5 Ways To Decorate Your Room On A Budget

The best place to escape a hectic day of work and school is a cozy bedroom. The majority of your time spent in one place needs to reflect your personality and provide the sensation of comfort. Decorating your room can get expensive unless you find unique ways to do it yourself. Check out these five different ways to decorate your room on a budget.

1. Botanical Vibe

It’s important to create a peaceful room to escape reality. Surround your bed with fake plants to make the room look fresh and full of life. Your local dollar store has a whole isle dedicated to DIY crafts. You can find fake plants from all different shapes and sizes to decorate your room. Putting plants in small wicker plant holders makes it easier to hang them on the wall. Hanging the plants at staggered heights will transform a bedroom from plain and simple to garden-fresh and renewed. Depending on how many plants you choose to purchase to decorate your walls, the whole decorum will fit into your budget perfectly.

5 Ways To Decorate Your Room On A Budget

2. Old School Romantic

This decoration on a budget is perfect for a soulful romantic with dried roses resting in ornate vases. The dried roses can come from personal memories like past dates or Valentine’s Day. The local dollar store is your best friend when decorated your room on a budget. That same dollar store isle with fake plants will have glassware including vintage vases. Be sure to pick up some thick twine and hot glue it around the vases before hanging them so they don’t fall and shatter. Just a couple DIY steps and you will have beautiful wall décor in minutes.

5 Ways To Decorate Your Room On A Budget

3. Tapestry Lover’s Dream

A fully decorated room might be missing a little something. What is that something? It’s your ceiling! Not many people think about decorating the ceiling but once you do, there’s no going back. The easiest way to embellish the ceiling is by pinning an ornate tapestry that matches the vibe of your room. Tapestries can be expensive if you buy them online. Who says that the tapestry can’t just be a large cut of fabric from the craft store? Make sure you measure the area of your ceiling that you want covered first before heading to the craft store. Pick out fabric with a cute pattern and one that incorporates the same color scheme as your room. The tapestry will draw everyone’s attention to the ceiling and away from the laundry piled in the corner.

5 Ways To Decorate Your Room On A Budget

4. Starry Night

Twinkling lights make even the most boring and undecorated room pop. A pair of sheer curtains and indoor clear string lights add a dreamy look to any room. Instead of wrapping them around the headboard, attaching them to the ceiling creates height to your room with a waterfall of lights. The easiest way to attach the sheer curtains and string lights to the ceiling is by hanging them through a couple towel rods faceted to the ceiling. All of these products can be bought at a local market to fit into your budget and more importantly glam your room.

5 Ways To Decorate Your Room On A Budget

5. Nostalgic Room

Brighten up you room with a wall of string lights. Don’t stop there, the small space in between the lights are perfect for hanging cute polaroid’s chalk full of memories. A wall full of captured memories from summer nights with your girls to fun road trip selfies turn any plain room into a happy place. The only purchase necessary is a couple fairy light strings and tacks to pin them to the wall. This room décor fits perfectly in your budget and turns a boring wall into a walk down memory lane. Now you have a place to hang all those polaroid’s sitting in a box.

5 Ways To Decorate Your Room On A Budget

Find the style that fits your personality and let your room reflect it. These five different ways to decorate your room on a budget is only the beginning. Get creative and make sure you save those pretty pennies at the same time. Share some of the ways you decorate your room on a budget in the comments!

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