Top 10 Ways To Decorate With Fairy Lights

Top 10 Ways To Decorate With Fairy Lights

Brighten up any room by adding twinkling fairy lights into your decor. Many people use twinkling fairy lights to develop coziness in specific spaces or turn a room into a mystical fairy wonderland. Incorporating strings of fairy lights into your household decor makes any space feel comfortable and homey, but adding a soft warm hue of light. Compared to regular string lights, fairy lights are less bulky and produce a less intrusive amount of light, making them the more demure decorating option of the two. The tiny bulb size and thinness of the wire makes fairy lights an extremely versatile decorating piece.

Check out these 10 cool ways to decorate your home with twinkling fairy lights.

1. Bed Canopy

Sleep under the stars by hanging, and draping fairy lights over and around your bed. A clever trick to give your comfy space a more luxurious and whimsical vibe is to place the fairy lights behind a large sheet of thin, sheer fabric. Make sure to pick a color that is light and sheer enough so that the hue from the lights can still be seen through the sheet. Once the color is decided, take the desired measurements and go get some fabric. Using thumbtacks or nails to secure the sheet, pin one edge to the ceiling and pull it back to the wall your bed is against, leaving just enough room between the ceiling and fabric to string the lights though. The rest of the fabric should fall against the back wall, mimicking the look of a headboard.


2. Fairy Light Lantern

A foolproof way to jazz up any room is with some fairy light lanterns. This particular decoration is easy to make yourself and leaves room for more creative freedom and personal preference. The first step is to pick a glass jar or empty glass lantern. The second step is to get fairy lights, preferably battery powered, and fill the jar or lantern up to the top with them. Vwala you’re done!

3. Hanging Lights Picture Wall

Got some extra picture prints or polaroids laying around your room with nowhere to go? Here is your solution! Begin by getting a couple strings of shiny fairy lights and pin them in back and forth lines along your wall. Next, get a few cool colored clothespins and use them to hang up your picture along the strings of lights on your wall.

4. Hanging From Stairs

A unique way to spice up your household decor is to dress up normally bland stair rails. Although this placement of lights is traditionally done as a Christmas decoration, it’s to pretty to not be seen all year long. Plus at Christmas time you’ll have one less decoration to worry about.


5. Forming Words

Take your favorite word and make it brighter. Use a string of fairy lights and write out a short word, keeping it in place with wall tacks, and hang it up on your wall for a sweet or inspiring word reminder.

6. Framing A Mirror

Make your reflection a little brighter by draping a string of fairy lights around the border of a mirror. This decoration is super easy to do and makes each look into the mirror a little more fanciful.

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7. Outdoor Decor

Adding fairy lights to your outdoor decor not only brings about a rustic chic look but serves a practical use. If your hosting festivities in the evening and the weather is nice, show your guests outside and introduce them to a well-decorated backyard or patio that shines enough light for the party to go all night long.

8. Draped Through Sheer Curtains

Brighten your room by mixing curtains and fairy lights together. If you have sheer fabric as curtains, place a string of fairy lights behind them and a dim hue will shine through. If your curtains are made up of solid colored fabric that’s not able to be seen through, wrap the lights around the rod, or put the string in front of the curtain for a light that shines past the dark color.

9. Brightening Wall Accent

Brighten any room by hanging string lights on walls that have awkward blank spaces. Hanging multiple strings down the wall gives off more light for a brighter wall accent. If you desire a softer hue, string the lights around the border of the walls so that the presence is not as intrusive.


10. String Through Indoor Foliage

Indoor foliage looking a little run down? Put the life back into those plants by stringing lines of fairy lights in and around the stand that holds them. Another way to incorporate fairy lights into foliage is by tightly wrapping a string around a flower pot.

Utilize some of these decoration ideas in your own home decor plan and add a slight bit of whimsical vibes into any room. Shed some light on others and introduce them to the magic that comes with using decorative fairy lights!

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