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10 Ways To Dress Business Casual And Still Look Hot

10 Ways To Dress Business Casual And Still Look Hot

*10 Ways To Dress Business Casual And Still Look Hot

Trying to make business casual look cute can be a daunting task for graduates getting out into the real world for the first time. We want to look professional and respectable, but we also don’t want to seem like we just pulled our grandmother’s old suit out of the attic. So how do we turn plain, boring professional wear into cute and sassy looks that speak to who we are as individuals? Have no fear! Here are our top tips and tricks for adding a little extra flair to your business casual dress code.

1. Don’t Want To Wear Slacks? Try A Pencil Skirt

For some, pants just aren’t the right vibe for looking professional and cute. While they’re definitely a respectable business casual choice, it’s good to have some variety in your closet. For those looking to wear something flowy and feminine but still in the dress code, pencil skirts are a great option. Pencil skirts by nature will hug your curves in all the right places, but they’re more professional looking than a miniskirt would be. Plus, paired with a blazer, soft button-down, and heels, you’ll look job-ready and feel cute!

2. A Good Pair Of Heels Will Go A Long Way

I know we all want to wear our comfy flats or fashionable wedges so we’re comfy at work – and those are still super viable options for business casual attire. However, if you’re looking to give your outfit that little extra bit of edge, find a good, sturdy pair of heels. Heels will slim and lengthen your legs, and they’re great for making your butt look on point. Plus, a neutral black or nude heel will match almost every outfit you have, so you’ll never have to worry about what shoes to wear.


3. Full Tuck Or French Tuck Whenever Possible

I’ve had this debate with other coworkers before and the opinion seems to be kind of controversial at times, but I stand by the tip that you should full tuck or french tuck whenever possible. Tan France changed casual fashion opinion when he taught the world about the French Tuck on Queer Eye, and I’ve personally never been the same since. Obviously, some blouses have decorations or shapes that prevent them from being tuckable, and that’s okay. But whenever you have a shirt that is plain at the bottom, trying tucking it into your slacks, jeans, or skirt. It will make you look less lazy and give your body a more defined shape.

4. Find Form Fitting Slacks And Tops

My biggest cute business casual tip: don’t wear baggy clothes. I know oversized is our favorite aesthetic, and when it comes to button-downs, t-shirts, or sweatshirts, I will always be the first to order my clothes at least two sizes larger than I need them. But when you’re looking for business casual tops, dresses, and slacks, you’re going to want to find form-fitting options that emphasize the curves of your body and accentuates your best features. If you really want to feel sexy and confident, you can’t hide behind baggy clothes.

5. Don’t Be Afraid To Mix Patterns

It’s a scary concept at times because we learned way back when that you don’t mix patterns, but trying out different combinations of patterns and colors can be a great way to upgrade your business casual looks. Florals look amazing with plaid, and stripes go great with cheetah and animal print. The biggest thing is making sure you’re wearing complementary colors so that your pieces don’t clash.


6. A Sleek Black Look Is Always Sexy

If you’re not sure what to wear, an all-black business casual look is always sexy. It can be hard to match blacks and sometimes that can drive people away from full black outfits – however, matching black pieces isn’t as big a deal as people think. You mainly want to find pieces that match together aesthetically. Some possible examples are a black cotton sweater with black leather pants or black jeans, or a cotton black shirt with black cigarette pants. You can then take the opportunity to dress up your outfit with statement bags, shoes, belts, or jewelry.

7. Play Around With Different Fabrics

A great tip for creating cute variety in your business casual outfits is by adding fun, playful fabrics to your looks. You don’t have to just stick with the traditional denim, cotton, and wool–try adding some leather, suede, and silk. Silk tops are sexy and flowy, while leather pants and skirts will hug your curves and make your body look great while still being business-appropriate. Having more fabrics and designs can help elevate your professional closet and make you feel sexier in your daily workwear.

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8. If You Want Variety, Try A Wrap Dress

Another big way to make your business casual looks go from blah to babe is by incorporating cute dresses into your professional closet. There are so many dress designs that are still respectable and work-appropriate, so there’s absolutely no reason not to have a few that you enjoy wearing. If you’re not sure what makes a dress business casual appropriate, consider these dress code tips: your dress should be below your fingertips, with capped or long sleeves (thin straps are okay if you layer a cardigan or coat on top) and should have a neckline that won’t show off your boobs if you move or lean over (you want an appropriately cut neckline). Wrap dresses cover all of these checkboxes, and the body-hugging shape and material will make you feel cute and sexy.

9. Wear Your Hair Back With Cute Jewelry And A Bold Lip

You’re accessories and makeup can be a great way to make your business casual outfit hot and sexy. By seeking back your hair or pulling it up, you can show off some cute earrings or hair accessories. Plus, it will draw attention to your makeup, so you can really go all out with a striking eye look or a bold lip. However you want to express yourself, concentrating your outfit on your makeup and accessories can be a great way to add a little extra spice to your look.

10. Confidence Is Everything

At the end of the day, if you really want to make your business casual outfit hot and sexy while still being respectable and professional, confidence is key. If you think you look good and you act like you look good, everyone else will think you look good, too. It’s all in the strut and the attitude: you are a QUEEN. A babe. A god. You crush doubt under your heels. So put on your best pencil skirt, blazer, and sassy heels, and go rock your hot business casual look at the office!


Do you know of more tips to turn boring business casual to hot at the office? Tell us in the comments!

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