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10 Ways To Dress Up Overalls To Make Them Instagram Cute

10 Ways To Dress Up Overalls To Make Them Instagram Cute

*10 Ways To Dress Up Overalls To Make Them Instagram Cute

Overalls have become popular off and on over the last few decades, but it definitely seems like they’re making a comeback in recent years. But finding overalls that look good and are genuinely comfy can be such a struggle–so how do you dress up overalls and make them look cute and Instagram-ready? Here are our tips and tricks for taking your plain overalls to the next level!

1. Choose Skinny Leg Overalls

Baggy overalls are cute, but if you really want to learn to dress up overalls, it’s important to find overalls that are cute and fit well. Cue skinny leg overalls. First off, we’ve already established that skinny jeans are the best option for almost any figure. They’re slimming while also enunciating your butt and making it look amazing. So why would overalls be any different? By finding skinny leg overalls that fit your body comfortably and emphasize your assets, you can take your overalls game to the next level.

2.  Try Acid Washed Or A Fun Color

For those really looking to dress up overalls, choosing light denim, acid-washed design, or overalls in a fun color, you are already taking a step up from boring, plain overalls. On the flip side, choosing a black denim pair of overalls can also work – mainly, you just want to pick something fun and different that will give your overalls look a little extra spice. Light pastels are great for summer outfits, and dark denim will pair beautifully with all of your favorite comfy sweaters.


3. Pair With A Comfy Sweater In Winter

And here are where said comfy sweaters come into play: if you’re looking to dress up overalls in the winter, pairing your overalls with a nice sweater can be a great way to change up your normal “sweater and jeans” look. The sweater will also add a subtle pop of color that will contrast well with your dark overalls. Make sure to add accessories and cute hair and makeup, and your outfit will be on point for an afternoon date or fun girls day out.

4. Or A Fun Bralette In Summer

Obviously, in summer, sweaters aren’t going to be the go-to for an everyday look. So how do you dress up overalls in the summer heat? By pairing them with a cute and simple bralette or bikini top. This look adds a depth in texture and length to your outfit–while the overalls will cover up most of your body, the bralette offers just enough skin to be both cute and relieving in the hot weather. Plus, who doesn’t love an excuse to show off their cute bralettes?

5. Cuff The Legs And Pair With Cute Booties

You should always cuff your jeans – that’s just fact. It makes your outfit look clean and adds just a little texture and depth to plain jeans. So it stands to reason that you should also cuff your overalls. And when you are looking to dress up overalls, cuffing the bottoms and pairing them with a cute pair of booties in winter or some strappy sandals in summer can really add to the overall look. Shoes are incredibly important to any outfit, so if you’re trying to make your overalls Instaperfect, pair them with some cute shoes and you’ll be good to go!


6. Add Pins And Buttons

This is my go-to when I want to dress up overalls. Adding fun pins and buttons can really make your overalls do a 180 turn from blah to “Oh my god, where did you get those? They’re so cute!” Plus, pins and buttons are a really great way to express yourself or show off who you are in any outfit. If you’re extra girly and like the cottage core aesthetic, there are definitely soft, plant-themed patches out there that would fit your look perfectly. If you want your overalls to be a little more artsy and edgy, find some sarcastic pins or patches of your favorite paintings. There are patches and pins out there for everyone, and you can use them to make your overalls unequivocally you.

7.  Paint Them With Fun Designs

Do you like to paint, embroider, or sew? Then I’ve got good news for you: if you want to dress up overalls, all you need to do is hone into those talents and skills and go crazy. Like with pins and patches, by painting and embroidering your overalls, you are able to personalize and individualize your look to be perfectly you. Don’t be afraid to get crazy and make fun designs up and down the legs or across the pockets and butt – do whatever look and design that will make your personality shine through the loudest.

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8. Go For Linen Overalls

If you’re looking to dress up overalls and achieve the peak boho aesthetic then linen overalls are the ones for you. They are soft, comfy, flowy, and cute (I have more positive adjectives but I’ll stop there), and they scream boho artist vibes. Trust me, these are the look you’re going for – check your Pinterest fashion board, you know I’m right. There’s not much to say about linen overalls other than they are incredibly comfortable and you will never want to wear anything else.

9. Layer With A Cute Jacket Or Cardigan

Layering is always a solid idea for any outfit, so it stands to reason that if you want to dress up overalls, don’t be afraid to through a comfy cardigan or hot leather jacket on top of them. Layers add the necessary depth and textures to your look so you don’t just disappear into the crowd with a plain old T-shirt and jeans. And babe, you shouldn’t disappear in the crowd–all eyes should be turned on you while you strut confidently down the street in your killer overalls look.

10. Accessorize

If you’re ever trying to take any outfit to the next level, accessories are an easy way to do that. For those looking to dress up overalls, there are plenty of accessorizing options. You can pair it with a belt to enunciate your waist, or you could choose a big statement necklace and hoop earrings to add some extra color and designs to your look. You can also choose a statement bag or purse to bring with you to bring that extra spice to your day-out look. Whatever you do, wear something that is incredibly you. That way you will always look and feel like a true queen.


Know of other ways to dress up overalls to make them Instagram cute? Tell us in the comments!

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