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12 Ways To Cope With Jealousy Based On Your Zodiac Sign

12 Ways To Cope With Jealousy Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Jealousy is an ugly word, but everybody feels it occasionally. The stars know a thing or two about you about how you deal with it. Your sign could be a little green monster or might not even realize they’re supposed to be jealous. Scroll to find out if you let jealousy get the best of you, or if you know better.


Aries doesn’t like to play games. If they catch their date flirting with someone behind their back, be prepared for a fight or a flight. If it’s a first date, the Ram will hardly sweat a bead. If it’s a committed relationship, there are no guarantees fists won’t start flying. Ruled by passionate Mars, Aries works in extremes. They either don’t care or they care a whole lot. If it’s the latter, don’t surprised if things come to blows – physical or verbal.

12 Ways To Cope With Jealousy Based On Your Zodiac Sign


The most stubborn of any other zodiac sign, Taurus can be possessive. They’re already clingy enough as it is, but when sensing a threat encroaching their territory, the Bull rears his horns. Jealousy may be an ugly thing for those with a Taurus because they can kind of be a blockhead about it, too! Don’t be shocked if your words of reassurance fall on deaf ears. Even if you had no part in inspiring these feelings, Taurus may dig their heels in and make life unbearable for a while.

12 Ways To Cope With Jealousy Based On Your Zodiac Sign


If you’re in a relationship with a Gemini – first, congratulations. Second, you’re probably the one feeling jealous right now, not the Twins. Gemini is a social butterfly and an excellent flirt. They’re more likely to incite jealousy than experience it themselves. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. This means Gemini would rather talk things out than sit and stew about it. If they’re noticing some sexual tension between you and someone else, you’d be the first to hear about it. They may be totally overanalyzing the situation if they’re wrong. But if they’re right, get ready to watch a car crash in motion. If a Gemini starts to seem erratic, paranoid, or generally off, just know they care about you more than you think.

12 Ways To Cope With Jealousy Based On Your Zodiac Sign


As a sign who lives in their emotions, there’s no surprise here seeing a Cancer jealous. It’s probably more surprising to see a Cancer who isn’t jealous. Whether or not you’ve incited their jealousy, the Crab is wont to retreat to their shell when upset. Depending on the magnitude of the situation, this could be a good thing or a bad thing. On one hand, having some time and space to themselves to calm down and ride out the emotional wave can be helpful. On the other hand, if their feathers are ruffled enough, you could be dealing with a ticking time bomb. Popping into their den to check on them after a few hours (or days) could end in you getting an earful. Best to let Cancer come around on their own terms. They’ll appreciate the space.

12 Ways To Cope With Jealousy Based On Your Zodiac Sign


The Lion’s roar is heard for miles – even if they aren’t saying anything. Leos don’t take kindly to playing games, and if they catch even a whiff of funny business, you’ll be sure to hear about it. Either they’ll nag your ear off about it and cause a scene, or they’ll give you a shoulder that is ice cold. In a way, the former is more bearable because at least they can get it all out in one sitting. If they’re the former, you could be experiencing a cold war for hours if not days. It’s not so much the silent treatment as the worst case of passive-aggressive sass you’ve ever experienced. By the end of it, you’ll never want to deal with this level of diva ever again.

12 Ways To Cope With Jealousy Based On Your Zodiac Sign


This earth sign is more like a volcano when it comes to emotions. They prefer to internalize their feelings, which means a Virgo could go days without admitting a peep to you about how upset they really are. Don’t be fooled – their cool exterior may not give them away, but underneath that is molten jealousy just waiting to erupt. They will either let their feelings fly in fits of passive-aggression, or they’ll bottle it up until one day, out of nowhere, some little thing will make them explode. Try not to push your luck with this one – if they decide they’re done, they’re done.

12 Ways To Cope With Jealousy Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Ever a fan of romance, Libra will give their interest chance after chance because they tend to rationalize their jealousy. Avoiding conflict is the primary objective of a Libra. If they find themselves to be the subject of instigation, their natural instinct is to find a way to simply “think away” the problem. Scales are, after all, a balancing act. They’re not the type to get into anyone’s grill. They’ll reason away their jealousy as much as they can, but at some point, don’t be surprised if they realize their crush just isn’t worth it.

12 Ways To Cope With Jealousy Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Scorpio is the original Fatal Attraction. If they catch anyone flirting with you, or vice versa, you’re in for a world of pain. Intense and passionate Scorpio spares no mercy for game-players. They’re already possessive enough as it is when they feel their relationship is threatened by anybody – whether it is an ex, a friend, or a total stranger. Scorpio will use their Plutonian skills of investigation and discovery to sniff out the truth of what’s going on, and if they know they’ve been betrayed, things will get scary real quick.

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As a commitment-phobe, Sagittarius is unlikely to be caught in a game of jealousy. Like Gemini, they are more likely to make other people jealous instead. Even if they are with someone exclusively Sag isn’t predisposed to ruminating on jealous thoughts. If something funny is going on, they’ll just ghost. They don’t find a point in worrying about it when their exit plan is clear.

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12 Ways To Cope With Jealousy Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Capricorn can be a sulky type, but not to any extreme which would keep them from getting important things done. Jealous feelings can be fleeting with this sign, and that’s mostly contributed to how much planning and trust they put into their relationships. Capricorn wouldn’ be in a relationship with someone if they didn’t trust them in the first place. Even if the situation does call for jealousy, they prefer not to stew about it. That would simply be illogical in a world where there are a million things to get done. Anyways, Capricorn won’t deal with shadiness. If something fishy is going on, they’ll tell that Jack to hit the road.

12 Ways To Cope With Jealousy Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Aquarians have the most unpredictable emotions of the zodiac. Jealousy could be one of three experiences for them: a totally alien concept, a momentary feeling, or a sign that it is time to ghost. Initially, they may feel like jealousy is just a personal problem for them to resolve on their own. If it is reoccurring, they might have to be explained why jealousy is a red flag at all. Or, for the Aquarians who immediately jump ship, in their mind, this is the obvious solution. If there is something going on between their romantic interest and someone else, why stick around? They would just be in the way.

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Pisces’ biblical archetype is Jesus for a reason. They are the most forgiving sign, and therefore the least jealous. If jealousy does hit him, it’ll show through sadness rather than anger. Their compassion and empathy for others make it easy for them to step into someone else’s shoes, and they might even guilt themselves out of feeling jealous at all. Just don’t be surprised if you find them moping around for the rest of the day. Sensitive Pisces won’t be happy to know your loyalty isn’t as readily given as their own.

12 Ways To Cope With Jealousy Based On Your Zodiac Sign

How have you noticed the signs reacting to jealousy? How do you handle it? Do you let it bring out the worst in you, or do you know better? Share with us below!

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