Ways To Decorate For Fall That Aren’t Only Black And Orange

Decorate for fall this year in a way that’s a little bit outside of the norm! We’ve put together some of the best ways that you can decorate your home this autumn that goes way beyond just your typical black and orange!

Velvet Pumpkins

Velvet pumpkins are the perfect way to decorate for fall, especially if orange isn’t your favorite color to decorate with!

Velvet pumpkins come in lots of different colors such as purple, pink, blue, and green! Not only do velvet pumpkins make the perfect decorations, but they also add a sophisticated look to your space! And if you can’t find a color you love, you can DIY velvet pumpkins in only a few simple steps!

For this DIY, all you need is a styrofoam pumpkin or sphere, stretch-velvet material, and twine! You can also stuff your pumpkin with cotton or pillow stuffing if you want to make them like pillows! You can find all of this at a craft store.

Place your pumpkin’s “insides” on the center of the velvet and simply pull to the top! Make a twine stem, and you’ve got your very own personalized velvet pumpkins!

Ways To Decorate For Fall That Aren’t Only Black And Orange

Color Palettes

Finding non-orange fall decor can be a challenge since the typical colors of fall are primarily orange. But just because orange is a standard autumn color doesn’t mean there aren’t other colors that you can decorate with!

Color palettes and schemes are a great way to discover new color combinations to decorate with! While many of these do include orange, not all do, and you can always skip the orange or make it minimal!

Untraditional fall color palettes include gold, navy, brown, and taupe, or teal, violet, and forest green or burgundy, rust, and forest green, or gold, mustard, and plum. There are hundreds of color combinations to choose from!

Ways To Decorate For Fall That Aren’t Only Black And Orange

Autumn Wreaths

Autumn wreaths are another fantastic way to decorate for fall and not use orange or black as a focal color!

While many fall wreaths involve orange leaves, they don’t have to be the main attention factor! Instead of using changing leaves, take inspiration from the west coast, and use more neutral colors! On the west coast, leaves don’t change like they do on the east coast so it might give you some inspiration!

If it’s near impossible for you to find a wreath you like, you can easily DIY your own! There are hundreds of tutorials on how to do this, all you need to do is collect the items you want to put on it! Consider using burlap ribbon, white pumpkins, and pinecones!

Ways To Decorate For Fall That Aren’t Only Black And Orange

Chalk Painted Pumpkins

We often forget that we don’t have to change the colors of our homes to decorate for fall. A great way to decorate for fall is to utilize your home’s color schemes and paint your decorations to match!

An effortless way to do this is to get some pumpkins, real or fake, and paint them using chalk paint! Chalk paint is an inexpensive way to give your decorations a personalized and vintage quality. Chalk paint is relatively easy to find and can be a gorgeous way to help you decorate for fall without having to change your home’s color scheme!

Ways To Decorate For Fall That Aren’t Only Black And Orange

Fall Pillows

Last but not least, adding fall pillows to your area is a fantastic and easy way to decorate for fall!

Fall pillows are very easy to find and DIY during the fall and can be found for a great price! Check out stores such as Home Goods, Etsy, or Society6 to find some adorable fall-inspired pillows! The best part is, many of these pillows have autumn designs that stray from the traditional fall colors of black and orange.

Having pillows with autumn designs is all you need to decorate for fall! Don’t feel like you need to get orange and black because those are the traditional colors!

Ways To Decorate For Fall That Aren’t Only Black And Orange

How will you be decorating this fall? Let us know in the comments below!

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