nails will look shiny and put together but you don’t have to put in much effort (and if you mess up, nobody will know!). If you do like getting your nails done or doing them on your own, try to keep up with it so they always look fresh. It is a noticeable trick to make you come off instantly sexy to people you encounter.


6. The Words You Speak

You know how people say, “The words you speak are the house you live in.”? Well, it’s true. The way you speak about yourself and others is a direct reflection on how you view yourself. I know we all appreciate a good venting session where you can say your worst thoughts but save those for your best friends. Around other people, be careful with your word choice and be sure to speak well of others. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve met someone who only said good things about others and left awestruck by their security within themselves. Being nice is sexy and radiates confidence as well. 

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7. Chapstick or Gloss

If we’re talking sexy in a sex appeal to someone you like kind of way, make sure your lips are always moisturized. Why? Because you want them to want to kiss you, right? If they’re interested in kissing you, there is a good chance they’ll glance at your lips throughout the night. You want those lips to look plump and kissable. A plain chapstick or lip gloss adds enough moisture and shine to catch anyone’s eye. Make sure you don’t cake it on too soon before kissing though, from my experience guys arent always big fans of having their mouths covered in gloss. 

8. Perfume

Smell is a huge sign of sexy. If someone noticeably smells good, you want to be around them more. It also is a sign that they take good care of themselves. So, take time to find a scent that represents you. There are so many options out there and people’s bodies react differently to certain scents. Try out a bunch and find one you love. I’d suggest making that your go-to so that people recognize that as your scent and think of you when smelling something similar. Trust me, they’ll be left thinking about that scent for hours after you’re gone.

9. Posture

Roll your shoulders back and hold your head high, babe! All too often we slouch over and fall forward. If you take a second to breathe, roll your shoulders back, unlock your jaw, and hold your head high, I can guarantee you’ll look like a different person. Posture is a huge indication of how you view yourself and how you expect people to view you. Slouching over is making yourself small, stand tall and claim your space. You belong there. 

10. Smile

Show off your smile! Even if you think your smile is too cheesy or you’re insecure about your teeth, I promise other people arent thinking that. Seeing people smile is sexy. The same princiapl goes for laughter and talking about things you enjoy. You begin to radiate a different kind of light when you smile and people will always be drawn to that.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any other ideas of things you find sexy. If you take anything from this post, I hope it’s that believing in yourself, and knowing your worth, makes you the most sexy.

Jenna Summer

Jenna Summer is twenty-something spending her days exploring New York City and chasing her dreams. As a recent graduate from The American Musical & Dramatic Academy, Jenna has been spending her time in the city itching to perform. She has performed Stand Up Comedy at many comedy clubs around the city as well as performing in sketch shows and cabarets with Upright Citizens Brigade and Others. During her time in school, she also fell in love with writing. Her goal is to be able to use her voice to inspire, entertain, and make people laugh.

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