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10 Ways To Deeply Connect With One Another

10 Ways To Deeply Connect With One Another

10 Ways To Deeply Connect With One Another

We are all looking for those that make us feel like the world is a little less crazy. Experiencing a deeper connection with someone doesn’t come from everyone you meet. Yes, you will meet people with similarities but what about a soul connection? What about that feeling of believing that maybe you knew this person all your life? There are various ways of finding that deeply connect with someone. Coincidentally enough, they all involve opening up your mouth.

1. Relating

Relating to someone can be just as easy as having something in common, simple as that. With much communication and spending time with one another, secrets and/or personal experiences will arrive in conversation. You feel comfortable with this person. This encounter can turn into a deeper connection once you find out ho much of the same the two of you are.

10 Ways To Deeply Connect With One Another

2. First Sight

Sometimes, when two people meet, it’s like you’ve known them all your life. Your energies match, your qualities, and values are the same… you just get each other. You’re not afraid to tell the other person your wants and dreams, your personal experiences and most importantly your pain. Funny with this first sight deeper connection, there is already trust distilled within this relationship. The connection is so strong it can feel as you knew them in another life. This doesn’t come around very often. You’re lucky.

3. Pain

Sharing the same traumas with another can be formed into deeply connect with someone. In the movies and in romantic novels, this kind of relationship can become toxic as a “deeper connection” becomes established. You start fiddling with each other’s demons and soon enough they become your own. I don’t think it’s very wise to establish a romantic relationship based off but, a platonic one maybe. However, it tends to grow into something deeper. One must learn to love and heal themselves first, know themselves, before handling someone else’s pain.

4. Showing No Judgement

Kindness is shy upon the world. A lot of those around us are do not know the meaning of the word and if they do, they weren’t shown enough in there past and have become bitter. Showing no judgment to a person based off of who they truly are can form into a deeper connection.

5. The Physical Aspect of Things

This has to be the most apparent way to deeply connect with a person. Once you give yourself physically, feelings get involved with either one or both individuals. There are many esoterics out there that says sexual encounters are spiritual ones. Once you connect with someone in that way, they leave a part of them with you. This can create a beautiful union to deeply connect with another human being.

6. Being Empathetic

There are many ways of empathizing with one another. Trying to relate to where a person is coming from based off of what they are going through at the present moment of past, can be a sign of connecting deeply. Who knows, the conversation may go further and spring into something way more than you expected.

10 Ways To Deeply Connect With One Another

7. Being Family

This has to be the simplest of ways. Being related by blood is like you already have a soul connection. The love that can run through family cannot be broken unless it has too for your sake. But on a lighter note, having a brother or sister or a close cousin is a bond like no other. It can’t really be explained. The family is your first love and can be your first enemy. A deep connection either way; either through disdain or love.

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8. Having a Smoke Break

I’m not talking about the old nicotine either. I am talking about a more recreational sort of approach. Marijuana is proven for people to become more social. Especially here in Los Angeles, it’s a gateway to asking someone out on a date. Seriously, you can spot someone smoking freely on the streets and walk right up to them and ask for a swig. More than often people will oblige. You can be smoking with a stranger one minute and become best friends the next.

9. Be Honest

I can’t stress enough how important it is, to be honest with any person you encounter. Being honest brings trust within any kind of relationship. It can all be so simple yet people make it so hard. Lies are easier to tell how you actually feel because people are afraid of getting hurt.

10 Ways To Deeply Connect With One Another

10. Lets Chill/ Spend Time Together

GO OUT!! DO NOT STAY IN THE HOUSE!! You get to know each other better when you see each other out. You see the way they act in public and interact with people. Spending time together informs you of your partner or friends mannerisms, likes and dislikes, their favorite food or why they have that huge scar on the side of their leg. Quality is the best time. Take a walk in the park or along a beach, go out to lunch or brunch in a busy street. It is best to do this amongst people during the day rather than a dark movie theatre or the comfort of your home. You’re not looking at them in the dark, you are trying to watch what is on screen! And I do not recommend your home because other expectations may arise or you may not want the other person to know where you live. Could still be early, it is up to you.

Take heed that deeply connecting with someone is a privilege. Every encounter you have with another human being is sacred and uncoincidental. It was meant to happen, rather good or bad. I would like to know what you think?! Please comment down below and tell me how you deeply connect with those around you.

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