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10 Ways To Destress After A Crazy Week

10 Ways To Destress After A Crazy Week

College is hard. Schoolwork is hard. Work is hard. Internships are hard. Life in general is just plain hard and full of stressors. Everyday we feel the stress of life on our shoulders and we are forced to deal with all kinds of difficult situations that bring us stress. 

No matter how hard and crazy your week is and how much stress it brings you, there comes a time when you just need a break. You need to take yourself out of reality for just a bit in order to destress and deal with the stress of weeks to come. 

Here are 10 ways to take yourself out of reality, relax, and allow yourself to destress after a crazy week:


1. Watch Netflix 

Take yourself out of reality and entire a world of fantasy, rest, and relaxation. After a hard week, there is nothing better than sitting on your couch, cuddled under a blanket, with a glass of wine in hand, and your favorite romantic comedy on the television screen. 

It is easy to escape the stress of everyday life by completely divulging in a Netflix Original series, or with an uninterrupted viewing session of back-to-back Nicholas Sparks films. 


2. Grab A Drink 

After a long week, you should let yourself unwind by heading to the local bar to catch up with a close friend over a cocktail or two. However, if going out to destress doesn’t interest you, then you could always crack open an ice cold beer or fix yourself a mixed drink in the comfort of your own home.

Sip your struggles away over a nice dinner, a bar outing, or a club night. When your work is tedious and your week is tough, you owe it to yourself to let your worries go, let loose, and let yourself have a little fun for a change. 


3. Go For A Walk 

Get outside, get some fresh air, and get some cardio in! If you’re feeling down in the dumps, going for a walk down the block, around the city, or through a park can be one of best ways to destress after a tough week. 

You can fall in love with the foliage around you, take in the scenery of the city lights, or stop in your local coffee shop for a steaming cup of coffee. Sometimes, it just takes getting yourself outside to get yourself out of the funk you are in. 


4. Go See A Movie 

Watching a movie inside your house may not always be helpful if being in your house is what stressed you out in the first place. So, instead you should go out and see a movie.

Stop by your local theatre and pick out whatever movie looks interesting to you. Indulge on buttery popcorn and handfuls of cookie dough bites while you enjoy the large screen and surround sound form the comfort of a full reclining chair. 


5. Hang Out With Friends

There is nothing that can turn your mood around faster than a fun night out with your best friends. These people know how to comfort you in a way that makes you feel better without ever making you feel like a burden. 

Your friends care about your happiness and always want to see you in a good mood. So, they will do their absolute best to make you happy and make you forget about all your stress, at least for a little while. 


6. Retail Therapy 

Shop your stress away with a little retail therapy. There is nothing that can make you feel better than spoiling yourself! Show yourself a little appreciation for the hard week you just went through and reward yourself with that top you’ve been dying to buy or that purse you just can’t live without!

Take a day off, head to the mall, and splurge just a little bit. You might hate yourself tomorrow, but today is all about you, so live it up. Embrace your inner shopaholic and let her run free!


7. Exercise 

Exercise is scientifically proven to relieve stress, so sweat your struggles away with a quick workout at your local gym. Whether it’s pretending a punching bag is that coworker you can’t stand, using the exercise bike to run away from your problems, or dancing your stress induced days away in a Zumba class, exercise is the perfect way to work on both your emotional and physical health at the same time. 

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8. Listen To Music 

Music is a hug part of our lives. We make our music choices depending on how we are feeling and what we are going through. Music has the ability to change our entire mood. 

Music can get anyone through just about anything. It can get the saddest person through a break up, the angriest person through a fight, and even be the background music to a happy person’s great day. So put your headphones in or crank your radio up and just jam out until all your stress is forgotten. 


9. Treat Yourself 

You’ve had a stressful week, so what better way is there to destress then to treat yo self! You should buy yourself a gift, get yourself a dessert, go to the spa, get your nails done, book yourself a hair appointment, turn your phone on silent mode and take a nap, binge watch Netflix, or simply just do nothing!

Do whatever is going to make you happy, let yourself relax, and feel your stress fade away. 


10. Take A Nap 

Crawl into your bed, pull the covers over your head, let the long day fade away, and push the restart button on your stressful week! A soundful slumber may be just the cure and exactly what you need to forget about all of your stress. 

There is nothing more relaxing than taking a nice nap. There is no stress while you are sleeping. There’s nothing to worry about, no one making you upset, and nothing that you have to deal with. You can just be in peace, so lay down, count some sheep, and leave your stressors be!


Do you have a certain way you like to destress? Comment below and tell us how you like to unwind after a crazy week!

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