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10 Ways To Edit Instagram Photos To Spice Up Your Page

We show many snapshots of our lives through Instagram, whether staged or not. Many also like to have an aesthetic look to their pages. Keeping things consistent and cohesive will help draw in more traffic to your page, if that’s what you’re looking for. Or if you’re like me, you just like having beautiful photos of your travels or adventures to share with your family. Here are some ways to edit Instagram photos to spice up your page!

1. Pick A Theme or Look

Picking a theme or a certain look is a great way to edit Instagram photos to keep your followers coming back for more. Keeping a specific color palette helps your photos to flow all together into one interconnected story.

If your main focus is photography of nature, edit your photos with the same type of filters and adjust them accordingly. If you loved the washed-out look, where colors aren’t overly saturated, keep the edits the same for each photo as this will help your photos flow on your page. If black and white photos are your thing, make sure to keep the majority black and white. You see where I am going with this?

2. Edit with Snapseed

When editing photos, we know the best way to interest those that are following you is to have consistency. Using the same app to edit your photos will help you create a uniform look within your page. Snapseed is a multi-function photo-editing app that has many filters and tools to tweak your photo.

Snapseed has image adjustments like saturation, brightness, contrast, and more. This makes it easy to fine-tune your photos if the lightning is too dark or the photo is a bit washed-out. Another great tool in this app is the selective tool to edit only specific areas of the photo.

3. Presets

Using presets can take your page from great to wow! Presets allow you to show your followers a steady flow of photos that promote a certain feel. If you mainly take and share photos of a tropical theme, then use a preset that’s going to allow those beautiful bright blues and greens to pop.

Presets can help you get a base edit on a photo you want and you can adjust according to more of your tastes. Presets can be a starting point to how you want your photos to look or it can be the final touch to picture! There are free presets out there and packages you can pay for. Either way it’s a great way to edit Instagram photos that add character.

4. Adding Graphics/Backgrounds

Graphics or cute backgrounds are a fun way to spice up your Instagram page and can be as unique as you want them to be.  Layering can create a fun and interesting look to your photos that may stand out from the crowd.

You can pick out any background that suits you or your theme and use it in a background of a photo of you. You can get creative with this, adding in other details like tears, or designs. The app superimpose is great for this idea!

5. VSCOcam

Another way to edit Instagram photos is with the very popular VSCOcam app. This app changed the game with the way many people edited their photos. The app is used for editing photos and has a camera built into it.

The filters are subtle enough to bring life to the photo but is not overly powering that it takes away from the actual image. Although there are few filters, the ones they do have work for many different types of photos and moods.

6. Lightroom

This may just be everyone who loves to edit photos holy grail of a program that edits photos. Lightroom is a tool used among many of the pros but also so easy to use beginners can learn and navigate it effortlessly.

This program makes it so simple to edit and create consistency for all of your photos on your page. If you want to take your photos from flat to depth, you can use Lightroom to add in some vibrant edits to make the photo come alive. Lightroom has free presets and you can also create your own.

7. FaceTune

This app is mainly used to adjust the finer details of a photo. So, for beginners out there, be gracious with this app and its tools. This app can be used to smooth out imperfections of faces, body parts, and others, or sharpen or brighten objects of a photo.

See Also

It can be very apparent in edits after using this app, whether it’s used to alter a face or body, so use sparingly. But let’s be real, sometimes we have that one giant pimple taking all the attention in a potentially great photo. FaceTune can help with that!

8. Preview

So, this is actually not an editing app, however it helps you in planning and essentially seeing the flow and cohesiveness of your feed. The preview app can show you how the photos you would like to post on your page will look with the ones already there.

This really helps you in creating and keeping the aesthetic feel and vibe of your page. This app can also show you the analytics of your Instagram page and see what photos engaged your followers or not. Pretty interesting!

9. Follow Trends and Seasons

Many people on Instagram follow the trends and seasons of the year to gain more traction and traffic onto their site. Following the seasons and trends makes it fun and engaging for your followers as well.

Edit your photos with warmer colors in Autumn, add in more whites and blacks during winter, incorporate blues and green for summer, and pastel pinks and yellows for spring. Having your photos and edits follow seasons and trends keep consistency within your page as well.

10. Be You!

There are so many ways to edit Instagram photos, but adding a touch of your own style and flare into your pictures can set you apart from others. Get creative with your photos, be unique, and always be you!

Creating a cohesive Instagram page is something many people want to know how to do, with these top ten ways to edit Instagram photos, you can do just that! Let us know your favorite ways to edit your photos in the comments below!

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Savanna Smithee

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