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10 Ways To De-stress This Fall Semester

As the fall semester approaches and digs deeper underway so can stress. It is easy to let the worst of the day get the best of you. It’s also easy to hide in the library and get your work done while stressing about the next day. In order to battle that stress so you can wake up each day with a positive attitude and calm or peaceful mind you will need to try out some coping strategies. We have all been there: when you are deep into the semester and feeling the worst of your work piling up. You will have to decide on whether to go out with friends or hang back to get all that work done before Monday arrives. I’m here to tell you that balance is everything. There are ways to get all of your work done while taking the breaks that you need to feel happy, less stressed all in the name of fun. 

These are the best ten ways to de-stress when you need to get away from all of your hard work this fall semester! 

1. Coloring

Coloring is one of the best ways to de-stress and calm your mind when you have a lot going on. Check out some coloring books at your nearest CVS, Target or Walmart and pick up a pack of your favorite coloring utensils like crayons, markers, or coloring pencils. 

I love to sit on my bed with a couple of comfy pillows, blankets and watch some Netflix while mindlessly coloring. Focusing on pretty colors instead of focusing on all of the essays you have to write for the next week will really help you to de-stress and take a load off. 

2. Listen To Music

Turn on your favorite music and color, Turn on your favorite music and explore the parts of campus that you have never explored. Or you can explore Spotify or Itunes looking for new music and learning more about artists who you do not know. 

Realizing that you can relate to an artist’s lyrics and passion helps us to not feel so alone. Music can uplift us when we’re down, make us smile, dance, and all of these things will help you to feel better and take a bit of a break from what isn’t providing support to your mental health. 

3. Take A Nature Walk

If you are a person who loves to get out in nature then this is the perfect stress relief strategy for you! Take a nature walk and see what you can find! Go on an adventure, sit calmly and watch some birds, take in some sun rays and get that vitamin D. Being outside can refresh not only our minds but our bodies and souls, we become more grounded and can let go of what is not serving us when we connect with the earth and nature that gives us support every day. 

You deserve that nature walk, take at least one walk a week and you’ll realize the calmness in your mind body and soul the next time you go to do work! 

4. Meditate Instead Of Nap

Of course, you can take a nap if you want to and if that helps you feel the best! When in school I took a nap at least once a day probably! But sometimes meditating and resting is better so that you don’t wake up groggy and continue to procrastinate. Just take three mindful and deep breaths while closing your eyes and lying down comfortably. 

5. Get Into Weightlifting

Getting in a good workout and lifting some heavy-weights can help you take out any anger or emotions out in the gym and not out on anyone. Working out can bring in endorphins to help you stay energized, positive and ready for the day. It can also help you battle any negative thoughts and think more clearly about situations. 

Whenever I’m mad or stressed and need some time to think, I go to the gym and focus on lifting, running or doing any kind of workout to get my mind off of things. When I’m done with my workout I feel ready to talk things over or get work done! 

6. Bake Some Cookies

Baking cookies is always the way to feel better! Bake your favorite type of cookies, eat them, ask some friends to join. Cookies will always win your mind and heart over when many other things are trying to manage your life. 

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7. Organize Your Desk

This may seem like it goes against de-stressing but for some, cleaning can actually be the exact opposite. If things in your room are only starting to pile up like laundry or random things are out of place then take a moment to clean them up and put them back. Once your room is nice and organized then you can feel better knowing that there is only so much less to tend to. 

8. Take A Dance Break

Turn up the music and dance off the stress with your favorite music. Dance around your room like nobody is watching, and hopefully no one is watching. Dancing can help to blow off some steam and release negative energy that you don’t need to hold onto. 

9. Do Some Yoga

Look up some yoga on youtube or if you know how to do a couple moves then bust them out! You can stretch in your room for twenty-five minutes to de-stress and let go of some bad energy. You can also take this time to relax, think or not think and breathe. Maybe you just want to clear your mind or maybe you want to release tension in your body. Either way, doing yoga will help you reach a quiet space away from homework or any other stress you are dealing with. 

10. Journal Or Do Some Creative Writing

Getting your mind off of the homework you have to do or any other stress you are dealing with by doing some fun writing exercises or writing about how you feel at this moment in time can really help to de-stress. When you need some time alone this can be the perfect way to write yourself out of stress and negative thinking. 

What do you do to relieve stress during the semester? Which one of these de-stressing strategies are you going to try?

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