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5 Ways To Curb Those Midnight Cravings

5 Ways To Curb Those Midnight Cravings

5 Ways To Curb Those Midnight Cravings

We’ve all been there, the glow of the fridge hitting your face as you rummage past expired yogurt for the perfect late-night snack. While nothing tastes better than Doritos at 1 in the morning, studies have shown midnight cravings are actually quite harmful. Fret not! We found 5 easy enough ways to curb those midnight cravings. You can still eat the Doritos, just not mindlessly in your pj’s when you should be getting that essential shut-eye.

1. Identify The Why

Sometimes what leads us to the fridge may not be hunger at all, it could be stress, anxiety, sadness- whatever the cause, step one is identifying it. Addressing your emotions is essential to solving the problem. Find out what emotions lead you to have those midnight cravings.

Once you discover that you’re actually not hungry you’re just bored or anxious then you can find a solution. Maybe some meditation might help, or reading your favorite book instead of reaching for those late night chips. Midnight cravings could also be a set ritual for you while you zone out to Game of Thrones, if that’s the case find a different hobby to keep your hands entertained- knitting is as calming as it is useful! Make yourself a nice sweater instead of that midnight snack.

5 Ways To Curb Those Midnight Cravings

2. Make A Food Schedule

Midnight cravings can also arise from your body not getting enough nutrients from 9 to 5. Your body might be yelling “feed me” in the middle of the night because you might have forgotten to do so during the day. Keeping a food schedule could help you remind you when it’s time to put some fuel in the gas tank. A food log or diary is also super helpful to recognize what fats or nutrients your body might not be getting enough of or too much of.

Curb those midnight cravings by treating your body like the temple it is during the day so it doesn’t turn into a Starbucks restroom at night- where anything goes.

5 Ways To Curb Those Midnight Cravings

3. Back Away From The Fridge And Breathe

I get it, studying for finals is exhausting and nothing keeps you going like Wendy’s nuggets at two in the morning but your mind and body will not be thanking you for it in the A.M. Life can get hectic and stressful but if you find a relaxation technique that works for you it’ll be much easier to put down the Cheetos and roll out the yoga mat.

Take a minute to breathe, maybe listen to a song that centers you and you’ll slowly be able to stop from falling into those tempting midnight cravings.

5 Ways To Curb Those Midnight Cravings

4. Shake It Up

It’s so easy to fall into our little routines- it’s our comfort zone and who doesn’t like being comfortable? But it’s that repetitive schedule that might be pushing you toward those midnight cravings. It could be that you have the same brown rice and chicken combo for lunch everyday and once midnight rolls around your body wants food that will bring it joy-like chocolate or sour patch kids.

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An easy fix would be putting more joy into your every day routine! Spread out the little treats or mix up your schedule by going to the park instead of zoning out on the sofa after work. These achievable adjustments can help curb those midnight cravings and bring more light to your overall life.

5 Ways To Curb Those Midnight Cravings

5. Catch Those Z’s

Apparently sleep is important, who knew? Not only do we need it to avoid getting those raccoon eyes but it could also lead to less midnight cravings and healthier choices during the day. For many these midnight cravings are a response to a lack of sleep caused by stress or anxiety. Night eating is a response so if you find what’s causing that insomnia you can shift away from those midnight cravings.

5 Ways To Curb Those Midnight Cravings

While there are a multitude of reasons why you want to reach out for that cold pizza at 12 A.M. there are also a multitude of ways to stop yourself from doing so. Putting these 5 tips into practice could help your overall health. If you curb those midnight cravings you’ll be feeling better and lighter in the A.M. Ditch the snacks to look like one!

How do you keep yourself from those tempting late night nibbles? Let us know down below!

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