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5 Ways To Decorate Your Space Without Causing Damage

5 Ways To Decorate Your Space Without Causing Damage

It’s almost that time again! That’s right, moving back into your dorm or maybe even moving into an apartment! Whatever you’re moving into, though, there is usually a standard rule: no damage. And unless you want to hand over some money you don’t have to put some pushpins in the wall, you stick to it. 

So how are you supposed to make your space cute and personal when you can’t add your own flair? Believe it or not, it is possible to personalize your area, it just takes a little creativity! Here are five ways to decorate your space without causing damage, so you keep the money that you need!

1. Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper

One of the most unsightly things about a dorm or apartment is the walls. But 99% of the time, painting the walls or hanging pictures with nails is a big no-no and will prevent you from getting your security deposit back. So how are you supposed to make the room visually appealing without causing damage?

Peel-and-stick wallpaper is a relatively new and increasingly popular way to decorate a space without causing damage. Unlike traditional wallpaper, peel-and-stick wallpaper doesn’t require glue but instead is like a giant sticker. Since there’s no glue involved, the wall won’t be damaged and is easy to remove when it’s time to leave or move onto a new place.

Since this has become more popular, there are hundreds of peel-and-stick designs to choose from! Go for a brick wall design for a New York apartment feel or try a mural if you just want to be at the beach 24/7!  

5 Ways To Decorate Your Space Without Causing Damage

2. Tapestries

If peel-and-stick wallpaper seems like too big of a job or not practical for your needs, another great way to decorate your space without causing damage is tapestries! 

Tapestries are fantastic because they can act as wallpaper by covering those unsightly walls but is much quicker than wallpaper and you can bring it with you from place to place. Tapestries are great for dorm rooms because dorms are typically on the smaller side, and a tapestry can cover up most of the space! 

Tapestries are also an excellent alternative for closet doors or can be used as window curtains! So while peel-and-stick wallpaper is ideal for larger spaces, tapestries can be used in multiple ways and are great for small spaces.

5 Ways To Decorate Your Space Without Causing Damage

3. Damage-Free Strips

If you want to personalize your space completely, damage-free strips are the way to go! 

When you move into a dorm or apartment, there’s usually a rule about not making any holes in the wall, even if they are just pinholes. Other dorm room walls might even be made from brick, concrete, or plaster, so nails and push-pins are a no-go. So if you want to hang up photos, posters, calendars, window rods, meet damage-free strips!

You can find these pretty much anywhere, including drugstores! Depending on what you want to hang, there are different types of stips, including velcro that can hold a variety of weights. So if you’re going to hang window rods for curtains, try out some hooks that hold around 15 lbs!

And when it’s time to move, or you’re just tired of the placement, simply remove by pulling the tap, and no damage will be left behind! 

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5 Ways To Decorate Your Space Without Causing Damage

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4. Contact Paper

Contact paper is a must for personalizing your dorm room furniture! Many dorm rooms will give you the essentials like a desk and dresser, but they are usually wooden and not visually appealing. So if you want to personalize your furniture and make your dorm look 10x better, try out contact paper!

Contact paper is similar to wallpaper but is often used for smaller spaces. Change a boring old wooden desk or nightstand into a marble one or change the color of anything without paint or damage! Having a more fun workspace will make you more productive, and you won’t dread sitting at your desk to do homework!

5 Ways To Decorate Your Space Without Causing Damage

5. Area Rugs 

Last but definitely not least are area rugs! 

Area rugs are great if you move into a place with wooden floors. Wooden floors can be pretty uninspiring and can get cold. They’re also pretty uncomfortable so if you want some added comfort, look into an area rug! 

Area rugs can also really tie a room together and make your space look bigger! Area rugs are super easy to find as well and can be extremely inexpensive so your wallet won’t take a hit!

5 Ways To Decorate Your Space Without Causing Damage

Would you try any of these non-damaging ideas in your space?

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