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10 Ways To Come Into The New Semester Prepared

10 Ways To Come Into The New Semester Prepared

Starting a semester whether it be in the fall or spring always feels like the first day of school all over again, especially when you are in college. Everyone is walking through campus with their new backpacks, new clothes, smiles on their faces, and determined to start the new year. Whether you are one to prepare or to procrastinate for school, it is always satisfying coming into the new year successfully finished with your semester preparation. Within this article, you will be able to find some tips and other ways to prepare yourself for the new semester, as well as have an idea of other items you might find beneficial for your semester. 

1. Buy A Planner

One of the most important items to stay on top of your work and other extracurricular activities is a planner. A planner not only can help you out with school, but life activities, such as work, internships, social life, dates, vacations, and so much more. Being busy in college is likely for most students, so by having a planner you have the opportunity to plan out your semester for success!


2. Know Where Your Classes Are

Being a college student can be very stressful, especially as a freshman. Whether you are familiar with the campus or not, it is always confusing trying to find your classes on the first day via a map on your phone. One thing to accomplish for your semester preparation is to find out where your classes are before the first day of school. As chaotic as some universities first days are with the crowds of people, it is much easier to go a week before school when there are very few people on campus. 

3. Look At The Syllabus 

After enrolling for classes for the semester, you should already know your universities learning platform. One of the most famous university platforms that professors use for their courses is Canvas. About a week before classes begin, make sure to check whatever your schools platform is and go to your courses. Make sure you are enrolled in the correct courses, and begin going through the course syllabus if it is available. Depending on the professor, you may or may not have access to the syllabus until the first day of class. However, it has always been beneficial for myself to look at the syllabus and know what to expect before I first attend the class.  


4. Buy Your Books

One of the most chaotic times of being a college student is at the beginning of the semester when thousands of students are back on campus, all looking for their classes, as well as having to order their books from the bookstore. When you receive your syllabus for your class, make sure to check to see if there is any “required texts,” that you must purchase before attending class. Although most professors don’t mind if you are unable to access the book the first week, it is always a good idea to get your books before the crowds of students are all doing the same thing. Also, Chegg is a great website to buy, rent, and sell your school textbooks!

5. Introduce Yourself To Your Professor 

Although it can be intimidating, introducing yourself to your professor is always something that can guarantee you a good start off with your professor. You don’t have to write a whole personal narrative, just send them a short e-mail explaining who you are, why you are taking their class, and what you hope to get out of the course. This way the professor sees that you are attempting to reach out, introduce yourself, are optimistic about the class, and also have the capability to compete your semester preparation needs. 


6. Buy A Parking Pass

Depending on the college you attend, parking is always a problem for students, especially during the first week. Most students are in a rush to campus to make those great first impressions on their peers and their professor. However, when it comes to parking, be sure to purchase a parking pass before school begins, to satisfy your semester preparation needs. This will save you time on your first day of classes, while also most likely saving you money by not receiving parking violations for not paying to park. Additionally, depending on your school, you might have to purchase a parking pass for your bicycle as well!

7.  Create A Workspace At Home

There are many advantages of working at home instead of having to go on campus to get your homework complete. With that being said, it is nice to have a place set up in your home for you to be able to study and get your homework finished, while also making sure you will be able to focus. Instead of laying in bed attempting to do your homework, try to find a table or desk you can use without distractions!

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8. Go Shopping For Clothes

Who doesn’t enjoy coming to class the first week wearing your best outfits? Before school begins and you still have some free-time, head to your local mall or nearest clothing store and figure out what clothes you will be needing. If you are like me, and attend college in Colorado, it is important to have a variety range of clothes for when it is hot or perhaps below zero degrees.


9. Figure Out How Long It Will Take To Get To Class

Semester preparation is important for many reasons, however knowing how long it will take you to get to your class from your house is also important for you to show up on time. Furthermore, you also may be able figure out a quicker route as the semester goes along. With that being said, make sure to plan out your trip to class and how long it might take for you to walk, bike, or drive to campus. This will save you time on the first day of classes as well!

10. Make Sure You Have All Your School Supplies

One of the most important necessities you will need before your semester begins is obviously the materials for you to complete your assignments. Whether it be pens and pencils, folders, notebooks, binders, or an electronic device, you will be thankful you already have these items before attending your first class. Additionally, make sure to remove previous semester assignments from your laptop or electronic device for you to have additional storage for the new semester.


As you can tell, semester preparation can be very beneficial for you to be successful for the school year. Let us know in the comments if you have any other ideas to prepare college students for the semester!

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