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10 Ways To Copy The Tom Brady Diet

10 Ways To Copy The Tom Brady Diet

Tom Brady has come out with a new diet plan called the "TB12 Method", and it is kind of out there. Here are 10 ways to copy the Tom Brady diet!

So, Tom Brady has come out with a new diet plan. It is called the “TB12 Method”, and it is kind of out there. Tom swears off white sugar and white flour, just as any other nuritionist probably would, but the diet doesn’t stop there. Caffeine and all fruits are off the menu, and don’t even get him started on dairy. If you are looking to try out this method, however, I have listed 10 ways to copy the Tom Brady diet!

1. No Dairy

Tom does not include dairy in his diet. A good way to get started on cutting dairy out of your diet is to swap out regular milk for a plant-based milk. Try soy or almond milk to start!

2. Caffeine Free

Tom lives a fully caffeine-free lifestyle. (I know, that just sounds rough.) It can be extremely hard to cut out caffeine, so this might not be for everyone, but there are ways to do it. Start decreasing your intake by half a cup every few days. Eventually, you will be on decaf!


3. Anti-Inflammatory

The TB12 method is all based on anti-inflammation. Foods that don’t make the cut? Peppers, eggplants, and mushrooms are all of the list. Good anti-inflammatory foods to try to work into your diet are broccoli, black beans, and spinach.

4. Coconut Oil

The Tom Brady diet is all about using coconut oil! Olive oil is great, but once it is heated over a certain level, it is actually not healthy for you. Trying swapping out your EVOO for some coconut oil next time you cook.

5. Himalayan Pink Salt

No iodized salt – none! Instead, Tom uses Himalayan pink salt. It is healthier, and a whole lot prettier if you ask me.


6. No White Sugar

Not all sugar is bad – fruit sugars are good for you in moderation! White sugar, though? Horrendous. Avoid this stuff at all costs, says Tom. A good alternative if you have a sweet tooth is to try out agave nectar. It should satisfying your craving, and you won’t feel nearly as guilty.

7. No White Flour

I know, giving up bagels sounds like the worst thing in the world. (It might be, TBH.) But switching to multi grain is a lot easier than you’d think! Plus, it cuts out all of those processed carbs that you definitely don’t want in your system.

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8. No Fruit

As strange as it sounds, Tom rarely eats fruit! He will throw a banana in a smoothie every so often, but not usually. Crazy, right? If you are looking to carry on with your smoothies, try a green smoothie with avocado in it!

9. LOTS of Veggies

OK, so this will not be a surprise to you, but 80% of Tom’s diet consists of vegetables. Mostly fresh, raw vegetables. Nothing GMO, they should be organic. Take a trip to your local farmers market to get in on all the good stuff.

10. Water

CHUG. IT. The only thing Tom Brady loves more than Gisele is water, and that is a fact.

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