Here’s What To Do If You Love What You Do But Hate Your Job

Whether you’re starting a new job or stuck in one, it’s always important to keep going and not give up. Sometimes, it’s hard to immediately get the job you want or at times love what you do, no matter what, make sure to keep your head up and work hard. Given that, here are ways to cope if you hate your job.

1. Don’t Give Up

Sure, it’s simple to give up and not deal with life’s difficulties. But think about it, if we do that every single time we’re faced with an obstacle, where would we be? Probably the lowest point in your life. So, no, you’re not allowed to give up if you hate your job because you know what, you’ve got bills to pay and food to eat. Just keep striving for the best and know that it’ll be worth it in the end!

Here's What To Do If You Love What You Do But Hate Your Job

2. Remember It’s Not Just You

I’m sure that 4 out of 5 people have said these words, “I hate my job.” You know what, it’s much common than you think. The job might not fit your expectations or you might have the worst boss or your co-workers aren’t the nicest people. With that in mind, if you’ve acknowledged that your job sucks, that’s the first step. By doing so, you can then move on and figure out the next step.

Here's What To Do If You Love What You Do But Hate Your Job

3. Think Positively

If you love what you do but hate your job, you’re in quite a difficult position. Given that, keep in mind that it’s all about your mind and how you deal with it. If you go in each morning with a big, but not creepy, smile as well as a positive attitude, you would probably change your attitude towards your job. Just try it out and see how you feel, you don’t know just how powerful your mind is.

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4. Make friends

Remember the days when you would be excited to go for school, not to learn but to see your friends? Why not make your work like that? Go up to one of your co-workers and strike a conversation or two, you might end up making a new best friend. If you’re not a fan of your colleagues, try a different department, I’m sure there are plenty of people just waiting to make a new friend!

Here's What To Do If You Love What You Do But Hate Your Job

5. Give Your Best

It’s easy to slack when you hate your job and forget that this is what you like doing. So, work hard and push through. Turn in your best work and be proud of it. Doing a good job will definitely boost your confidence and might actually cheer you up!

Here's What To Do If You Love What You Do But Hate Your Job

6. Search For Another Job

If you’re as miserable as a dying plant, then yes, it’s time to move on. But not just yet. Do not quit immediately because you still need the money. Open your laptop and google the type of job you’re looking for, keep tabs open and bookmark the pages. It might take some time but at least you’ve got a start. If you see something you like, keep it on the side but don’t settle on it right away. Keep doing research until you’ve got a few options in mind.

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7. Resigning

This is it. The moment you’ve been waiting for. As excited as you are to resign, make sure to do it politely and respectfully. Once you’ve gotten another job, proceed with this difficult step. Resigning can be quite scary and stressful, so take a deep breath and lay it down gently. When you’re done, treat yourself with a Starbucks or ice cream because the heard part’s over!

Do you hate your job? Have any more tips to cope with it? Comment below!
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