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5 Ways To Declutter Your Dorm Room

5 Ways To Declutter Your Dorm Room

We all know how easy it can be to let our dorm rooms get out of hand. Especially when the most stressful weeks of college arise, like midterms and finals week. Fortunately, we’re here to help you manage all that! Keeping my space clean, whether I’m in a dorm room or apartment, helps me perform my daily tasks better. Knowing that I have that clean space gives me a clear mind. Even if you don’t work that way, I’m sure you can agree on the fact that it at least makes you feel a little bit better and more in control of things. Keep reading to find out how to keep your dorm room clean, organized, and far from messy.

1. Use Multi-Use Furniture

When you’re living in a college dorm room, you have limited space. This is where keeping furniture that can be used for multiple things might come in handy. You can also buy furniture that goes along with your color scheme or style, but no one would ever really know that you organized the inside of it with some of your things solely due to the way that it looks. For example, using a trunk or an ottoman. Both of these can maximize your space because they are fairly big in size and you can put whatever you’d like inside of them. If I had an ottoman, I would probably fill it up with all of my textbooks.

5 Ways To Declutter Your Dorm Room

2. Throw It Out

This one might be hard, but it is most likely necessary. Before you start to organize your room, you should probably do a nice little spring cleaning beforehand. I’m sure you have a bunch of items in your dorm that you forgot you even had and will not use. It would be best to either throw them all away or give them to charity. When decluttering things like your desk or your drawers, move slowly and make sure you’re only throwing out the things that are useless to you.

3. Utilize The Space Under Your Bed

This storage hack will help you declutter your dorm room in minutes. Many dorm room beds can be lifted up, therefore maximizing your space for allowing bins, boxes, or drawers underneath. If you’re not a fan of people walking into your room to see so much going on underneath your bed, try purchasing a bed skirt to cover up the extra storage space.

5 Ways To Declutter Your Dorm Room

4. Command Hooks

Command hooks are extremely helpful, especially for college students. They can be used for anything…and I mean anything. Jewelry, photos, lights, towels, the list goes on. You can buy them in different sizes and the bigger, the stronger they are and the more they can hold up. They’re durable, easy to install and leave no mess behind. All you have to do when you remove them at the end of the year is make sure you move slowly, never yank them off of the wall.

5 Ways To Declutter Your Dorm Room

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5. Shoe Organizer

You probably brought more shoes to college than you intended. If you’re running out of space yet still want your room to look clean and organized, try using a shoe organizer. You could purchase a vertical one for the back of your closet door or place it underneath your bed. Either way, it is going to save you a lot of space. Keeping your shoes in such an organized fashion will also make it easier to pick and choose which you would like to wear with your outfits.

5 Ways To Declutter Your Dorm Room


Which tip/trick are you going to use for your dorm room this year? Tell us in the comments below!

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