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7 Ways to Decorate Your Coronavirus Mask

7 Ways to Decorate Your Coronavirus Mask

There is nothing pleasant about the situation the whole world is facing. Everything was shut down temporarily, we cannot see our loved ones and friends that much, and we have to wear masks wherever we go to stop the spread. The exciting thing about the time we are living in is the new fashion piece we get to experiment with, the masks! There are many ways to decorate your mask in a way that is personal to you and can be made stylish while keeping you safe. Read on to discover ways you can personalize your mask, give yourself a quarantine activity and leave the house looking fly and fabulous.

Sew Your Name Onto a Pattern

If you are good with sewing skills or just want to sharpen the ones you already have, sewing your name or any other design onto your mask is a creative way to spice up your cloth or surgical mask. Experiment with different yarn colors like ones intertwined with metallic yarns or use the yarn to sew in 3D pieces like buttons or small beads. For this, you can use a sewing machine or stitch your mask yourself. If you are a beginner, consider starting out with just your initials in the corner and work your way up to your full name as you practice sewing more.


Decorate Your Surgical Mask

Wearing a surgical mask out in public is definitely not the cutest accessory. There are some ways, however, that you can decorate your mask to make it more suitable to your style and stand out from all the others. Use materials like buttons, glitter and rhinestones to your mask to make it pop. The type of material used to make surgical masks can also hold up smaller patches that you can sew on, small dangly charms or stickers. Collect a few small things that you find meaningful or speak to your personal style and that go well together and begin to sew, glue gun or use whatever medium you see best fit to attach the objects.

Create Your Own Mask

If you have a lot of free time on your hands and are feeling especially artsy, you can create your own mask completely from scratch. Begin by finding old clothing pieces or cloth that you want to use for your mask. Sketch out how you want to piece these articles together and take into account any additional embellishments you will include like buttons, small charms or stickers. You can then sew these pieces together and make sure that they are all large enough together to cover the bottom half of your face. After this step, cut a hole on both sides of the sewed cloth piece and string a piece of elastic band through both ends of the mask and tie in the back so it is ready to wear out in public.


Repurpose Old Clothing 

Another way to wear a coronavirus mask is to repurpose some of your old clothes. This could be an old handkerchief, bandana, or tank top, etc. that you can cut up and sew together or wear on its own and tie together in the back. Consider also finding old clothes that have been sitting in your closet for ages and cut them up to repurpose the clothes. You will always find something in your house you do not use to serve this function perfectly.

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Design Your Own Mask

There are many websites that offer the ability to design your own cloth mask with different logos like, and Create a cool digital-looking design using one of these websites to combine different colors, shapes or custom logos or drawings. Get creative and use your imagination with this medium because this is one of the few that you can literally put anything on your mask with few limitations. If you have friends or family that are not as creatively inclined as you are, offer to design a mask for them using one of these websites and bring to life something unique that represents them. You can also use these websites or others to design masks for others who need it like healthcare workers.

Knit or Sew a Mask

If you are into sewing or knitting or want to dabble in one of these for the first time and have a solid chunk of time to dedicate to this project, knitting or sewing a mask of your own can be a fun and creative project that will leave you feeling very accomplished. Pick out your favorite yarn or string colors and hand knit, stitch or use a sewing machine to create a multicolored or solid colored piece of fabric. You can add designs to your mask if you want to get really fancy. Once you have completed the cloth part of your mask, cut out two holes on both sides and string some elastic band through them and tie at the back. If you enjoy this craft, consider sewing some for hospitals that may be having shortages on masks for their employees or for your friends and family that are in need of a mask.

Sport Your Favorite Brand on Your Mask

This may sound cheesy but it could be edgy and creative to rip your favorite clothing brand labels off the clothes themselves and sew them onto your cloth mask. This way your mask can match with the vibe of your outfit or with the clothes you are wearing.The mask does not have to be a brand; it can be a symbol or quote that you find meaningful. Consider using iron-on patches, stitching some letters or even using acrylic paint.


Essentially, there are a wide variety of ways to decorate your mask to represent who you are and what you want to show or share with the world without blending in with the sea of all the other faint blue masks. We all have a lot of time on our hands now so what better way to get creative and give back to our community than this fun little project?