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10 Ways To Drive Him Crazy In Bed

10 Ways To Drive Him Crazy In Bed

Are you falling into a pattern in sex? Do you feel like you need to change it up and try some new things? Do you want to surprise your man with some fun new tricks? Here are 10 ways you can drive your man crazy in the bedroom:

1. Nibble On His Ear 

You can turn a guy on easily just by nibbling on his earlobe. Do not bite on his earlobe! Just lightly suck and nibble on it in the middle of kissing his neck or pulling his hair. 

You can even lightly run your tongue around his earlobe before nibbling on it to prolong the sensation further. This will have your man twitching and wanting more from you. 

10 Ways To Drive Him Crazy In Bed

2. Pull His Hair 

Men love it when a woman gets a bit aggressive and starts pulling on his hair. Start at the front of his head and run your fingers through his hair and begin to grab it as you get close to the back of his head. Once you grab it, pull on it with some force, but not too much, and bend his head back as you pull his hear. 

Your man will love this and you will feel sexy and empowered as your making him feel amazing. You can do this as you are kissing his neck or nibbling on his ear for added sexual tension and sensation. 

10 Ways To Drive Him Crazy In Bed

3. Kiss His Neck 

All guys love to be kissed on their neck! However, you cannot just be pecking his neck and expect him to enjoy it. You night to be lightly making out with his neck. You need to have light lip action with a little bit of tongue to get good results. 

Kiss him all over his neck slowly working your way around. While doing this, open your mouth at times and move your tongue in a circular motion in little increments. Do not use so much tongue that you are slobbering on him. Just a little goes a long way. 

10 Ways To Drive Him Crazy In Bed

4. Bite His Lower Lip 

During a nice make out session, make sure you are incorporating lip play. In the middle of kissing, suck on his lower lip and bite down just slightly.

Bite to the point that you can pull back on his lip just a little bit, but not too much that you are hurting him. Make him want more with just these couple little tricks. You can even incorporate a little tongue while biting by running your tongue along his lip then biting it. 

10 Ways To Drive Him Crazy In Bed

5. Tease Him 

There are so many ways to tease in a man in bed, and every single one of them will drive him crazy. Before performing oral sex, you can tease him by running your tongue along his pelvis and biting his hips.

You can tease him while kissing by pulling away at moments and making him come to you. You can also tease him during sex when you are on top. Before initiating sex, you can rub yourself along his body, moving your pelvis up and down along his, making him ache for you. With this move, you will have him dying of anticipation for what’s to come. 

10 Ways To Drive Him Crazy In Bed

6. Scratching 

Show him just how good he’s making you feel by scratching his back or his chest depending on the position you both are in. He will get pleasure out of knowing how crazy he’s driving you by feeling your scratching on him. 

Scratching is also a huge turn on for many guys. It often makes them feel as though they are in control and they can control every good feeling you are having. In turn, making them even more motivated to please you. 

10 Ways To Drive Him Crazy In Bed

7. Pin Him Down 

Nothing is sexier to a man than a woman who takes control and knows how to get exactly what they want in the bedroom. There are times when a man does not want to be the dominator and wants to submit to his woman completely. So, climb on top of your man, pin his hands down above his head, and let him know you are in control. 

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This is an incredibly sexy thing to do and it benefits both you and him. You can control his every move in a way that pleasures you, you can feel sexy doing so, and your man will love watching and feeling you dominate him. 

10 Ways To Drive Him Crazy In Bed

8. Moan In His Ear 

Moaning in your man’s ear is similar to scratching, but takes it to the next level. Men love to know how good they are making you feel because it makes them feel as though they are doing a good job, and they begin to feel confident in their abilities, making them more comfortable and willing to try more things in the bedroom. 

This is also an incredibly easy thing to do. Whether you are on top or on the bottom, pull your man in close, grab him by the back of his hear, kiss his neck, and then moan in his ear. If you are not quite to the moan yet, you can work your way there by heavy breathing into his ear. This trick will send shivers down his spine and have him begging you not to stop. 

10 Ways To Drive Him Crazy In Bed

9. Exude Confidence 

Confidence is key in the bedroom. Men do not want to worry that they cannot do certain things that they love in the bedroom because their woman is uncomfortable. Ladies, I understand that sex can be a vulnerable and exposing thing, and more often than not we are worrying about how our bodies look in front of these men.

However, I’ll let you in on a secret. Men do not care at all how your body looks. They are simply just happy to be seeing it. If you walk into that bedroom like you are the sexiest woman alive, then he will believe you are and you will get amazing results out of him.

10 Ways To Drive Him Crazy In Bed

10. Talk Dirty 

Tell him what you want ladies! Do not be shy and submit to mediocre sex. Give him instructions, ask him questions, let him know how to turn you on, and tell him how good he’s making you feel. He will love to hear it, and you will love the results you get out of it. It’s a win-win! 

10 Ways To Drive Him Crazy In Bed

Do you have any tips or tricks you’d like to share? Comment below and tell us how you drive him crazy in bed!

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