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8 Ways To Detoxify Your Body For Clear And Glowing Skin

Having clear and glowing skin is something that we all strive for, not only do we want clear skin on our face but our entire body. Sometimes we struggle to get that nice healthy glow and we blame it on the products we use, but, have you ever considered what you can change in your lifestyle that will help achieve that healthy glow? Our skin reflects our body conditions and when our body is full of unwanted toxins how can we possibly achieve that nice glowing skin? So, here are 8 recommended tips on how to detoxify your body to achieve that clear and glowing skin.

Use exfoliators

First of all, skin care. Yes. Detoxifying your body doesn’t mean skincare will become obsolete, however selecting the right type of skincare products that can help detoxify the surface of your skin and pores will definitely help make your skin clearer and less prone to inflammation and breakouts. There are exfoliators available for both your body and face that will help remove dirt and dead skin cells to free up your pores and minimise their appearance. Large pores are often one of the reasons that make your skin seen rough and uneven, so before you even start to detoxify your body, you need to deep cleanse your pores for that fresher and clearer skin.

Hydrate from within

Dehydration is one of the main reasons for slow circulation and decreased cell renewal, even if you are using the best skincare products aimed at anti-aging, you need to increase your cell renewal rate from within and detoxify your body for that process to happen. Hydration helps wash out toxins in our body, and according to clinical practitioner Dr Isaac Eliaz, ‘water can also assist in transporting nutrients and oxygen to skin cells to prevent premature aging caused by dehydration’. Remember that 8 glasses of water a day is the minimal water intake and it needs to be increased according to how much water you are losing due to daily activities. In addition, having a cup of lemon ginger water first thing in the morning is great for detoxifying your body.

Add more greens to your diet

The vitamins, minerals, and fibres can help you cleanse your body from unwanted toxins. Vegetables are high in antioxidants and vitamins that can help to strengthen your skin cells and better protect you from radicals and sun damage. Your body needs fuel to recover and vegetables are a great way to help you detoxify your body and absorb these nutrients for a younger and more radiant looking skin.

Fruits! not juice.

Fruits are full of fibre and fibre is important to help detoxify your body by cleaning out the toxins in your guts. If you thought that drinking juice is equally nutritional compared to eating fruits, you need to think again because juicing reduces the nutrients. The fibre of the fruit is lost when you extract the liquids from the fruit which is mainly water and sugar, and the vitamins are all in the fibre of the fruit that has been thrown away. If you love having a glass of juice it’s great, juicing can cleanse and detoxify you body especially when you mix in some green leaf vegetables, however, don’t skip out on eating the actual fruit as well.

Cut out deep fried food

Eating whole foods instead of processed food is more nutritional for your body. Your taste buds might love the taste from deep fried food, but your body probably hates it, especially your skin. Eating too much deep fried foods lead to excess oil production within the skin so when we eat deep fried food regularly there is toxin buildup in our system that causes blockage in our pores that leads to breakouts and blemishes. If you want to detoxify your body eat less deep fried food or just eat it in short intervals so you give yourself more time to detoxify your body by eating healthier during those intervals.

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Up your Vitamin-C intake

Vitamin C is great in helping your body cleanse the free radicals that increase wrinkles and sagging but also they help your skin cells as they are renewed by removing the DNA damages caused by those free radicals. Vitamin C rich foods can also help with wound-healing which is why it has skin-protecting benefits as it helps your skin cell recovery rate to achieve that smooth and glowing skin.

Limit alcohol intake

This one is going to be hard for most of us, it is difficult to completely cut out alcohol intake (but ideally we should). Alcohol is a vasodilator, and this causes the opening of blood vessels in the skin and the reason why our skin turns red and feels hot after drinking. Also, alcohol increases the release of histamines in our body and this is why some of us are allergic to alcoholic drinks. These two reasons are more than enough to ruin the skincare regime that we persist each and every day for that nice glowing skin. In addition, alcohol itself is a toxin and this is why we have hangovers. So if you want to detoxify your body make sure you don’t consume too many toxins in the first place.

Go to bed early

Beauty sleep is not a myth and here is why. During your sleep, you are detoxifying your body and sleep deprivation leads to incomplete and inconsistent detox cycles, leaving toxins in your body that can’t be cleansed in time. In the long run, there will be toxin build up that will make it hard to detoxify your body. This is why people usually have breakouts or worsened acne during periods of bad sleeping patterns. Your body starts to detoxify around 12pm at night so sleeping before midnight can help your body prepare for the detox cycle.

Detoxing from within is just as important as skincare. Are you already detoxing your skin without even noticing? How many of the above tips do you find useful?

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