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5 Ways To Create a Peaceful Ambiance in Your Room

5 Ways To Create a Peaceful Ambiance in Your Room

Finding ways to create an ambiance in a space is something I love to do! Decor just sparks something in me when I get to recreate my space! Do you feel the same? It is like finally cleaning out your room and something in you feels organized as well. It is the same feeling creating an ambiance. The way you decorate your space will evoke certain feelings. With this article, we want to draw out peacefulness through decor! I, myself is a thrifty person so I find little essentials at 99 cent stores, thrift stores and other bargain shops!

This saves you some coins and you don’t feel too bad about switching your decor quite often. Having a budget is a great starting point, you are less likely to over spend on things not really needed. So pay close attention to these decor essentials to create a peaceful ambiance in your room.


Want decor that evokes peace? Try candles! Candles are my go-to when decorating my room; I don’t care what color scheme I have, what time of the year or anything. Candles come in all shapes, sizes, colors and scents. I tend to lean more towards white colored candles because they go with anything. Candles have been used in various practices and decor designs as something to bring a peaceful element.


I highly suggest having a specific place for these items like a night stand or shelving. We all know by now fire is dangerous and keeping candles in a safe and secure place is essential! Right now, I’ve installed shelving on to my wall to hold a picture of my father and a few candles. This decor has elevated my room alot more and I don’t have to worry about my candles dropping or something falling onto them.

5 Ways to Create a Peaceful Ambiance in Your Room


I have to be honest, I don’t know alot about plant care but I do love the aesthetic! Having plants does have benefits that go beyond decor. One of those benefits is cleaner oxygen! Adding plants as part of decor adds a nature feeling and peace ambiance. It is something about bringing nature to the inside of a space. Plant displays is also a beautiful part of plant decor. These days lots of plant parents are hanging there plants instead of having them on the floor.


This brings a real element of peace and nature! This also will act as a natural air purifier and help you get some good nights rest. Taking care of plants is a big responsibility, if you aren’t up for the job except lots of dead plants. This can be costly depending on the type of plants you purchase. If you are just starting out, I will encourage you to start smaller and cheaper until you get the hang of it!

6 Ways to Create an Ambiance in Your Room


Flowers are a staple for certain holidays and occasions but they also are great for decor! Flowers have a beautiful, peaceful and nature feel to them which is awesome for someone whose room aesthetic matches those attributes. I try to keep fresh flowers in my room always. The flowers make me feel relaxed and beautiful, its a treat to myself and my room. It is something about looking at beautiful flowers every morning that reminds me of the beauty within and around me!


Ladies please note you can buy yourself flowers and its perfectly fine. Roses are always a staple, they tend to be more expensive but if you catch them on sale grab them! I recently started getting into buying baby breaths and these last a long time. They are absolutely stunning and peaceful in nature. You can choose any flowers you want for your decor and watch you feel more at peace and beautiful at once!

5 Ways To Create a Peaceful Ambiance in Your Room


This one is my favorite decor to utilize in creating a vibe! Recently as last year I started painting a way to relieve stress ( check out my article on that) and it also gave me an alternative to buying art for decor. This d.i.y has been a rewarding experience because I make my own designs, have people see my artistic side and save money! Can anyone say Triple Threat! Really though, this is a great way to create a peaceful ambiance. Art is a form of expression which draws onto different feelings and vibes.

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You can get sculptures, paintings, drawings and other art decor to fill your space. Painting is it for me! Having a painting of landscapes are the best! This draws on to the calming nature surrounding the outside world and bringing it inside! Paint a picture if snowy mountains or a calm sea and even can do a starry sky at night. Al, these ideas are great to add a pop of unique and peaceful elements to you decor!

5 Ways To Create an Ambiance in Your Room



This one is very important to the ambiance you are trying to create. Choosing a selection of colors that suits a peaceful vibe isn’t as difficult as you may think. It’s all about association with the energy or feeling the color gives. For instance, the color white is associated with purity and simple. White is also a peaceful color to use in decorating due to its simplistic and calming effect. Another color great for a peaceful ambiance is a soft blue. Blue reminds of a soothing ocean or clear sky in the middle of summer, the feeling I get is ease. 

There are other colors to choose from such as creams, beige, earth tones and warm tones. These all give off soothing natural vibes. Even if you choose not to do your room specifically one color, you can always dibble and dabble in all of them to create ambiance of peace. Please note that these are subjective so whatever colors or pieces you choose are solely based on your preferences. I’ve used all these tips to create an atmosphere of peace in my room and I have to admit I love them all!

5 Ways To Create a Peaceful Ambiance in Your Room


What is your favorite tip for creating a peaceful ambiance in your room? Which tip have you already used? Do you have a tip besides the one listed? Let us know in the comments.

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