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10 Ways to Decorate with a Budget

10 Ways to Decorate with a Budget

There is nothing more important than coming home and feeling at peace in your decorated space. In that moment, it doesn’t matter what your obligations are, what your day was like or how your day will go tomorrow. So what is one to do when you want to make your space a haven but don’t have ample funds to do so? One word: Budget! Check out these tips on how to decorate on a budget!

1.) The Dollar Store

The Dollar Store is heaven to any bargain hunter or frugal decorator. Listen, it doesn’t need to be expensive if it makes you feel comfortable and fancy! The Dollar Store has the best seasonal decorations. Fake flowers, streamers, lawn decorations and place mats are just some of the little trinkets they offer. These inexpensive add-ons help the area you’re decorating to be refreshed and new with every season. The Dollar Tree also has amazing options for glassware and plain filler candles!

2.) Thrift Stores

If you have a local thrift store near you, please don’t hesitate to browse the aisles for some hidden gems. I know, if you’re not someone who likes to shop, this process may be painful for you. I get it, endless rows of discounted mundane stuff make it intimidating to find the one hidden gem!¬† If you get overwhelmed just by the idea of stepping into a thrift store, then have a plan! Thrift stores tend to have wall art that was gently used that may be the perfect fit for your space. Check for vases, candles, picture frames and fabric that could be used for projects down the line.


3.) Theme

The most important thing to determine when getting ready to update your space is what theme you would like to pursue. Is your style farmhouse chic? Do you like modern elements? Mid-century? Once you have a certain look pinpointed, it becomes all the more easy to get an idea of exactly what you are looking for. When left to our own devices with no plan in the store and no idea of what to look for, we often buy things we don’t need or things that won’t fit into our space anyway.

4.) Lighting

It is incredible how the lighting in a space can completely change the feel. Unfortunately, lamps and overhead lighting can be extremely expensive. And though my first advice is always to check your local thrift shops, it can be frustrating to get just the right fit for just the right price. I would recommend looking at buying light bulbs with a higher wattage for the fixtures that you already have and love. This will help to brighten them up and may cut down on the smaller fixtures you would need to get. Also, consider lighter wall colors, furniture and curtains. Dark brown curtains in a small room with light blue walls may be stifling. However, white curtains in a small room with light blue walls has a whole new feel. Lighter, airy and less stuffy. That one aspect, coupled with a new rug and some brighter light bulbs can change the whole dynamic of the space and when discussing lighting, dynamic is an integral consideration to keep in mind.

5.) Less is More

If you don’t have the budget to do all the things you want all at the same time, don’t! It is better to save focus on one important project and finish it, than it is to start hundreds of little projects that never get finished and make your space look haphazard and unfinished. Just a word of advice, there is always, always, bound to be an occurrence (like water damage) that stalls the project. If you only have one project happening at a time, than you can focus your time and funds into finishing that. It will be less stressful all around.


If you can’t afford to fill a space, than don’t! Explain yourself as a minimalist and stick with it! Pick a theme and do what you can. If you put in the time and energy, you are going to love it and it is going to work! You can count on that!

6.) Reasonable DIY

Ugh, don’t we all wish that we had that talent wielded by video makers on Instagram to completely revamp anything with complicated DIY? Well, I am here to say, stick to the simple DIY projects. No one, except you, will know the difference and you will save tons. Stay away from complicated plans and layouts. Revamp the smaller aspects of decorating like wall art, side tables, etc.

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7.) Wall Art

The art on your wall is what you will see every single day, first thing when you walk in the space. So make it good. A great money  saver is to grab some previously used picture frames at a thrift shop or some cheap ones at the dollar store and paint them (hello simple DIY). Then, print out some inspirational quotes from your computer, frame them and hang them up! Super reasonable to do, so easy and you can pick and choose the quotes that mean the most to you.

8.) Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

This goes right back to DIY and shopping at thrift stores. But not just that. Keep your eyes peeled for estate sales and tag sales. If a family member is doing a revamp of their space and getting rid of a bunch of stuff, see if there is something you can salvage. You would be surprised how much a coat of paint can fix! Also, every style comes back into style, so don’t be afraid to be a trend setter!

9.) Fresh Flowers

One of the easiest and timeless ways to add a certain element to your space is to bring some of the outdoors inside. If you don’t have a green thumb, grab some succulents! If you are worried about constantly having to buy fresh bouquets of flowers, plant some perennials outside in your garden (rose bushes are a great option and super durable). They will come back every year and you can bring some of the outside decoration, inside! Nothing makes a space feel more fresh and clean like fresh flowers. It can be as expensive as you’d like, or a one time investment that will totally pay off in the end.


10.) Scents

Another easy way to make your space, not only look and feel homier, but smell homier, is candles or essential oils! Because of the current craze with candles, they are widely available for really reasonable prices! Pick a scent you like, pick a color that you like and place it in your space and watch it transform.

It can be overwhelming to take on a huge project, but it is so important to be proud of your space and feel comfortable! You are now fully armed to take on whatever project you want! Let us know your favorite money saving decorating hacks in the comments below.

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